Thursday 31 July 2014

Vintage Times Magazine

This week instead of sharing a pattern I thought I would share a Vintage Times magazine, dated 10th December 1945 so just after the war.  It is not in very good condition but it is a thrilling read with lots of adverts to welcome the troops back and entice buying and some beautiful party dresses of that era.  That is actually why I brought the magazine I was going to mount and frame  some of the pictures of the dresses for my craft room but for some reason I have never got round to it.

As you can see dog eared and tatty, certainly a well used edition.

The party dresses for the Christmas season are just delightful, some really distinctive designs of that era, just beautiful.
There was also some very clever marketing, adverts aimed particularly at the services, men coming back from overseas, such as this one:

This is an advert for men's wear.  It states when the boys in blue and grey exchanged their uniforms for civvies, the choice, handmade shirts from Wilson Brothers were in great demand...
Bing Crosby himself  sponsored this advert for Personna precision blades.
This was a great advert, an explanation of canned food.  An every day occurrence for some in this day and age.
Finally this is an advert for Greyhound, after 4 year of been asked not to travel, this is the brightest Christmas in your lifetime troops returning home.  One of my favourite adverts.
There are lots more which now that I have looked at  again would make some great collages.  A great insight into the life and times of people the first Christmas after the war.  Time to rethink what I am going to do with it, I am open to suggestions.
See you soon.

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Yarn Along

Out of respect to Ginny and the tragic loss of her friend and baby, Sarah and Cecilia I have deleted my yarn along post and will publish again at a more appropriate time.  Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Mamas Mercantile

Hi there, come on in and a warm welcome to everyone including my new followers.  I thought I would show you Mamas Mercantile, the craft room.  It is a very light sunny room that once started life as a garage and laundry room.  It has been many things, a play room, a music room complete with piano and a bedroom.  Now my daughters are all grown up and have families of there own, its me time, so Mamas Mercantile was born and has evolved over a few years to accommodate the ever growing collections and interests.

The end of the room showing the ever growing craft book selection and vintage sewing bits and bobs.
My record player that I just love putting my old LPs on.  It is sitting quite happily on a pine trunk which is full of yarn.  A great hiding place for the ever growing stash.
On the trunk also sits a vintage crate holding some wonderful vintage craft magazines that are a real pleasure to browse.
It wouldn't be a craft room without a fabric stash.
The pockets of the apron are filled with brochures and maps of places that I have visited, waiting to be put into my journal/scrapbook.  At the moment there isn't enough hours in the day.   My husband and I both took early retirement and often wonder how we had time to go to work, we easily fill our days.
The work table and vintage tea trolley which I also use for afternoon teas when we have visitors.  The tea trolley was a gift from my son in law on a trip to Horncastle, he loves those afternoon teas!
The bobbins that I brought back from the Isle of Harris, I just love that they are part of the process for making tweed.
A glimpse of the button collection, sorted into colours.  A collection of old and new that sit nicely together and compliment each other.

Next up the sideboard, that houses vintage bobbins, vintage shoe trees and a shoemakers set.
Vintage wooden bear, flower press embroidery hoop sit alongside jute thread and twine.
Last but not least the vintage suitcases and the delightful spinning wheel which I am in the process of learning to use.  Hope you have enjoyed your little tour around my work space.  For some I am sure you will think it cluttered but I know where every single thing in that room is.  To me it is treasure to be handled and loved not to be shoved in a cupboard as part of a collection.  Hope you will visit again.
See you soon.

Saturday 26 July 2014

Something old...

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something the old saying goes.  So a garter was made for the beautiful bride using new lace, vintage lace and a blue button.  Only the something borrowed left to think about...

The lace flowers are still in the process of being made and are coming along nicely.

A very pleasant couple of hours spent with beautiful lace old and new.  Some beautiful laces to match a beautiful bride and certainly made with love.
The wood element of the wedding is now being worked on, the coasters have now been cut by my wonderful husband they now need sanding, stamping and waxing.  The stamps are inspirational quotes such as "there are many good times ahead," and "one smile can warm the world".

The large centre pieces have been cut and are ready for sanding and waxing.

Last but not least the cake stand ready for some magic...

All the elements are starting to come together just needs some concentrated time spent on it, but its looking good.   I will keep you updated with progress.
See you soon.

Friday 25 July 2014

Vintage Pattern

The pattern I am showcasing today is rather unusual, I certainly have never seen a kit like this before.  It is a Style 'N Fit Pattern Kit, where you can design and make over 500 perfect fitting stylish patterns.  Printed and made in the UK and published in 1972.

It claims to have brought the talents of outstanding pattern drafters, designers and fashion stylists together from around the world.  It shows what a pattern consists of how to enlarge miniature patterns to your exact figure measurements and how to mix and match different body styles, sleeves, collars pockets and accessories to create your own fashionable wardrobe..  Quite a claim!

On the first fold out section of the book cover there is a French curve and two armhole guides.
On the second fold out section of the cover there is six ruler like strips that needed to be assembled.
There was also pattern drafting paper included.  All in all  extensive instructions for producing over 500 different garments.  A bargain buy for 50p.  Everything is there even the drafting paper so it is a kit that has never been used, I wonder why not...
See you soon.

Thursday 24 July 2014

Car Boot Finds

I had a lovely stroll around the car boot at Burgh Le Marsh this morning, a beautiful morning in a delightful little village renowned for its windmill.  I didn't take the camera with me so I don't have any pictures of the place but I have taken photos of my treasure.

First up a knitting/crochet pattern for shawls.  I loved it and thought this would be a nice make for my next project, something for myself.  A snip at 10p.

The next stall along I was lucky enough to purchase some lovely wool for £1, a real bargain I don't know what I will make with it yet but I loved the colours.
Next up 2 LPs at a mere 50p each to add to my collection.  I still have a record player which I use when I am in the craft room.  Old fashioned I know but I love it.
Finally a plaque for 50p which was a lovely addition to my craft room it makes me smile.
All in all a good haul, somebodies rubbish has become my treasure.  Back to reality and painting the garden fences.
See you soon.