Monday 1 September 2014


Where did August go?  September came in a blaze of sunshine and feels like a balmy summer day...Lets hope we are going to have an Indian summer after all.  My summer wreath has been taken down and packed away until next time and replaced with Autumn.  I love the Autumnal colours, rich with nature at its finest.

September according to The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady was the seventh month of the Roman calendar, but is the ninth according to our reckoning.  The Anglo-Saxons called it @gesrt-monath' Barley month. 
Some of the illustrations for September are delightful, the House Sparrows and oats is a particular favourite of mine.
There is also a beautiful illustration of a Goldfinch feeding on thistle seed.
The Country Diary Book of Crafts shows the same House Sparrow illustration stating:
     "September blows soft,-
     Till the fruits' in the loft."
It also shows a delightful knitted lacy sweater, Sundew.
There is also an embroidered picture, a tapestry drum stool and a crochet cushion cover and shelf edgings.
The patterns are a little old fashioned for todays tastes but the illustrations are still a real delight.
What a wonderful month...A big thank you for all your lovely comments, its wonderful to get to know you all.
See you soon.


  1. Hello! September!!! Where did the time go! What a lovely book you got there, I never heard of it before but it sounds great. I loved the original Country Diary with all the beautiful illustrations! The pink jumper looks very intricate and cosy!
    Here's to a lovely autumn!!!
    Ingrid xx

  2. Your autumn wreath is very pretty! I hope that you have a great September. xx

  3. And it's a pleasure to visit you Isn't it funny how even "traditional" things like knitting and embroidery change and we hardly notice until we look back iver several years.!

  4. Lovely wreath and illustrations !!!!!
    Have a great September !

  5. Thank you for sharing. I have the Edwardian lady book I adore looking at the wonderful illustrations. Time is certainly flying by Happy september

  6. the only thing better than September is October :) I decorated over the weekend as well even though we have another humid hot day. I'm in my AC wearing jeans and pretending :)

  7. I hope you have a wonderful month. I was just outside hanging my fall garden flag in the courtyard. I am so glad fall is on its way.

  8. Gorgeous wreaths. It's been a lovely day here today. Summer going out with a fight !

  9. Well now...I must get my Fall wreath out :-) You have inspired me. I just got a copy of The Country Diary... and am enjoying it, too.

  10. Oh, I love the shelf edgings! And the picture with the cat! We are having a beautiful sunny day over here and I've just spent a lazy morning outside with the baby in the sling - walking, going for a coffee, enjoying the wind and first colorful leaves.... Such a bountiful season, isn't it? Lena x

  11. I love the Country Diary, and I often open it to the month we are in at the time. It is still hot and muggy here, so I am not decorating for fall yet. Hopefully, it will be cooler soon, and I will be more in the mood. I'm so looking forward to it!! Those "out of date" crafts will be highly sought after vintage things in a decade or so, won't they?!

  12. I can't believe it's September already! Summer flew by SO fast! I love some of those older books like that. I still have some and even though much of what's in them is not currently in style, they're so much fun to look through. I always loved getting those. I sometimes find one at the library used book store that's so great I have to get it.

  13. What a beautiful book. Very inspiring.