Friday 29 March 2019

Busy, Busy, Busy

Another day, another project!  I created a little bag to go with Honey's ensemble and yes you were right there are a couple of little treasures from Granny inside.  We don't see them very often so they deserve to be spoilt.

I covered a button with the lining fabric so that it all matched well.  I was quite pleased with the overall look of it.  The lining really does make it so girly with those tiny ditty flowers, she will love it.

I also made a start on replenishing the gift cupboard, using some of the soap I made.  I then added a lavender bag, so quick and simple to make.

I crocheted a wash cloth and then added a Harris Tweed brooch.

I have a stack of Cath Kidston fabric that needs using so I decided to make some bags for the gift cupboard to use it up.

Some red checked fabric made for the perfect lining , even a pocket was added.  One very quickly became two.

Spring has certainly arrived despite the rain and windy weather we are experiencing but taking photographs indoors is still an issue, which is why I am taking photographs on the window ledge.  The days are getting longer but we are yet to get any bright sunny days that I am so looking forward to.  The spring/Easter decorations have been found but I have yet to make a start so that is my plan for tomorrow.  Have you any plans for the weekend?  For those of us in the UK don't forget the clocks change this weekend.

See you soon.

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Busy With Soap

I have been busy for the past few days making soap for a Women's event here on the Isle of Lewis.  I was asked to make them to be added to a gift bag that each participant will receive.  I was thrilled to be asked.  The first batch I made was orange both in colour and scent.

Dried orange slices were added to the packaging for effect and tied up with natural twine.

They were soon packed up into a box...

Strawberry and apple was next on my agenda.  Thin layers were made into swirls using both apple and strawberry oil scent and a drop of red or green colouring. 

They were then packaged using cellophane  and embellished with a dried apple slice and a thin ribbon.

The last batch was lavender again with a swirl of colour going through the middle using a few drops of red and blue colouring and lavender oil.  A few dried lavender buds were added and then packaged up in cellophane.  This time embellished with a button and raffia.

Once again packed into a box ready for delivery.

A fun but very busy few days.

Thank you for all your comments on my previous post about Honeys coat, I am so excited to see her in it.  Only 11 more sleeps.  I used to sell my crafts but since moving don't bother as I seem to have enough to do working on the cottage and crafts for the family. 

See you soon.

Monday 25 March 2019


What a difference a day makes.  Saturday and Sunday saw some really wild weather the winds were out in force, along with outbursts of torrential rain and hail storms.  Today we have woke to a calm bright day, long may that last.  The stove was going all weekend, making for a cosy ambience in our lounge and reverting us back to a Winter mindset.  Out came the crossword books and of course I was able to finish off Honeys coat.  Once finished I was on a roll making a scarf with pom poms and knitting a hat to match.

The sleeves were soon stitched up.  Pom poms made to embellish the scarf and a large darning needle used to stitch them on.  Finally a oversized pom pom made and stitched to the knitted hat.  A crochet flower added to embellish both the hat and the coat hangar.

Drum roll please....

Only 14 more sleeps and she will be here to try it on, I am so excited.  I am thinking a messenger bag might be a wonderful addition for her to keep all her treasure.  How was your weekend?

See you soon.

Friday 22 March 2019


Procrastination: the action of delaying or postponing something.

That is exactly what I have been doing with Honeys coat.  I found the perfect pattern when we went to Inverness last month in a book I picked up from the Works.  For some reason I was reluctant to get going.  This morning it was with fear and trepidation that I finally made a start.  I have done a lot of sewing over the years but usually household items, curtain, table runners and such.  So I must admit I was a little apprehensive, particularly as I was using Harris Tweed.  I cut the fabric out using the pattern provided and read the instructions through a few times.

Step by step instructions which I followed carefully were used and little by little it started to take shape.

I still have the sleeves to sew, although as you can see they are all pinned ready to go.  I also have the buttons to stitch on.  I have sorted out several possibilities, I will make a decision once the sleeves are finished.

The hood was so much easier than I had anticipated, which I why I had hesitated to make a start in the first place.

I will have it completed in the morning and am pleased to say that I enjoyed the process.  With hindsight I was worrying about nothing, it has now given me the confidence to go on and try some of the other patterns that I have been admiring for a while.

The tweed is a little dark for a little one but it is my intention to crochet a fancy scarf and hat to lighten it all off.  Of course Gerard will be painting a coat hanger for me as a finishing touch, I thought I would add a little tweed corsage.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day we had a lovely stroll out and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.  What a difference a day makes, today the March winds once again are howling and rain is the order of the day.  This was the view from our attic window yesterday, even the sea was calm.

As you can see the ewes all have rather wide girths, it is anticipated that lambing season will start over the next few weeks.  Such an exciting time of year.

A warm welcome to a new followers, I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  As always I thank you for your visit to this blog and for your encouraging and uplifting comments.  The weather forecast is not looking good for the weekend, so it will be indoor activities for us.  Have you got anything planned?

See you soon.

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Signs Of Spring

We woke to another beautiful day on the Isle of Lewis.  The sun was shining brightly, casting shadows on the walls around our little cottage.  Sadly this didn't last long and it very quickly became overcast and then the odd little shower here and there.  The wind has been quite calm for a few days but once again you can hear the whistle as it blows around the chimney stacks.  The ever changing weather on the Outer Hebrides as it cascades through the seasons.

Despite the wind and the rain we are surrounded by beauty at the moment, as Mother Nature starts her crusade to ensure that Spring approaches.  Daffodils can be seen in clumps here and there among the grass and encased in pots.  The beautiful trumpets strongly fighting the wind to stay upright.

The rhubarb has been determined pushing through the heavy soil and starting to unfurl its leaves.  The vibrancy of the colours a welcoming sight against the dark soil.

We did over winter the pots from the front of the cottage and we are starting to bring a few of them back out.  They are already starting with their regrowth as are the herbs.  They will be sorted out once the rain stops.

Indoor pots of bulbs are now starting on their journey, poking through the soil and showing their majestic green leaves.

As the long Winter months start to come to an end the early signs of Spring can be clearly seen all around.  The days are becoming lighter and longer...not long now, the change will bring forth our plans to enrich our lives with the building of the garden room.  A work in progress.

I am a little behind with visiting blogs this week but it is my intention to catch up as soon as I can.  As always I thank you for your visit to my blog and to your encouraging comments.   The wreath does hang on my front door but I do have a porch/outer vestibule so it is not in direct contact with the elements.  My thoughts are now starting to turn to Easter, so I am going to sort some of the Spring decor out and make a start.

See you soon.