Friday 31 January 2014

New Crochet Project

I have started a new crochet project to give me a break from the thousands of flowers I have been crocheting for my daughters wedding.  It is a simple throw using arran from my stash.  No pattern to follow, so I can take it anywhere.  It is 2 rows of treble in the main colour and then using oddments 1 row of double, I row of single another double and back to the main colour.  I thought it would make a nice throw for one of our chairs, or to use as a blanket when one of the grandchildren fall asleep on the sofa.  That's what I love about this type of throw, they are so versatile.
 As you can see it really is a work in progress, I have only just started it but already I am loving the colours and the wool is a dream to crochet with.  I am linking with  I really should sew in the ends as I go.....I could do with a magic wand or a little fairy that did all the finishing off jobs I don't want to do.

Thursday 30 January 2014

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

Rain, more rain and then more rain seem to be the order of the day, so I have had a stew on the stove all morning, slowly cooking away and bread in a bread maker.  It certainly makes for a beautiful warming lunch on a horrible wet day like today.

 The stew was made with stewing steak, onions, leeks, carrots, parsnips, swede and potatoes.

We dream of the day when we have enough land to grow all our own vegetables and maybe have a chicken or two.  We do have a small vegetable patch at the moment, which we have had some success with.  We are looking to do some in pots and small containers this year but are still doing the research.  Our herb containers have been amazing, I have even had some success drying them out.  We had a lot of lavender plants free with something so I have even dried out the lavender.  I intend to make some lavender bags/pillows with it.

Back to the pile of books and plans for the garden this year.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Vintage Pattern

This week I thought I would showcase a sewing pattern and the delights of Mount Dora in Florida.  The pattern is a Simplicity embroidery, pattern and applique transfer for an apron with gingerbread pot holders.  It is an American pattern originally priced at 15c.  It made me smile as even now it is on trend with the gingerbread motif.  As popular now as I am sure it was then.  It was purchased at a cost of $1 from a lovely lady with a stall at the Vintage Garden Show, Renningers Mount Dora.  Not in particularly good condition, it appears to be well used.  I thought it was unusual having an applique transfer and embroidery directions included - not something I have come across before.

 A fascinating find on a visit to Renningers Mount Dora, one of the highlights of our holiday last spring.


Does it get any better than that?  Yes it does actually, there is also a farmers and flea market at the top end of the site.  Another wonderful place to rummage for that perfect find.

 I couldn't resist bringing the apron back for my own craft room and fill the pockets with the details of future events.

Happy hunting!

Tuesday 28 January 2014

My two boys

The boys beds were getting rather scruffy and whilst sorting out my fabric I came across a beautiful piece of vintage fabric left over from my daughters wedding quilt.  The end result:

Introducing Mickey one of my standard poodles, who is looking rather scruffy at the moment and is in need of grooming. His brother Teddy, my other standard poodle disappears as soon as he sees the camera, but he really did love his new bed.   They love to be out in the garden, but with all this rain we have been having my back garden is flooded.  I have a lot to be thankful for, just a few miles inland a lot of homes were flooded caused by the recent tidal surges.  The puddles in the garden seem rather insignificant when you consider what other families all over the country have lost.

Sunday 26 January 2014

Working Together

I have had quite a busy few weeks crafting for the fairs, fulfilling orders, the wedding (exciting times) and opening a shop.  My main priority for the moment is to take better photographs and be more competent on the computer, one small step at a time.

I have enjoyed working with my husband on a couple of projects, one of them was a small stool stripped and painted and then using a library green ink stamped.  I think it looks really cute and is a useful thing to have in a kitchen/bedroom to rummage in all those hard to reach places.

Several stamps were used so it looks a little like decoupage - it makes quite the statement.
Next up is a selection of mini noticeboards - ideal for the office/kitchen.  Brilliant for business cards or memos.  They were made using picture frames, wadding, fabric and natural twine.  Finished off with some mini pegs.  Not forgetting the hessian for the backing.

 I have another 4 ready that are Cath Kidston floral print fabric that are waiting to have the hessian stitched onto the back.  Too cute for words.

Have a great Sunday.


Saturday 25 January 2014

A get together for all things Scottish

I am hoping to join in with a Burns night supper link up with Liz over at Shortbread and Ginger.  A get together and celebration for all things Scottish.

First up is a vintage knitting pattern costing 6d when originally purchased, it actually cost me 50p and was found in a charity shop in Aviemore.  A wonderful family holiday with 2 of my daughters and their families a year or so ago.  It was printed in Scotland by James Paton Ltd Paisley.

From the same company originally costing 9d, I found this vintage pattern at a car boot sale locally in Lincolnshire.  It does make you wonder the stories behind this pattern, who owned it before me and knitted up this classic cardigan.  How many times has this pattern actually been used?  I paid 20p for this pattern and although a real bargain I do think it is very sad that no real value is placed on something so wonderful.

Next up is another great passion of mine and that is Harris Tweed, hand woven on the Western Isles and the only fabric that I am aware of protected by the Government.  It is a dream of my husband and I that we will one day live on the beautiful Island Of Lewis.  Shown above are examples of brooches on their own and pinned to crocheted head bands.  Always finished with a vintage or recycled button another great love of mine.  I really do love a button.

Needle cases, again using Harris Tweed and lined with felt.

 A notelet using Harris Tweed and finished off with a tartan ribbon bow.

Another great find from the charity shop in Ness, Isle of Lewis.  What a fascinating thought that the weavers on the Island turn this into a very special Harris Tweed.

Looking forward to seeing other peoples Scottish treasures.

Thursday 23 January 2014

Painted Childrens Coathangers

All ready to go for the craft fairs - coat hangers painted green and then stamped with a Cath Kidston  cowboy stamp using green ink.

The next batch were painted lilac, stamped with a Cath Kidston owl stamp in blue ink and finished with vintage lace and button.  Pretty as a picture.

Vintage Patterns

I have a very large collection of vintage patterns from both America and the UK.  I have a collection of sewing patterns, knitting patterns and crotchet patterns each with there own thrilling story of where they were found/brought.  Each week I intend to showcase a pattern and share the joy of my collection.

My first pattern is a knitting pattern given to me by my mother which she apparently knitted for me and my elder sister as babies so is pre 1956 and cost 6d in the old money.  It is a pattern for 3 quickerknit cardigans - inside the pattern it states you must use quickerknit to be sure of a successful result.  I personally think it is a pattern that is timeless, you could knit these up today in double knitting and finish them with a modern button.  I have a personal connection to this pattern so it one of my favourites, I particularly love the fact that it is black and white.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Daughters Wedding

My middle daughter is getting married on the 29th November of this year, the church and the venue are booked.  The photographer, the florist, the cars ( which isn't a car at all but a vintage camper van) are also booked.  I have been given a list of projects which I will give you a sneak preview of now and again.  The first task complete is the dress hangers for the beautiful bride and bridesmaids.

I am quite pleased with the end result.  A perfect photo opportunity when the dresses are all hanging together.  The brides crochet flower is finished with a vintage earing that belonged to her late Grandma, fond memories for all of us.

Tuesday 21 January 2014


Last week I also finished off my own bathroom using fabric purchased from Ikea some time ago.  I made a valance curtain to dress the window, lining it with the same fabric.  I then covered a canvas with fabric, simply using PVA glue and natural twine plaited to make a hanger.  Finally I covered a notice board with wadding and fabric and stapled it to the frame.  Cut out black felt letters RELAX and glued on
Finally hessian was stitched onto the back to neaten everything off.  Once again, natural twine used to hang.  A very pleasing, easy make suitable for any room.