Friday, 29 August 2014

Wedding Update

Progress on the wedding is steady with something being done on a daily basis.  There is still no pressure so I am taking great pleasure in making the perfect setting for the happy couple. Speaking to my daughter on a daily basis, sending pictures backwards and forwards, tweaking here and there is still soothing with a constant desire for the perfect setting.

Half of the coasters have been cut, sanded and stamped they now just need to be waxed but make a great finishing touch and the perfect memento of the wedding to take home.

A very pleasing overall effect.
Baskets have been embellished with crochet flowers/leaves for the bathrooms to hold personalised mints.  A finishing touch to add a little luxury.

The confetti basket is now ready for the confetti cones. They are yet to be made but will have a stunning effect when leaving church.

The card for the cones has been cut ready, they need to be put together which is quite time consuming so certainly not a job to be left to the last minute.  They are going to hold dried hydrangea petals.
The wreaths for the outside tables have been made and embellished with wooden hearts painted and stamped.  They will have a storm lamp in the centre with a candle which has already been sourced and bought.

The photographs are not reflecting the colour of the paints that well, they have been matched perfectly to the wool used for all the crochet flowers and the green ink is a racing car green.
Finally, last but not least a vintage case has been embellished for the reception for any cards the happy couple may receive.  It was hessian lined,  lace and jute flowers made and added with jute letters used to finish a pleasing feast for the eyes.

Still a few more projects to go, but tomorrow is another day.
See you soon.


  1. All beautiful and original !!! This wedding will be very unique...With all this imagination and talent !
    Have a nice weekend !

  2. You should start a wedding business, your ideas are amazing.

  3. Everything is so so so beautiful!!!!! The wedding will just be magical and I am sure that everyone and especially the bride and groom will enjoy themselves and all the things that you have made and found. Just wonderful!! xx

  4. Bonjour Mama..
    I love all you did for the wedding! Specially the vintage case today.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Oh all the little details and I can't wait to see all of this together! I did this for my first daughter's wedding and we had a ball. Lots of work, but it was fun. You are a good mom!

  6. Oh my days-I have been looking forward to seeing the coasters, wow they are seriously brilliant, LOVE them, never seen anything like that before. Hey well done both of you-joint effort and all.
    Baskets!! love baskets as you know. The trunk is fabulous-really, really good.
    Oops sorry for long comment, its just a pleasure to see craft at its best and so personal.

  7. I love the coasters, such a good idea. You are very lucky to be able to help your daughter organise a wonderful wedding! I gave my mum less than three weeks notice.... feeling a little guilty reading this post, she would have love the build up of excitement and would have love to make beautiful things, too. Cx

  8. Everything is coming along beautifully!!! I really do love those tree coasters. Such a wonderful idea!!! : ) Have a great weekend!!!!!

    ~ Wendy

  9. All the decorations look great but my favorite is the wood coasters! They are way cool! :)

  10. what a cool idea for coasters! i'm sure the wedding will be grand with all your gorgeous creations :) have a great day!

  11. Hello! Looks like you are working at full steam at all these preparations. Loving the varied ideas, great! It will be very personal and unique!
    Keep going!
    Ingrid xx

  12. Going to be such a pretty wedding!

    My daughter is getting married exactly one year from yesterday - Aug 29th, which is also my in-laws anniversary. : - )

    Loving all these awesome crafts you are doing!

  13. You must be having such a fun time! Everything looks just delightful -- I esp. like the coasters and the crocheted flowers. And the confetti cones, too. What a good idea about the hydrangea petals. So good to be organized like this so you can enjoy everything along the way without last-minute panic!

  14. Oh my gosh. I have bookmarked this post for the future when my son and daughter eventually get married. I absolutely love the confetti cones, card holder and baskets covered with crocheted flowers. All of your ideas are wonderful.

  15. What beautiful things you are confecting, with so much originality and love. Karen of Beatrice Euphemie Vintage Cottage Style recently decorated a bridal shower and parts of her son's wedding, also using lots of natural materials and burlap. Good for you.