Wednesday 22 September 2021

Autumn Arrival

 Autumn has come in with a vengeance, it has been blowing a gale here all yesterday and through the night.  It has finally slowed down a little this morning but is still quite a strong wind.  Thankfully there is no damage that I can see.  I am so glad that I started my Winter preparations early and have harvested the majority of the veg from the garden.  I have dried herbs, frozen beans and made several batches of tomato sauces both for the freezer and chutneys.  Rhubarb has also been put in the freezer for a taste of Summer in the Winter months, along with braised red cabbage with pears and several packages of parsnips.  We still have ample pork from the pig slaughtered earlier in the year and traded some of it for lamb with a neighbour.  If the headlines are to be believed regarding the shortages we certainly won't be going hungry.  We might not necessarily have exactly what we want but we have plenty of food.

We have a great supply of peat, thanks to neighbours, logs, coal and kindling.  We have a good supply of candles and batteries for torches and a radio in the event of power loss.  We do feel blessed that we are in credit with the oil supply which makes it easier as fuel prices are set to reach an all time high if the media is to be believed.  My craft supplies have been replenished and I have been enjoying the process of choosing projects to do.  A start has been made on Christmas crafting but I have yet to put the Christmas music on, but it will happen soon!  A start has been made on gift toppers using Harris Tweed which I love.

They will be used to top gifts but will then make a lovely tree decoration.  A couple of pictures using embroidery frames have been made for my Grandaughter, she will be in bunny heaven.

I had a lot of fun making the pom pom as it took me a couple of times to get the white patch in the right place, but it worked out in the end.

A pillowcase has been added to the menagerie, again a bunny rabbit.

I just need to embroider the facial features on but it is looking good.  I am enjoying the process a little each day.  What are you working on?

See you soon.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Blogging Routine

 It has been a few weeks since my last post I have gone to the computer several times and attempted to write a post but to no avail.  For some reason I am unable to upload photos from my phone to my computer so I keep walking away.  I have decided to give in and write a post using my camera, as opposed to the camera on my phone I know what I am doing with that.

Gerard had quite the flare up of RA whilst away and it has continued since our return.  We are still waiting for a consultants appointment as he is need of a change of medication.  Waiting for appointments is the worst, patience is certainly needed.

Anyway, all is well here and we seem to be enjoying the last of the Summer as the days start to shorten and the temperature starts to drop.  We are hopeful that we will be able to get out and cut the grass one more time but time will tell.  We are still enjoying some of the harvest from the garden and the garden room but we do need to start thinking about clearing some of the beds.  We have rhubarb and several varieties of beans in the freezer in readiness for a taste of Summer in the Winter.  

I was blessed last week with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our neighbours, a thankyou for help with their and house and garden whilst they are away.  It was a wonderful surprise and one which was greatly appreciated.

I have been keeping myself busy with craft projects here and there.  I have turned an old T Shirt of Hector's into a little cushion for his bedroom he is a great fan of a pig.

Christmas projects have also been started but I will share them with you in another post.  I am ever hopeful that I will get back into some sort of routine with blogging once again but life keeps taking over.  I do thank you for your patience.

See you soon.