Monday 30 June 2014

Home - Safe and Sound

I am home, exhausted but safe and well.  There was a storm which delayed our flight out of Sanford for 4 hours which had knock on effects at Gatwick.  We hit the M25 at rush hour and sat on it for 3 hours.  Dropped my parents off, had a nap and then travelled to Norwich to look after our Grandson, a truly wonderful experience.  I now intend to catch up with all the family and attempt to get the garden into some sort of order.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post and for all your support since I started blogging.  I will do the draw tomorrow and let you all know the winner in my next post.

See you soon.

PS  I had a truly wonderful holiday but will share it with you when I am not so tired.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Yarn Along - 100th Post - Giveaway

Today this post is my 100th which is quite an achievement when you consider that I was computer illiterate, useless with the camera and unable to upload/download the photos.  Its been a long journey of trial and tribulation.  To this end I am joining in the yarn along, just because I can, I know how to link to another blog.  Writing it down as made me realise just how far I have come and to celebrate I have decided to share the joy and giveaway some of my buttons, shown below.  Buttons are one of my all time favourites, I love buttons.  To be in with a chance to win all these buttons just leave a message in the comments.  I will post the buttons to where ever you are.

Back to the yarn along I have finished the blanket, which I am really pleased with. I have also created a couple of gifts, crochet washcloths and soap for friends in Florida.

  I haven't done a lot of reading as I have been busy preparing for my trip.  I leave for Florida later today,  flying out of Gatwick in the morning.  I have however picked out a couple of books to take with me for the 9 hour flight.

Thank you for your kind support and wonderful comments over the past 100 posts.  The draw for the giveaway will take place on my return from Florida.  Joining

See you soon.with Ginny at Small Things.

Monday 9 June 2014

Vintage Pattern

Vintage patterns of any description are my passion, I love the history attached to them and the mystery about who has used them before me.  I have said it so many times "If only patterns could talk".  I also love walking around junk shops and shows looking for them, they are always on the top of my shopping list when we go on holiday.  I have had some wonderful finds when holidaying in  Florida so fingers crossed I will be lucky this time.

There is no mystery about this little book I am showcasing this week, it is another book from my childhood.  A book that would stand the test of time, whilst some of the sewing aids might have changed the general principles of dressmaking I think are just the same.

I used this book to teach my daughters to sew and it is now safely stored for the next generation whenever they are ready.
See you soon.

Scrapbook Fun

Saturday started well weather wise and then torrential downpours ensued with no respite, so rummaging around a car boot sale was out of the question.  The bottom of the garden was then flooded and the rest of the lawn was like a quagmire, so gardening was out of the question.  A few hours crafting was the order of the day.  After careful deliberation and mooching around the craft room scrapbooking was decided on.

I needed to record our family get together to celebrate Victoria's birthday so that is where I started, going through photos.  So much easier on the computer now that I have finally learnt how to do it, I don't know why it took me so long.  I have been missing out for years.

They are not fancy or elaborate but they are pages that represent a wonderful day.  Images to store and treasure for another rainy day when I can get the scrapbook out and recall some wonderful times.
All things considered a successful day.

See you soon.

Sunday 8 June 2014


We are well into June, the time just keeps on flying by.  According to The Country Diary Book of Crafts:

"Mist in May and heat in June
Bring all things into tune."

It really is a delightful book with some amazing illustrations and patterns.  June is the month for an embroidered album cover, an embroidered tablecloth with crochet edging and an embroidered teacosy.  The crochet edging is just beautiful, I intend to use the pattern to edge a couple of towels.

Clover fields and grass meadows just conjures up summer for me. 
See you soon. 

Friday 6 June 2014

Gnome Invasion

What a busy time I have had recently.  Little people visited and took over the house...

We have had a gnome invasion, gifts given to Grandad.  A takeover bid in the garden...

A family get together, a wonderful time my husband and our three beautiful daughters....
Wedding dress fittings and table decorations to be admired.  Some serious crafting...

A very successful craft fair and some serious gardening...

Another birthday celebration my Mum is 76 years old today...
The passports are finally back and a holiday booked, we fly out to Florida next Thursday.  Hospital appointments need to be changed, prescriptions collected and insurance arranged.  All in all a very busy time.
See you soon.

Sunday 1 June 2014


Victoria was 30 earlier this month, we did celebrate but not in a big family way due to lots of unforeseen circumstances.  So in full family pomp and ceremony a surprise event was arranged for our first born.  Her husband came up trumps with getting her to the right place at the right time.  A beach picnic at Great Yarmouth with traditional donkey rides, fairground rides, chips and ice cream.  What could be better?

Does it get any better having all your family together in one place  with the sun shining and sand in your sandwiches?
See you soon.