Wednesday 31 October 2018

Lets Take A Walk

Got some Celebrations left, don't be tempted to eat them.  Cut some tulle into squares and make some table gifts or add a hanger and add them to the tree.  You can really go to town and embellish as much or as little as you want.  I kept mine fairly simple.

I used some florist wire to tie them at the top and then added a ribbon and a bell.  Simple but look quite effective.

Its quite cold out but thankfully not a lot of wind so 'don your hat and gloves and jump into the car I will take you down for a walk at the Port to prepare for my next project.  Take some deep breaths and clear your lungs, the beauty is quite breath taking.

Here I am, looking for the perfect stones.  Some are better than others and if you look a little closer it  can be quite surprising.

Take a walk with me and let me show you the other side of the wall.

As the sun shows its face through the clouds its glows on the ever moving sea giving dappled shadows onto the tidal flow.

Not a lot of wind so the waves were quite gentle and not the usual thrashing against the harbour wall or surrounding rocks.   The perfect day for collecting a few rocks.  Although always mindful of the sea and the damage it can do.

Shall I give you a clue...

I will share the project in my next post.

As always I thank you for your support, your encouragement and friendship.

See you soon.

Monday 29 October 2018

A Celebration Bouquet

What fun I have had making a bouquet out of a tub of Celebration chocolates, kebab sticks, florist tape, cellophane and tulle.  I had some burgundy, white and green with gold fleck tulle which made the individual flowers look so real.

I wound some florist tape onto the kebab sticks, which made it a little easier to adhere the chocolate.

I undid the wrapper a little and then secured it again using the florist tape.  Once secure tulle was added, a layer of burgundy and then white or visa versa.

The outer row green tulle was used to represent leaves.

2 layers of cellophane added and then a wired edged ribbon.

A believe embellishment painted green bound to a kebab stick and a Santa added.  The wooden shapes used in my crafting this Christmas have all been bought.  Gerard usually cuts them all out for me but circumstances have been a little different this year so we opted to buy them.

To finish off popped into a gold gift bag.  Drum roll please...

The finished product...a celebration bouquet, made with love.

Everything I make at the moment is for gifts for the family and friends, just token gifts but made with love.  I did do a lot of craft fairs and events prior to moving here to our beautiful Island but haven't pursued it since moving. 

As always I thank you for your encouragement.

Se you soon.

Friday 26 October 2018

The Living Moor

As we drove across the moor yesterday, we drove through the rain lashing down on the windows and then a quiet calm before the rain thrashed down once more.  We did get a reprieve whilst we were in town so I was able to have a wander without getting too wet.  The moor is living thing and evokes the senses on so many levels.  At this time of year you can see the gold and earthy colours that are used in the making of Harris Tweed.  Natural colours that inspire creativity.  A paintbox of Autumnal colour, always something to draw your eye.

Mist and cloud shrouding the distant hills, making the picture look distorted.

The changing colours of the moor adding their own beauty to the landscape.

Berries adding to natures beautiful table.

A tour of the charity shops was fun, it is always a thrill to find something  you want/need.  Today's find was three lovely jars that I will use to fill with homemade biscuits or chocolates, a bargain at 10p each.

The supermarkets were well stocked, much to my surprise so some Ferries must have been running.  I was thankful, I have a full fridge and have stocked up with extra essentials once again.  I did get lucky with some yellow sticker bits and I had a £9 off coupon which helped reduce the bill.

Gerard's rehabilitation has been extended again, a little disappointing but it is what it is.  He is to be reassessed in two weeks prior to seeing the cardiac consultant.

Once again we have no real plans for the weekend, have you?  We have lots to keep us occupied, a new jigsaw, books and craft projects, along with keeping in touch with family via skype.  A warm cosy cottage and plenty of food, what more do we need?

Thank you for your visits, comments and emails and a warm welcome to new followers I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.

Wednesday 24 October 2018


Another beautiful sunset rounded off a very stormy day yesterday.  However, the awful weather continues with the forecast predicting it getting worse not better as hoped.  Snow is forecast for over the hills but not sure if that is local or the Highlands on the mainland.  There are still disruption to travel on the ferries with more cancellations, even the freight is now cancelled.  The website is now stating that there will be more disruption and cancellations for Friday and Saturday.  I am glad we haven't any travel plans but my heart goes out to all those who do.  It must be quite frustrating.  I do wonder what the supermarkets are now looking like, if there are any empty shelves yet?  Tomorrow I will know the answer to that as Gerard is doing the last week of the rehab course and seeing the cardiac nurse.  I generally have a little wander...

Today in our cosy cottage it was like a little cottage industry of Christmas tags.  I have so far resisted the urge to play Christmas music but I am not sure I will be holding out much longer.  A bit of a picture overload but here are the tags made so far.

Wooden dinosaurs and reindeers covered in Christmas scrapbook paper, very simple but effective.

Again paper covered wooden trees with the words of the song written on.

Snowmen and stockings added to the pile.

I made some luggage style tags added a star and then using a silver pen wrote Matthew 2:10
When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

Wooden baubles were covered in paper and embellished.  Matthew 1:21 written around the sides.
She will bear a son; and you shall call his name Jesus.

Luggage tags have been embellished.

Wooden tags embellished with wooden shapes.

A couple of notelets made using Harris Tweed.

A fun couple of hours and another task completed and ticked off the list.

Have you made a start on Christmas yet?

Thank you as always for your visit and comments.  A warm welcome to a new follower I hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.