Monday 30 March 2015

A Weekend Filled With Love

Time certainly flies when you are having fun.  The weekend started with some fair weather, which although didn't last long it did enable some work to be done on the bench.

All the struts have now been removed and the metal frame has been painted with black Hammerite.  Slow but steady progress has been made.
The Easter d├ęcor has been added to.

Daffodils are cheap and plentiful at the moment so make a beautiful display.  We had a little visitor, who came bearing gifts.

He was so excited about his nests that he had made with his Mummy.  The quilt was a huge success both Wilbur and his Mummy loved it and were thrilled with the progress made.

The top is complete and now ready to have the papers removed, some suitable backing found and the wadding bought.  I haven't enough so nothing more can be done until I have been to the shop, that is one of the problems of living in a small village.

Wilbur had great fun in the craft room, he loved using the spinning wheel as the helm on his pirate ship.  We also spent many a happy hour with the house...

The soft play area was visited twice, we strolled along the promenade for short while and had a look around the market.  The dogs were walked, stroked, fed and played with until rain stopped play, what a downpour.

A wonderful weekend, filled with love and some amazing memories to treasure.  Plenty of photos taken to be made into scrapbooks to bring sunshine to a dull day.  Wilbur felt cold so was wearing his Mummy's scarf, tender moments to record and remember.  How was your weekend?
See you soon.

Friday 27 March 2015

Five on Friday

As always a big thank you for all your wonderful comments and your interest in my father, he is slightly improved and managing to get out of bed for short periods.  A warm welcome to new followers, I hope you find something of interest and enjoy your visit.

Once again I am joining Amy over at for Five on Friday. 

My five for this week are WIPs, projects that I am working on.

1.  Wilbur's quilt.

Steady progress is being made, I am pleased with the overall effect and the bright colours.
2.  Garden Furniture.

Rain stopped progress.  I forgot to take a before picture but the set was looking tired and shabby, so it is in the process of been given a new lease of life.  Only 2 more chairs to go.
3.  Garden bench.

Some of the wood on this bench was rotten so needed to be replaced and obviously re-stained and the black re-painted.  Quite a big job...
4.  Crochet Lap Blanket.

This has been on the go for quite awhile, I had actually forgotten all about it until I started to de-clutter the craft room and came across it.  I love the yarn and the colour, so its definitely on my to do list.
5.  Washcloths.  Last but not least.

I bought some new towels for the guest room recently and need to finish off a pile of washcloths to match them.  I love the luxury of a hand crafted wash cloth and also like to have some made ready for little gifts when needed.  Hope you enjoyed my Five on Friday.

See you soon.

Thursday 26 March 2015

Vintage Pattern

The pattern that I have chosen to feature today is a dolls outfit pattern, who remembers Cindy and Paul?  The pattern is from 1984 and shows 16 different patterns.

It is a lovely pattern with some of the outfits still been suitable for todays fashions and a couple that could be altered slightly to make them more up to date.
The wedding dress is a real delight, I would imagine that it is every little girls dream.
I also love the cable sweaters, what fun to dress the dolls up to play in the snow.
The pattern was a great find from a thrift shop in Mount Dora for the princely sum of 50c.  I wonder how many times it has been used and how many little knitted outfits are still around.
See you soon.

Monday 23 March 2015

An Unexpected Weekend

The weekend didn't turn out as planned, Lucy and her family were not able to visit and Dad wasn't too good.  I must admit to feeling a little overwhelmed. It is amazing what a little bit of gardening, particularly when it is cold, some crafting and a good nights sleep can do.   I have got up this morning feeling a whole lot better and ready to start the day, whatever it throws at me.

Our house, particularly the kitchen and dining room have been taken over with pots and seed trays.

We have planted, broad beans, green beans, tomatoes and sweet peppers so far.  That will be added to later today.
Summer bulbs have been added to some of the pots to make a little cottage style garden at one end of the patio.
We also went to a small car boot sale, the first of the season at Addlethorpe.  It was nice to have a stroll around and browse, although we did come home empty handed.  Maybe next time...
I have started to decorate for the season with a little touch here and there...
I have decorated a little  tree, the rest I will leave for the children.

There has to be some little packages for visitors...
Progress on Wilbur's quilt is slow but steady.

Bright and cheerful...

Its keeping me occupied and giving me comfort...

Filled with love.  A special gift for a special boy.  Did your weekend go as planned?
See you soon.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Five on Friday

Today is the first day of Spring, there have been signs of Spring for the last couple of weeks, green buds are appearing, birds are chirping, worms are emerging from the earth and flowers are beginning to bloom.  Today I am once again joining Amy over at for Five on Friday.
The rhubarb crowns are starting to unfurl.  Exciting times rhubarb crumble back on the menu, soon we just have to have patience.
Rocket is beginning to emerge, ready for the summer salads.
The lavender plant is starting its regrowth.  Can you see the new growth the beautiful green that sings "Spring is here" to me.
One of many pots of miniature daffodils tete-a-tete.  Well worth the effort of planting them up late Autumn for a beautiful display now.
Last but not least the anemones are starting to sprout.  They were also a tuber planted in the Autumn, I am looking forward to a shot of colour from these.
This is just the start, more and more things will start to sprout and grow as Spring emerges from its deep sleep.  It is still quite cold here and so the soil has not really warmed up yet but once it has we have the raised beds ready for planting.  Food is a big part of our garden and although we will never be self sufficient or anywhere near its a nice dream.  Have you started work in the garden yet?
See you soon.