Sunday 28 June 2015

Magical Weekend

I am back from a lovely visit with my eldest daughter and her family.  The circumstances for the visit were not ideal, she needed help with Wilbur whilst she was having a heart monitor fitted.  She is to be monitored for 7 days and then has a further appointment planned with the cardiologist to discuss any findings.  Despite that the visit was wonderful, Wilbur is a delight.  He loved the quilt Granny made for him, it is the perfect addition to a Mickey Mouse themed bedroom.

He loved pointing out the Mickey squares to Grandad...
We had lots of fun in the garden with him, hiding from Grandad but shouting to let him know where he was hiding.  I don't think he quite got the concept of hide and seek but we had fun none the less.
His pirate den is his pride and joy adoring the chest that was made for it.
The trampoline and the bouncy castle were great fun in the garden and simple games such as "What's the time Mr Wolf" seemed to be a hit.  We also had endless fun with a football.
Cake making was another great event, with lots of fun and laughter in the kitchen.

A visit to the farm was a great trip out.  Wilbur seems right at home and is a budding farmer in the making.  He was wonderful with all the animals and fed them with ease.  He was really good at washing his hands after each contact with an animal and was a real delight chattering away to his hearts content, it was a real joy to watch him.

It was an incredible experience watching him milking the cow, he wanted to get milk for Granny's tea which made me smile.  He was really good at it too far better than some of the adults having a go.  He seemed to have a real affinity to the animals and was a great joy to watch.

A visit to the farm shop was in order to buy some of the delicious fudge hand made on the premises.  We also sampled the goodies in the tearoom, well it would have been rude not to.    The farm is local to where Victoria lives  and is called Wroxham Barns, well worth a visit if ever you are in the area.  There is also a delightful patchwork and quilting shop, I was tempted but stuck to my resolve of not buying anymore fabric until I get down the stash, it didn't stop me browsing though.  There was certainly something for everyone in the shops and lots of inspiring combinations of foodie gifts put together in some great containers. 
There is also a mini golf and fun fair which finished the outing off nicely.  How have you spent the weekend, gadding about or relaxing?  I intend to put my feet up for the rest of the day and catch up with some reading and maybe a little crochet...
See you soon.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Indoor Pursuits

This is the view from my lounge window...

Not a pleasant sight.  We have a burst sewerage pipe with a lot of them need replacing, consequently the digging up of the garden and lawn in all its glory.  They have repaired the bulk of the pipes on our land and will continue into the neighbours and the road so they will be around for some time.  Thank goodness for insurance!!!!
The noise, the smell and the unsightly view has meant a more indoor approach to events this week.  So I have finally finished the holiday scrapbook, not before time I might add.
The tickets and boarding card have been included in the layout of Wilbur on the ferry.

Postcards of places we have visited or stayed have been a main focus on some of the layouts, enhancing some of the photographs.

The scorecard became the backdrop for an afternoon at the bowling alley.  A timely reminder that Granny has still got what it takes and was the overall winner/not that I am competitive, it is the taking part that matters.

Maps were another useful addition, showing the area we were in and enhancing once again the photos.

A combination of tickets, postcards and maps make for an interesting layout and show a more detailed outline of places visited. 
I am really pleased with the overall look of the scrapbook, it tells a story of the holiday that just using photos would not have covered.  I have also included snippets from tourist guides, programmes and menus on some of the pages.  A lovely record of an amazing holiday. 
The weather has really picked up today and now that the hole in the garden has been refilled the smell has disappeared so hopefully we will be able to sit and enjoy a glimpse of the summer season. 
We are away from tomorrow visiting Victoria our eldest daughter so I will not be around for a few days.  Have you any plans in place for the weekend? 
See you soon.

Monday 22 June 2015

Weekend Celebration

A beautiful weekend filled with love, in celebration of Fathers.   As always when we all get together there is lots of fun, games and laughter and of course a little crafting.   Two of our daughters came home with their families, Amie Friday/Saturday and Lucy Saturday/Sunday.  My brother visited and stayed with our parents so it was nice to catch up.

We have been planning a trip to Florida for awhile with our youngest daughter Lucy and her family, we finally booked over the weekend.  The girls were beside themselves with excitement and all talk was about Mickey, princess's and parades.  The crafting session became Disney orientated as you can see.

Princess wands...
Mickey mouse wooden spoon puppets...
Fantasia hats...

Sun hats...
We braved it on the village green in between showers for our fish and chips picnic, but unfortunately didn't make it to the beach due to a heavy rain shower.  We were once again quite hardy and sat in the garden for a barbeque.

Fathers day celebrations were wonderful with such a fuss made over their Daddies, it was lovely to watch the little ones so proud of their little gifts and home made cards.
My sweet husband was spoiled by everyone, it was lovely to watch him misty eyed remembering days gone by when our own daughters where little and making you tea with cold tap water and bringing you soggy cereals.  Such happy days!!!!

Lots of lovely memories to treasure of special family moments.
This made me smile, Mickey the dog sat watching Lily's every mouthful knowing that the moment no one was looking Lily would be feeding him under the table, happy times!!!  Did you make some great memories to treasure over the weekend?
See you soon.


Friday 19 June 2015

Five on Friday

This has been a really busy week for me with lots of changes in medical regime for both my dear Dad and husband.  Extra hospital appointments, changes in medication and Nurses holidays add to the workload.  I am trying to have a clear out as well which is not an ideal time, but I have started so I will finish.  I intend to sell at a car boot sale instead of going to land fill.  Any proceeds will be used for updating the nursery for the grandchildren.  Anyway onwards and upwards my five for this week are five Cath Kidston books that take pride of place in my craft room.

First up is patch, a great book for simple patchwork projects.  I have used this book many times. 
The child's pentagon ball pattern is one that I return to time and time again.  Making them for gifts and for selling at the craft fairs I attended, they were a real hit.
My second choice is sew, a great book containing simple sewing patterns.  A fun book which again I have used often to make gifts and more recently some little bags I use for storage.
I love this fabric, the colours are so vibrant yet still go with all the pastels she is renowned for.
Choice number 3 is make .  The cover is such a delight with the beautiful floral pattern that is such a popular choice for her vintage style kitchen wear.  This is the book I used when I trimmed towels, both mine and my daughters bathrooms.  I trimmed towels for all the grandchildren to personalize them and enhance a plain towel into something quite special.
I did use several variations of the pattern, including sewing the duck fabric to towels as well as the cowboy fabric and the circus fabric.
Choice number 4 was a gift from my daughter Amie sometime ago and has been used to make toppers for present using the tree pattern, it was also adapted to make cards.  Strangely enough all of the material are included with the book to make 12 ornaments and yet have not been used.  That gives me something to think about for this year.

Finally my choice for book number 5 is rag doll, a book that my husband bought for me whilst on the way to the Isle of Lewis.  We had stopped for lunch at Baxter's shopping centre and there it was on a shelf willing me to look at it which of course I did.
I adore the doll and have made it twice with variations on the clothes, incidentally the book contains patterns for several outfits.  What is quite strange is that yet again I haven't used the kit which was included in the pack.
I do have a couple more but will share them with you another time.  This is a five on Friday post so I am once again joining in with Amy over at Love Made My Home, why not pop over and take a look.
Hope you have a great weekend, see you soon.