Thursday 13 December 2018

Merry Christmas

I apologise for my absence not only here on the blog but my visits to you too.  I have had a busy week, time is flying by and at the moment there are certainly not enough hours in the day.

Thankfully I have had physio on my shoulder and also had the injections which have certainly helped.  I have another physio session again this afternoon prior to leaving for our break away.  Sadly, more bad weather is on the way.  So there could be delays and cancellations on the Ferries.  Snow has been forecast for Mainland Scotland and the North of England, time will tell.

The chickens and house are been looked after by a neighbour and the dog will travel with us, Mickey enjoys the car and is no problem at all.  We have packed all the essentials for travelling, torch, shovel blankets and such.

All that remains to do is to Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and everything that you wish for yourselves for the New year.

I look forward to catching up with you all on our return.

See you soon.

Saturday 8 December 2018

I Am One Lucky Lady

We didn't make it to town for the tree and light switch on, the storm lasted all day and night.  Such a shame when so many people put so much into these events.  I am not sure if it was cancelled or not but we didn't want to leave our cosy cottage.  I took photos earlier in the week of them putting up the tree and adding the familiar lobster pots around the base.

The postman has had a busy week with the amount of cards and parcels that have dropped though my door.  Technically not accurate as we haven't got a letterbox.  We do have a mail box but the postman leaves our mail on the chair in the porch.  A big thank you to all of those who have sent me little parcels, you know who you are and want to remain anonymous.  I have also had some amazing ecards, they are spectacular.  I have one blogging friend sending me one every day which is so much fun.  I have also had a advent calendar which again gives us so much pleasure.  The generosity of people this time of year never ceases to amaze.  

One parcel that arrived earlier in the week was one that I was able to open and sent for use on my trip.  It consisted of a large bag of Marionberry Hazelnuts, they are delicious and 2 bars of Cranberry Almond with Macadamia Nuts bars which we have packed into our travel bags for a snack on the way.  It will be fun thinking of you Becky when we chomp our way through those delights.  She knows me so well and added a beautiful bag using some stunning fabric and sewing machine buttons.

The inside was lined with sewing needles.  The parcel also contained a towel and 2 lip balms.

Tea bags was the icing on the cake, a selection for me to try.

I am one very lucky lady.

We spent the afternoon at a fund raising event which was so much fun.  An afternoon tea was included in the entrance price which we enjoyed.  There was a couple of games, guess how many sweets in the jar and guess the weight of the plum duff/clootie.  I guessed right and won the enormous fruit pudding.

I cut a slice off the end so that you can see the inside, it is delicious.  It weighed in at 4lb 5ozs.

Friends we were sitting with won a couple of raffle prizes which added to the fun.  A lovely afternoon.  I am just finishing off some head wear in readiness for the Church Nativity and then we are going to sit and relax in front of a Christmas film.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

See you soon.

Friday 7 December 2018

Stormy Day On The Outer Hebrides

It is blowing a gale outside.  Although still dark you can hear the wind as it whistles and whips around our little cottage.  There are of course delays and cancellations forecast on the ferries.  The storm was anticipated so I prepared for it yesterday just in case the power went out.  Gerard brought extra wood and kindling in so we don't need to go to the wood shed.  The only reason we need to leave the warmth is to see to the chickens and take Mickey for a walk.  At the moment the winds are 75 to 80 mph.

Yesterday I made a warming chicken stew and dumplings. 

I have made enough to put some in the freezer, a easy meal already prepared for our return.

A mixed grain loaf of bread is already for today too, which will be nice with some soup that I have made for the next few days and the freezer.  Butternut squash and carrot and a pan of parsnip with a hint of nutmeg.

I have plenty of fruit which I have been incorporating into meals.  Yesterday we had salmon with orange and avocado pear and winter coleslaw it tantalised the taste buds.  The salmon was bought from the harbour in Stornoway and was a real treat.  It is easy to over indulge at this time of year but we are trying to be sensible as we know the family always spoil us with food.  

More chocolate spoons/stirrers have been made to take with us to Holland.  Hot chocolate to warm us up after we have explored the forest and the enchanting fairy tales of Efteling.

The toppings already to be added to the cocoa mix.

Another batch of soap was also made yesterday, this time a seasonal one to add to some put aside for a Charity event.

Cards and parcels have all now been posted.  All we have left to do is packing.  We can now sit back and enjoy some quality time catching up with each other and enjoying the season.  A little reading and watching films would be nice.  There are several craft fairs been held tomorrow, so we will try to get around a couple and then batten down the hatches and enjoy our cosy cottage.  Have you any plans for the weekend?

I will leave you with a little visitor to the front garden.

As always I thank you for your visit to my blog and your uplifting comments.  Have a wonderful weekend.

See you soon.

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Christmas Decor Part 2

This morning saw us driving across a frosty moor to a hospital appointment for physio on my shoulder.  The drive wasn't as bad as anticipated, it looked really icy but got better as time went by.  The physio was bearable and she has shown me some exercises to do at home on a daily basis.  I have to see her again next week prior to our travels.  I am still hoping that I will get the injections before I go, time will tell.  The wait is due to needing them done at the same time as a scan.

On a brighter note, the Christmas decor has once again brought back some wonderful memories of Christmas's past.  We have sorted through lots of boxes and now have the larger items ready to pass on to our daughters.  Spreading the memories around.

The porch has had a simple quilt thrown(creatively placed) over the chair and a few artistic touches to make it look Wintery.

The bedroom has a small tree in the window and is resplendent in all its red glory.  Bringing some much needed colour into the dreary days of Winter.

Looking a little top heavy with the enormous topper from a much larger tree last year but cheerful in its own way.  There are some treasured baubles amidst the gaiety of the ribbons and poinsettias.

Not one of my best displays I will be honest but it has given us the opportunity to sort all things Christmas out and spread the cheer.  Our little cottage is not big enough or suitable for some of the oversized finery from our previous home.  

We haven't bothered with the bedding either just a top eiderdown and pillowcases.

Once again I do thank you for visit, your comments and emails.  I must also thank and welcome a new follower.  I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Christmas Decor Part 1

What a wonderful season this is, a season of such generosity which I feel quite humbled by.  I have had an amazing Advent calendar which brings joy daily.  An ecard that appears in my mail box everyday, technology at its finest and now a parcel all the way from America.  Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, I do so wish that I could send you all a card but sadly the cost is disconcerting so I have donated to the food bank instead.  You will be giving some extra comfort to those in need over the festive period.

I have put some decorations up but it has been down scaled this year as we are heading off to visit with family.  However, we did want our little cottage to look festive when we have visitors prior to our trip.  We have put smaller trees up in the two front windows, which I am enjoying.  One in the bedroom and one in the lounge.  The main focal point of our decor this year is the mantel, rather glamorous and yet regional with the stags.  I was inspired by this beautiful plate that I found in the charity shop.

From very humble beginnings layer upon layer was added.

Everything firmly in place so that we can still have the stove lit.  The flames and the tiny lights on an evening,  give it a charm of its very own.

I have also added to the table a stag plate stand and adorned it with some of our precious baubles.  Although even that was hard to choose as all the baubles have such lovely memories attached to them.  Gerard and I had such a lovely time reminiscing about Christmas's past, places we have been and loved ones no longer with us.  It was a joy sharing our memories and not at all depressing despite some tears.  In many ways it keeps the spirit of Christmas alive.

The tree was quite difficult to decorate as most of the baubles were too big or too heavy for its small branches.  Despite the difficulties we still managed to display some of our memories and had fun along the way.  Christmas carols and songs were enjoyed and we seemed to get louder and more raucous as the afternoon wore on.  More memories added to reflect upon another year.

Not the usual wonderful array of decor but pretty and fun none the less.  How are your preparations coming along?

See you soon.