Tuesday 30 May 2017

Craft Update

We had a wonderful time at the soup and pudding event, there were so many different desserts it was difficult to decide which one to have.  So many friendly people made it so easy to chat, making the event even better than we could ever have imagined.  Gerard enjoys football so went along to the local match last night and again was made to feel very welcome.

I have been trying to catch up with some of the craft projects that needed finishing.  I started a wreath sometime ago but couldn't finish it because some of the things that I needed were packed up ready for our move.  I have since unpacked and was able to finish it off.

The bulk of the work had already been done, just needing buttons and all attaching to the ring.  I love the end result.

Although I loved it, the colour combination was perfect for the lounge I did feel it was a little small and didn't have the impact that I wanted.  So, I set to work with a wire frame and some fabric left over from the curtains and lounge furnishings and made a rag wreath.  I think it is quite striking and fits in with the character of the cottage.

I may add a large burlap bow, if only I could remember where I put it when  unpacking.  My small crafting space is taking a little getting used to.  The smaller wreath will be a wonderful addition to the bedroom.

I have trimmed a top sheet with some vintage lace, again adding a little character and age to the room.

I have finally finished the furniture in the bedroom using a roll of wallpaper found at the car boot sale for £1 when doing the tour of the family. 

I have also added a couple of hangers made using a stag stamp and adding a bow using some ribbon from my stash.

Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday or weekend, apart from a little rain yesterday evening the weather was good to us here.  As always I thank you for your comments and e-mails I will get back to you all as soon as I can.  Take care.

See you soon.

Saturday 27 May 2017


It was a real delight to travel down to England and catch up with everyone.  Mum and Dad are doing OK, the family seem to have rallied around and visit on a more regular basis.  My niece goes  weekly  to take Mum for her shopping.  The bungalow has now been valued and will go on the market this week, so that they can move to be near me.  Hopefully, a buyer will be forthcoming soon.

The wedding was a delight and it was so nice to catch up with family on Gerard's side that we do not see very often.  It was bitter/sweet to see some of Gerard's late Mums friends but the added bonus was to catch up with our beautiful daughters and their families.

We had a day out with Victoria and the boys to Marwell Zoo, the wedding reception was actually held at the hotel there so no extra travel needed.  It was overcast and drizzling when we went in but with a stiff upper lip and armed with waterproof coats we carried on regardless.  Hector has really grown in the short period of time since we last saw him and now runs around with his big brother Wilbur.  What a joy to see them play together.

Ice cream is always on the agenda for a day out and an easy way to get Hector back into the pushchair, he prefers walking these days.

Despite the rain it was a lovely day out and brought back some lovely memories of us taking our girls when they were small.  It was always a nice treat for them when we visited Grandma and Grandad.  I am not a fan of animals been caged but in fairness the enclosures were large and designed to reflect their natural habitat as much as possible.  It was certainly clean and did not have the pungent smell that you get sometimes.

There were lots of different play parks as we wandered around, each area designed for different age groups so something for everyone.  We also enjoyed a stroll through the garden and made a wish or two in the well.

We drove to Ampthill and had a wonderful few days with Amie and her family.  There was also a marked difference in Honey, she has certainly grown and is walking.  Bertie still enjoys quality time with us playing games and doing jigsaws.  Dinosaurs still a firm favourite...

We had a wonderful day out to the mill, enjoying a stroll through the shops and of course tea and cake.

One of the highlights for Bertie is the fish in the pond, he is always mesmerised by them.

There are some great artefacts to admire and indeed play, some wonderful old penny slot machines adorn the walls along the emporium, if only they were a little lower...

The added bonus is there is a little park for us all to enjoy.

Last but certainly not least was our visit to Lucy, sadly Lily had to go to school but we did get some quality time in the evenings.  They certainly enjoyed seeing Mickey and he loved running around with them.

There was a little gardening done, but mainly games that involved a lot of laughter...

...and the cleaning off of dirty faces.
We did get some quality time in the local park but sadly I forgot to take the camera.
I cannot express the sheer joy of seeing my family again and am so looking forward to seeing them again soon.  We have plans to go again in August and they will of course be visiting us, Victoria has flights booked for July and Lucy plans for August.  The journey back on the ferry was a time for reflection and deep thoughts about the distances involved.  Had we made the right decision moving so far away?
YES!  We love this beautiful Island and its people.  We love our little cottage that is now HOME and despite our overwhelming love for our families and missing them terribly we are here to STAY.  It felt like home on our return, it was a beautiful homecoming.
The washing has been caught up with, I am trying to ignore the ironing pile and the garden is calling it is in dire need of attention.  But not today, we are going to the soup and pudding event to meet up with our neighbours and help raise some funds for Church.  Tomorrow is another day.  Have you any plans for the weekend?
See you soon.


Thursday 25 May 2017

The Wanderers Return

We are back once again from our travels.   We have had a wonderful time catching up with everyone, I do miss them terribly so a lot was crammed into the few days we had with each family.  A little tiring but well worth it, we did a lot of driving but some of the scenery was a joy to behold.  The drive through the Cairngorms was a delight, we took a leisurely drive taking in the stunning views and had a lovely break at Aviemore to stretch our legs and get some lunch.  Thankfully it was a nice day both driving down and back so we were able to enjoy lunch sitting outside.

There was a little snow left on some of the tops of the mountains, some of the crevices looked white but it was difficult to decide if it was snow or not.   A feast for the eyes, such beautiful sights.  Let me take you on yet another beautiful drive, this time through the Highlands.

Aviemore is a great place to break up the journey and let Mickey have a stroll, he enjoyed the ambience as much as we did.  Although famous for its winter sports, particularly skiing it is a great all year around holiday destination.
It was a joy to see the steam train, although not environmentally friendly these days it did conjure up some amazing pictures in my mind of a bygone era and some childhood memories.

I did manage to pick up some vintage table linen at a charity shop, perfect for our new home and of course I did have a quick peek into a craft and gift shop.
A great place for a break albeit a short one. 

 Hope you enjoyed this little tour, it is times like this I do wish I was a better photographer so that I could share some better pictures.  As always thank you for your wonderful comments and emails, they are really appreciated.  A warm welcome to new followers, I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  Time to say goodnight for now, I will catch up with you all soon.