Thursday 27 February 2014

Slow Crochet Week

I have been busy  with sewing this week so that will have to wait for another post.  On the crochet front I have managed a blanket and pillow in a beautiful chunky red wool for the dolls pram along with a simple cotton throw with the old fashioned golly.

I have started a bigger project using granny squares, I think its easier in the warmer months to have something smaller.  A blanket using just 3 colours, I might add another colour in the border but that's a long way off yet.  I have done 24 squares so far but I will need 144,  so I don't need to decide right now.

The yarn is a Windermere wool rich aran which I really enjoy crocheting with, I am not using a pattern it is a bog standard granny square.  I do however work out the colours and quantities of squares prior to starting using a very old fashioned method - pen and paper.
 It suits me.  I understand you can do it on the computer but I wouldn't know where to start.  Not a great deal of crochet this week.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been getting on with by joining in the CAL with and

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Coats Crochet Design No 336 - Vintage Pattern

I have been so impressed by some of the doilies been crocheted this week, I thought I would share a pattern.
This is a pattern published by Coats Sewing Group and printed by David J. Clark Ltd, Glasgow.  It is for a Queen Anne lace motif and used to make a selection of items.
A small mat made from 16 motifs
A tray mat made from 24 motifs
A cheval set from 36 motifs and finally
A chesterfield set from 52 motifs.
It gives alternative methods of joining the motifs together and fillings between each motif.  It even tells you how to wash and dry the finished article.  Not bad for an original price of 6d.
J & P coats go back along way, they invented a way of twisting cotton threads together to substitute silk threads which were unavailable due to Frances blockade of Great Britain.  The firm expanded internationally particularly in the USA.
Who would have thought that a crochet pattern would provide so much historical information and yet be worthless in monetary value.  I bought it in a charity shop for 30p.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Seed Update

I thought I would start by giving an update on the progress of my seeds .

The deep red of the beetroot is recognizable straight away.  The beetroot last year was a great success, we had such a good crop last year I was able to pickle several jars.
The broad beans are just starting to poke through, we grow them in pots on the patio.  Not a big crop but enough to give me several dinners.
Tomatoes is a bit of an experiment for this year, we will grow some in the green house and a tumbling variety in baskets off the back fence.  We did do well last year but did however end up with a glut of green tomatoes.  It did make for a rather nice cucumber and green tomato relish.

The broccoli is going great guns.
 The herbs are doing really well also.  We grow a wide variety of herbs so that we can make pots up of mixed herbs for gifts for family and friends.

Another  update, we had a little visitor this weekend who has tried out the new makes.  They seem to have gone down rather well.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, it really is appreciated.  Have a good week.

Thursday 20 February 2014

A Week in Crochet

I really have had a busy week, the storm at the weekend left my parents garden and fences in a terrible mess so I have been busy with the repairs.   Commissioned orders needed to take priority but I still managed to get a pile of crochet flowers done for my daughters wedding, this time for wreaths for the conservatory windows (10 are needed).
I have started to stitch the components together so I now need to make some flowers using the vintage lace and hessian to match the flower girl posy.

Flowers seem to be the theme for the week as I have also done flowers on coat hangers in preparation for the craft fairs.
 A quick make using left over wadding and oddments of wool, this time wool left over from the throw.
Again using the same flower, different oddments of wool, corsages.  Pinned onto card and made into labels using stamps from a Kirstie Allsopp gift set from my daughter.

Finally same flower, different wool and fixings, key rings.

Once again joining and for the blooming crochet along.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Tuesday Treasures

The pattern I have chosen to showcase this week is the 1974 McCall's Antique Quilts heirloom collection 1840-1930.  The original price was $1.25 and I purchased it for $1 not much difference in price after 40 years.  Once again it was bought at Renningers Mount Dora, but this time from the flea market.  It was a lady from South Carolina who wintered in Florida, how wonderful is that.

The patterns inside are a delight, for example this turn of the century Amish quilt they suggest can be made with fabric strips or ribbons.

 There was also a magnificent example of Victorian crazy quilting.  Made with luxurious bits of fabric, joined with embroidery in a kaleidoscopic design.  A beautiful feast for the eyes.  All the embroidery instructions were also included.

Another favourite of mine is this four wide winged eagle appliqué quilt.  Apparently eagle quilts were also known as Union quilts.  All the instructions from start to finish were included as were the eagle appliqué instructions.

Not bad for $1 and with many more years of enjoyment left in it. 

Another more recent find was postcards whilst at my daughters at the weekend.  What does 20p buy you these days?  My answer would be a wonderful piece of history.

20p each bought me these beautiful postcards which I intend to make into a display for my craft room.

First up is this delightful birthday greetings card it still has the penny red stamp on it, posted in 1926.  A treasure in so many ways.

On to a brothers birthday posted in Hackney in 1934, in pristine condition it was obviously treasured.  A delight in more ways than one.

It never ceases to amaze me what you can find.......

Monday 17 February 2014

What a Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend I have had, spending quality time with my daughter and grandson, whilst her husband got on with some DIY.  A picture that says a thousand words......

Whilst I was away there has been some horrendous weather, my parents fences and gate are down as are my neighbours.  It will be a busy few days repairing the damage.  My heart really does go out to all those all over the world who are suffering because of the weather.

Friday 14 February 2014

Two Finished Throws

Finished the throw, it looks quite impressive draped over the chair.  It makes quite the statement I feel.  Drum roll........
Not bad eh!
I went for quite a simple border to finish 1 round of dc in the main colour and then 1 round of each of the contrast colours in dc, finished off with a shell edging in the main colour.

Simple but effective.  I have finally finished off the blanket for the nursery.  I added a little teddy bear head to go with the theme of the room and finished it off with a ruffle border.

 Its all ready, warm and comfortable for my next little visitor.  The nursery is looking quite good, even if I do say so myself.

 I finished the whole thing off with a little cushion made from fabric I bought from my friend Jone at Vintage cottage on the street of shops Renningers, Mount Dora.  A cushion fit for a prince or princess.  The quilt is hand stitched and finished off with teddies and recycled or vintage buttons.

 I made two quilts of the same so that there would be no arguments if we had two little visitors, both made out of old curtain and then backed with a vintage cotton.  I am now starting a rag bag to make a rag rug, something I have never made before but I like to have a go at most things.  You Tube has become my new best friend now I can operate a computer, I am learning how to spin.  It is definitely a slow process,  but at least I have made a start.  I will look into a course once the weather picks up.  Finally happy valentines day, wishing everyone a romantic weekend.
Linking with Chrissie and Marianne for the crochet along.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Who Remembers Woolworths?

My pattern of choice this week is a Woolworth pattern book.  I have fond memories of Woolworths, not just of the pick and mix sweets but of the haberdashery.  I can actually remember as a child going to Woolworths with my mother and the big wooden counters, the rows of buttons and patterns.   Woolworths went into administration  in 2008 and finally closed its doors for the last time in January of 2009, the American equivalent is the five and ten store.  I believe that there is an on-line Woolworths that sells electricals and toys.
The patterns really do cover the whole family as claimed on the front of the pattern book.  Its useful to note that these old patterns allow room for those who use the cloth nappy.  The pattern for the hat is no different from a modern day pattern.  25 patterns for the cost of 80p it's quite the bargain.