Tuesday 7 June 2022

Weekend Break

 I have had some very special visitors, who have been a real tonic.  Our youngest daughter and her little family have been to stay for a few days.  The weather was glorious for which I was truly thankful.  Whilst we were unable to get out and about due to extreme side effects of the chemo.  The garden became a safe haven and a great place to gather for gymnastics, games, picnics and general chit chat.  The girls certainly loved the chickens and loved to collect and indeed use the eggs collected daily.

The Queens Jubilee highlights were watched on the TV and we donned our fancy hats for a very nice afternoon tea.  The girls had a whale of a time making scones and cakes for the event.

We did manage a little crafting too, some button sorting and the inevitable button picture.

They were dab hands at weighing out the ingredients.  They were a real joy to spend time with making many memories to treasure.  The sound of laughter filling our little cottage is a joy to behold and will be greatly missed now that they have left.

Back to reality, as I am still on antibiotics I am unable to have the next round of chemo due today.  Hopefully I will be well enough to have it next Tuesday, time will tell.  Hope all is well with you.  I am afraid I have been a little remiss visiting your blogs but hopefully will catch up with you all soon.

See you soon.

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Every Day Matters

 Missing in action, once again!  This time...hospital.  I was admitted late Thursday evening with some form of infection and a raging temperature.  Antibiotic IV drips, along with several other medications did help.  The white blood cell count dropped dramatically.   Then, as they rose to some normality with the help of injections there was an issue with the platelets.  A blood transfusion seems to have corrected that.  I now have a picc line fitted as taking blood was becoming an issue.  Thankfully I am now at home with the Hospital at Home Service.  This means that I am still under the care of the hospital who will provide and supervise any treatment I need.  I am so thankful.  I was looked after by some amazing people with compassion and respect but nothing beats your own home and the love that is in it.

My journey both experimenting with mixed media and my prayer book continues.  

The fun I am having, just sketching the various flowers fills me with joy.  Such simple things.

I have changed the order, mixed things up a little.  Decoupage first then sketching the outline, watercolour, ink and finally a letter stamp.  The focus of course is on the word, rejoicing and receiving Gods love.  

I am so thankful and feel blessed that we were able to fulfil our dreams of living on this beautiful Island.  The views and the beauty that I am surrounded by is spectacular, a gift from God.  As I arrived home from hospital yesterday I was given a special welcome home a incredible rainbow.

I will close for now and wish you all a bright and beautiful day.  Make every moment matter and fulfil your dreams.

See you soon.