Friday 22 August 2014

Vintage Pattern

This weeks vintage pattern is  chartered designs for cross stitch, for family heritage samplers.  It was my intention to make a sampler of my husband and I years together  to celebrate the wonderful events that have happened throughout our marriage, but other things have taken over and it never got done.  Maybe after the next major event, our daughters wedding I will have more time to focus on things for myself and the family heritage sampler can begin.
The pattern was printed in 1976 and was brought in a Thrift Store on a trip to Florida some time ago.
There are graphs for Marriage: we have been married for 32 years and celebrate 33 years in November.
Birth: we have celebrated many births 3 of our own daughters and then grandchildren.
Homes: of which we have had many due to moves whilst serving in the military.
Family and Pets:
Occupations and Professions:
The perfect combination of events to make an amazing sampler that covers many years, I look forward to sitting down and planning it all out, I certainly have my purpose so that is where I will start.  The graph paper is ready...
This is the view out of my dining room window this morning, a little fox wandering across the field.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, it is bank holiday here in the UK I have visitors and a craft fair.
See you soon.



  1. Lovely vintage cross was easier in 1976...
    Have a great weekend !

  2. What a fabulous Vintage find. Wonderful family memories to include in your sampler, a family heirloom to keep.


  3. What great collection of vintage stitches. That is so fun to see, have fun creating!

  4. That looks like a great collection of patterns! Don't you wish there were more hours in the day? It's hard to find time for all the crafting I want to do, and I keep adding "must make" projects to the list.

  5. That's a great find and I'm sure you will make a gorgeous sampler. Have a great weekend...I had no idea it was a bank holiday this weekend though?! Perhaps it's not in Scotland.
    Marianne x

  6. I love foxes just not near my chooks x

  7. I hope that your craft fair goes well this weekend. When you get the chance you will be able to make a lovely sampler with all the diagrams in that book, it really does have something for every occasion doesn't it. xx

  8. While you are at a craft fair I hope to be meeting with some scrapbooking friends, and working on a little first year scrapbook for my youngest grandchild, Rosie. We never seem to run out of ideas for things we want to make and share, do we! :)

  9. I hope you have a great time using those cross-stitch books to design your personal sampler. What a great idea.