Wednesday 27 February 2019

A Beautiful Day

Another beautiful sunrise this morning and then continued to be a beautiful day.  A light wind but no rain and warmer than has it been for awhile.

I had a early physio appointment which went well and then we had a stroll around Stornoway and the castle grounds before having lunch at the Castle.  That is a post for another day.

We have been making plans for the garden and the old garage that we are turning into a garden room.  An indoor garden for growing vegetables all year round.  The Retreat if you will.  We have made a start making new frames for the doors and windows, it is slow progress but at least a start has been made.  The geraniums we had at the front of the cottage last year were over wintered in the front porch and are doing well.

We also over wintered more in the workshop, different varieties which are also doing well.

Progress is slow on Honeys blanket but a few rows here and there will soon make a difference.

I have finally found the perfect fabric to line a Harris Tweed coat that I want to make for Honey, so that is another project on my to do list.

The pattern I found in the book that I brought from The Works last week.

It is rather a large to do list but it is nice to have something to focus on.

Travel is so easy these days with both Ferry and Air links to the mainland but there are some here who have never left the Island, mainly the older generation.

Gerard doesn't accompany me on my longer strolls as the uneven ground makes it difficult for him.   He does either sit in the car or on a bench and has a coffee and read his book.  It is wonderful that we are able to enjoy the stunning views together.

Hope you are having a good day.

See you soon.

Monday 25 February 2019

Eoropie Beach

Wrap up warm, don't let the sun and bright day deceive you.  A two minute drive from the cottage and I will take you on a walk down from Eoropie Park to the beach.  Be careful where you walk there are endless rabbit holes, but sadly not a rabbit in sight.  There appears to be an epidemic of rabbit deaths, decimated by an outbreak of myxomatosis.  Thankfully no dead rabbits on route but I did miss not seeing them running along the machair and dunes.

There is nothing like a babbling brook to entertain the senses and this one was no exception.  It was a joy to follow it meandering down to the sea.

Look around at the sand dunes towering over the beach, a feast for the eyes.  Not sure how stable they are but I have seen people climbing them on numerous occasions.

As we carry on down to beach, first of all there are numerous rocks/stones to clamber over a great barrier from the raging seas when a storm hits.  They are such fun to walk around and see whats living underneath and around them.  Particularly nice when it is a little warmer.

Finally the beach and the glorious ocean.  An invigorating walk along the beach blows the cobwebs away.

Hope you enjoyed the stroll, now back to the car and a quick drive to the cottage for soup.  Tomato and red pepper or leek and sweet potato?

Thank you for you visit here and your uplifting comments.  A war welcome to a new follower, I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.

Saturday 23 February 2019

Latest Makes

Quite a windy day again today not conducive for a long walk but I am going to have a stroll up to the Charity shop.  A short walk and a little time out of the cottage.  I have finally finished clearing out my wardrobe and have some very nice things to donate.  I also have a small pile of bits that I am keeping to make a rag rug.

Thursday I registered to join a slimming group that is organised by NHS Western Isles, the weight has crept on throughout the Winter as we have not been as active.  Lesson learnt and facing the consequences too of over eating whilst away at Christmas/New Year.  I need to keep a diary of what I eat/drink, hopefully this will help.

The crochet wreath is finished and already to be packed up for a gift.  I enjoyed the process, it was a delight to sort through my large collection of buttons.  Even the wool used was a reminder of previous projects so really enjoyable.

The mixture of lace and wool flowers, with the addition of a bird added to the interest and texture.

It was fun laying it out and changing it around using florist pins.

I used a couple of designs to make the flowers and of course different sizes so there were no gaps.

A wired ribbon added to the top to finish it all off.

I have also covered a plain notebooks with fabric to make a new journal.  Also a tweed covered notebook for recording my food diary,

First of all I made a flower out of the lace and ribbon to make a button for the elastic.

The fabric was glued to the front of the notebook and wooden tiles added.

The smaller notebook was made using tweed and then a wooden cut out glued on.  A small wooden button sewn onto the elastic for ease.

A quick and easy make but one that I really enjoyed.

Thank you for all your comments, they are greatly appreciated.  The dies are in fact for cutting paper for use with making cards, scrapbooks and my journal.  I will show you later in the week how it is done. 

The airport shop was in fact The Gordon Castle Shop selling Gin in engraved bottles, herb garden toiletries and all things Scottish it was indeed a feast for the eyes on so many levels.  Whilst I didn't buy anything it as a great shop for a gift.

As always I do thank you for your visit.

See you soon.

Thursday 21 February 2019


Our day started very early yesterday as we set off on an adventure to Inverness.  Gerard had a hospital appointment so off we went to the airport for a very quick flight to the mainland.  It was a very smooth trip despite the wind and the rain and an ideal way to take some photos of the coast from the air.

A quick bus ride (23 mins to be exact)  and we were in the town centre, admiring some of the beautiful buildings.

There is also a very modern shopping complex so we did do a little shopping, it would have been silly not to.  M & S first on the list for underwear, socks and such.  Debenhams had several sale rails with as much as 70% off but I wasn't tempted by anything.  The Works was a huge success as we both managed to find books.

I also picked up several cutting dies that were in the sale, perfect for my needs.

Another bus took us to the Hospital, where I sat crocheting and chatting to another lady waiting for her husband.  Gerard was exhausted so we got a taxi back to the airport and enjoyed a meal and a well deserved cup of tea.  I also had a stroll around the few shops at the airport.  This one caught my eye the display were amazing.

The drive from the airport took longer than the actual flight but we arrived home safe and sound, where Mickey was waiting for us.  We are so thankful that we have good neighbours who looked after him and the chickens for us.

A good nights sleep and we are ready to start another day.  I will catch up ith you later when I get some of my chores done.

See you soon.