Friday 29 August 2014

Wedding Update

Progress on the wedding is steady with something being done on a daily basis.  There is still no pressure so I am taking great pleasure in making the perfect setting for the happy couple. Speaking to my daughter on a daily basis, sending pictures backwards and forwards, tweaking here and there is still soothing with a constant desire for the perfect setting.

Half of the coasters have been cut, sanded and stamped they now just need to be waxed but make a great finishing touch and the perfect memento of the wedding to take home.

A very pleasing overall effect.
Baskets have been embellished with crochet flowers/leaves for the bathrooms to hold personalised mints.  A finishing touch to add a little luxury.

The confetti basket is now ready for the confetti cones. They are yet to be made but will have a stunning effect when leaving church.

The card for the cones has been cut ready, they need to be put together which is quite time consuming so certainly not a job to be left to the last minute.  They are going to hold dried hydrangea petals.
The wreaths for the outside tables have been made and embellished with wooden hearts painted and stamped.  They will have a storm lamp in the centre with a candle which has already been sourced and bought.

The photographs are not reflecting the colour of the paints that well, they have been matched perfectly to the wool used for all the crochet flowers and the green ink is a racing car green.
Finally, last but not least a vintage case has been embellished for the reception for any cards the happy couple may receive.  It was hessian lined,  lace and jute flowers made and added with jute letters used to finish a pleasing feast for the eyes.

Still a few more projects to go, but tomorrow is another day.
See you soon.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Yarn Along

My Mum has had a very busy week knitting for the children in preparation for the colder weather.  Already the temperatures are dropping and it is beginning to feel like Autumn instead of the balmy days of Summer.  Hats and gloves are the order of the day in bright colours.

I have completed a crochet scarf to go with a blue set which is quite striking and compliments Wilburs new coat perfectly.
I have been reading two craft Books this week for ideas for stocking fillers and for Christmas Fairs.  The first one was a gift from my daughter Mollie Makes Christmas.
It has one or two patterns that I quite like:

The other book I have been reading is another Christmas book, a Cath Kidston book, Make Your Own Christmas Decorations, this time a gift from my husband.  It include everything that you need to sew 12 festive felt ornaments.

Both books ideal for ideas, always a good starting point.
What is on your needles?  Once again I am joining with Ginny over at Small Things for the yarn along.
See you soon.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend

A wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, catching up with family, good food and even a craft fair, add a grandchild and we had the perfect weekend.

Posting little people down the hole where the stairs should go, concentrating so hard and doing it time and time again.  Looking for approval, laughing and doing it again and again and again....

Shouting stop and go and chasing each other around the garden amidst squeals of laughter.

Throwing a bone for Big Ted to keep fetching back and laughing with Grandad each time he did.  Precious times and precious memories to store up until the next time...
Some precious moments spent with my Mum at the craft fair and then retelling Dad all the snippets of the day, precious memories to treasure.
Making chutneys ready for the winter, storing all the summer harvest.

Pickled red cabbage, apple and tomato chutney, pear and walnut chutney, pickled beetroot, sweet piccalilli and cucumber and green tomato relish.
Anyone else storing their summer harvest?
See you soon.

Saturday 23 August 2014

Car Boot Treasure

It was such a lovely morning that we decided to go for a stroll around the boot sale at Stickney.  There was a definite nip in the air and a dampness underfoot, a certain shift in seasons beginning to evolve but a beautiful morning none the less.

I managed to get some fruit/vegetables freshly pulled to top off  what I have harvested to make chutney but didn't take a photo.

A beautiful collection of Guess How Much I love You books complete with bag for £1.

Perfect for my next little visitor who arrives tomorrow.
Some reels of cotton, always great to have for £1, which is a bargain at 20p per reel.
Some beautiful Christmas buttons, I chose £2 worth, perfect timing for all my Christmas projects.
A ladybird button for 10p, just because....
Finally, a chest of drawers for a mere £5.  We intend to renovate it, a project ready for when we have finished all the Christmas presents, fort, farm, stables and castle for our Grandchildren not to mention the wedding.  Maybe after Christmas then????
A good haul for very little money.  Anyone else manage to pick up a bargain?
See you soon.