Friday 23 October 2015

Five on Friday

Mt holiday is now so close, this will be my 42nd trip to Florida a holiday destination that as a family we love.  We don't always visit the parks, there is so much more to Florida than theme parks.  The flora and fauna alone is worth a visit.  This trip our daughters little family is coming along and we are therefore doing Walt Disney World.  A very tiring but fulfilling holiday seeing a lot of firsts for my Grandaughters.

I am once again joining Amy over at for the Five on Friday meme.  Pop over and see what fives others are doing.

My five this week are of course Disney linked and are books that we have collected over the years.  First up is a cook book that we use to recreate some of the amazing food we have had at some of the resorts on our return.  We can reminisce and recreate some wonderful memories.  We have already got reservations for Boma in Animal Kingdom Lodge which features some rather delightful flavours of Africa. 

One of our favourite rides in Magic Kingdom is Pirates of the Caribbean and we have of course watched the movie, so it goes without saying that we would have the book.  It has gone full circle starting as a ride, becoming a film and then once again a top attraction ride.
My third book is a vintage edition of Walt Disney World, the pictures are wonderful to look at seeing the attractions and resorts from when I first went, a great book to pick up and remember my girls and the fun that they had, running from one character and ride to another.
Number four is Disney Treasures, an amazing collection of memorabilia, another exciting book to dip in and out of with exciting pockets of added information.
My final choice is a book that is another great book that you can dip in and out of showing the art of animation full of wonderful illustrations. 
Five marvellous books to share with the family and remind us of previous adventures.
See you soon.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Crazy Granny

I woke this morning to a very dark and overcast  sky, I was sure that it would rain.

After a leisurely breakfast I decided it was now or never and proceeded to get the lawn mower out and yes I have managed to get the front and the back lawns done.  So far no rain, just shows you how wrong you can be about a dark sky. 
I have had a busy few days preparing for our holiday and can now report that we are ready to go.  All the paperwork is in order and I have checked it all twice.  The suitcases are out and everything laid out ready to be packed.

Fast passes and Disney dining reservations have been booked, so Mickey Mouse are you ready for two very excited little girls and a crazy Granny?
I have just wound some arran wool into manageable balls so that I can take a small project with me for the plane.   I still need to sort out a couple of books for some light holiday reading and a crossword or two, but other than that we are ready.  FLORIDA HERE WE COME!

I have caught up with all the house and garden jobs so now I intend to have a couple of hours sat in front of the stove.  I want to finish the granny square blanket ready for our new baby grandson.  I am on the last round.

I had rather hoped that the little people or fairy would come along and sew in all the ends, but alas that was not to be so I had quite the task sewing them all in.  A lesson learnt I think, sew the ends in as you go along.   Do you leave them to the end or do you sew as you go?
See you soon. 

Friday 16 October 2015

Five On Friday

As we hurtle through October, the days are getting shorter and time seems to be running away with me,  I seem to have more to do in the day than time allows.  My holiday is also almost upon on, exciting times and I do know from bitter experience that I will suffer from jet lag on my return.  To that end, I have doubled up on some of the meals prepared this week, to pop into the freezer to use on my return or when needed as I have run out of time.

I made a delicious pot roast using a piece of brisket, which once sliced made the basis for another 4 meals.  Of course I had to make Yorkshire puddings to go with it, so there is also a beautiful accompaniment for the beef all ready to go.  I did add some sage and onion stuffing mix to the batter to give it a extra dimension it does make them a little stodgy but they do freeze well.

I have also made an enormous rice pudding which made 8 portions, 6 for the freezer.  I grated a little cinnamon on the top to give it a little boost.

The Sunday roast last week was pork, a larger joint was roasted and then carved and put into gravy in preparation for the freezer, an extra 6 generous portions were squirrelled away.
Fourth on my list was chicken, I cooked 4 chicken breast instead of 2 in bits and pieces that were lurking in the bottom of the fridge, pepper, onion, black olives and a little grated cheese.  I therefore have another dinner prepared for my return.
The colder weather that is starting to show is making us yearn for the stodgy puddings of our childhood.  Who remembers school dinners and the inevitable steam pudding with custard?  Both my husband and I love these puddings, so I have made a marmalade steam pudding for our return.  Of course we had to have a portion each to ensure it was good enough for the freezer.  How long that will last in the freezer is under debate, not long I fear.

I am again joining Amy over at for the weekly get together.  Pop over and join the fun.  My apologies for the quality of the photographs, I was trying to take them when they were still hot and the lens kept steaming up, silly me.
See you soon.

Wednesday 14 October 2015

From The Craft Room

I have a busy crafting period planned, with two new babies and Christmas gifts to work on.  A enjoyable pace of crafting to enjoy. In the short term I have a dress to alter in preparation for a black tie event I am attending with my dear husband next week.

The strange light is not doing it justice, it is a beautiful shade of green in a soft velvet and is far more elegant on than it looks on the wardrobe.
I have another pair of jeans to alter, even though I buy petite as I am only 4' 11" they are still too long.  Another urgent job is a stitch in my husbands favourite cardigan as the buttons are feeling loose.
The fabrics are all ready sorted to start a quilt for Wilbur's baby brother, but that is a job for after my holiday.
I have collected the arran wool from Skegness so that is now ready and bagged for blankets.

I am working on a crochet granny square blanket for the nursing chair and so far it is looking good and just as I imagined it.  The bright centres are a feast for the eyes and are jewel like amidst the grey and white.  It will be interesting to see it all together.

The sewing in fairy has not been around, I keep hoping that she will turn up and sew in all the ends.  I regret now not doing it as I go now isn't that always the case.
I have also sorted out the yarn for a ripple baby blanket and that is the project I think will be my holiday project.  A 9 hour flight is a long time to sit with no crochet.

The light once again is not showing the true colour of the yarn it is quite a bright, vibrant turquoise, silver grey and white.  Just need to sort out some holiday reading and I am set.
There is still my winter project, going along at snails pace too.  I have decided that I will make sure that I do at least one granny square a day so that there will always be some progress.  Have you got multiple projects or do you work on just one thing at a time?
See you soon.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Just A Little Update...

Thank you for all your lovely comments and concern about my toothache.  I am actually feeling a whole lot better now that a course of antibiotics have kicked in.  It is all a little disconcerting as I need to have two teeth removed which means some work.  With the holiday now in sight only 13 more sleeps as the girls would say, it is difficult to decide when to have some of the treatment done.  I am at the dentist again on Friday so maybe just see what they suggest.

A quiet weekend was spent, catching up with a little TV and magazines relaxing so not a lot to report.  I did have a stroll around a local car boot sale on Saturday but came back with nothing, which is unusual for me.  No treasure was found, even the vegetables were not in abundance as in other weeks, so we had to call in at the Farm Shop on the way home for the vegetables for the week.  I intend to do some extra cooking this week so that we have some meals to return to after our holiday.  I am preparing for the inevitable jet lag that occurs whenever I go to America.  Whilst I haven't packed it is all laid out ready.

We did have a panic, whilst sorting out all the holiday documentation our international driving licences are out of date.  Consequently, a trip to Boston was needed to renew them, our Post Office does not offer the service.  There is always a downside to rural living.  We are now up to date and all our documentation is ready to go. 

I have been on the hunt for some red Arran wool for blankets that I want for Wilbur and our new baby Grandson but to no avail, every colour but the one I want.  I have finally managed to track some down at a store in Skegness so I am on my way out to collect it.  I really must have a go at ordering things on line, it would make my life so much easier.  Any suggestions for a reputable company that I can order yarn online with would be welcomed.

I will be back with a crafting update soon.

See you soon.

Thursday 8 October 2015

Five On Friday

It has been a week of mixed blessing, weather wise.  Horrendous rain and wind the first part of the week, settling into a bright sunny spell as the week progressed.  The colder weather and rain means indoor pursuits and a stove to sit in front of.  My first picture is the wonderful stove that is the focal point of our home on a cold Autumn day.

We even put the kettle on it to make tea.  Of course we couldn't have tea in a afternoon without something tasty to go with it. Therefore, my second picture is the scones for afternoon tea.  The perfect combination for a rainy Autumn day. I love baking when it is cold outside, the heat from the oven warms the kitchen and makes it homely.  The smells from the oven permeate through the house and gets the taste buds tingling.  Perfection!

Victoria has had her scan and so we now know that Wilbur is to have a baby brother, he is really excited about it.   My crochet hook has been on fire, hooking away at a baby blue blanket and a granny square throw for the nursing chair.
Number four is another indoor pursuit of the week and that is sewing burb cloths, bibs and bandanas for our new Grandson.  It has been great fun sorting though the fabrics and reminiscing with my dear husband about when and where they were bought and for what purpose.  Who would have thought that looking at fabric could evoke so many wonderful memories.

I have made a start, there is still a lot to be done.  The fabrics are now sorted for when the weather turns to rain once again. 
Finally, I thought I would share the last of the garden.  The break in the weather has meant that we have been able to get out and about once more, restocking logs and kindling.  The garden is looking a little sorry for itself and does need some extra planting to give it a little Autumn colour.  The only thing we have left is some late carrots and mixed salad leaves.

I am once again joining Amy over at Love Made My home for the weekly get together, Five on Friday.  Pop over and join in the fun.  I have just taken some painkillers for a raging toothache and intend to go back to bed and try to get some sleep.  I am at the dentist later today.  Have you got plans for the weekend?
See you soon.


Wednesday 7 October 2015

Winter Project Link Up

I like many others have a couple of projects lurking in the craft room, so to motivate us all I am joining Jennifer over at Thistlebear for the Winter project link up party.

I started this throw/blanket a couple of years ago and for some reason didn't really get going on it.  I have now decided to replace some of the throws and cushion covers in the lounge room so this is the perfect time to get going with it again.

It is arran wool which is beautiful to crochet with and will be lovely and soft to use in the lounge when finished.  Yes I am saying finished, I am feeling motivated at the moment but if I flag a little joining this party will help keep me focused.
I haven't made a plan yet.  I haven't a clear idea of how many granny squares I need to commit to each week.  I am hoping that as I get familiar with how I want the throw to evolve it will become clearer in my mind.
My first job is to try and decipher the original scribble and plan and then I can move on.  All that said I actually love the yarn, I love the colours and I want a new throw so why did I abandon it in the first place? 
See you soon.