Thursday 27 September 2018

This and That...

The week has just flown by, here we are Thursday already.  Gerard has just gone into Stornoway for his rehabilitation course and to see the cardiac nurse for the first time on his own since the heart attack in March.  We are trying to get things back on an even keel.    Whilst there are still some issues that need ironing out this last set of medication seem to be working, thankfully.  So I am home alone and quite enjoying the peace and quiet.  I didn't need to go into town as we had already been on Monday for the dentist.   I have already made the bed, tidied around and cleaned the bathroom so now I can enjoy some time to myself.

I dried a lot of herbs and finally got round to breaking them up and putting them into glass storage jars.  They are perfect for adding to stews/casseroles during the Winter months.

This is some of the mint I dried, I am quite impressed how much it has retained its colour.  We grew several varieties and they have all dried well.  I do like to add mint to potatoes and make mint sauce regularly.

I have made a start on a blanket for Bertie, I know I have made a start once before, but as it grew I like it less and less.  Consequently I have pulled it all back and started a fresh.

It is to fit a single bed, so awhile to go yet but I am enjoying the process.  The same pattern will be used to crochet a blanket for Honey using pink and lilac yarn.  I am using aran wool so it will be lovely and warm for them and of course it does crochet up quickly.

Mickey is looking a little bedraggled, so it is time to get the grooming table out and give him a good brush.  We can then decide if need to be given a cut or not.  He is certainly in need of a bath, in fairness he does quite enjoy splashing about in the water.  In the summer we fill an old children's paddling pool for him.

I am thinking I might get some soap made to go with the wash cloths that I have been crocheting.  I have also crocheted some soap savers, I was inspired by some that I saw on Kristina is an inspiration to all those who strive for self sufficiency.  I will share mine on another post once I have made the soap.

As always I do thank you for your visit and your comments.  A warm welcome to a new follower  I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  Today I will leave you with a a sheep whose little face I fell in love with, the photo taken up by the lighthouse.

See you soon.

PS  The hen house has arrived, so Gerard has made a start in making a area for them.  He has made a start making some fencing and a gate.

Monday 24 September 2018

Following The Rainbow

  Autumn has arrived.  There has been some  gentle changes here on our little Island, the hours of light are getting shorter, a few minutes shorter each day.  The weather is certainly Autumnal, windy and showers.  Changeable, blue skies and shadows one minute, overcast dark skies the next with outbursts of rain.  In between times the most beautiful rainbows, if only I could find that pot of gold.  I saw multiple rainbows this weekend, here one moment gone the next.  So it was in between showers that we headed out to the port to take a stroll along the harbour wall.

The ever changing skies and seas, a beautiful sight to behold.  The crashing waves on the rocks flooding every crevice with salt water and then rolling backwards into another wave.

A stroll along the wall listening to the crashing waves and ever pounding rhythm of the tide.

Back into the car and a few minutes later we sat and admired the beauty of the colourful rainbow, a true feast for the eyes.

Another chorus of crashing waves and then a pool of foam as the constant thrashing of the sea hits the rocks.

Back home, just in time for tea and another downpour of rain.  Yes, another rainbow...

The vibrant colours of the rainbow against the grey clouds brightening my day.

See you soon.

Friday 21 September 2018

Muir is Tir

Muir is Tir - Land and Sea Residency 2018 - An Lanntair was a 10 day programme exploring the cultural heritage and identity of the Outer Hebrides.  Half the residency was spent on a sailing boat exploring the rugged coastlines whilst working together learning to sail.  The other half was spent on the Isle of Berneray.

The current display showcases the residency from 2017 and 2018 in Ann Lanntair.  It was a feast for the eyes.  Each artist so completely different.  We have visited twice and enjoyed each visit immensely, seeing something different each time.   See for yourselves...

This next piece I must have taken 20 photos and didn't capture its beauty.  The embroidery on Harris Tweed was stunning and must have taken hours.  It was an inspirational piece that I loved.

So much to see, let me show you some more.

In addition to this wonderful display there is also a Hebrides international Film Festival going on which is screening current global cinema on the theme of small islands rural communities and the environment.  There is also an annual beach clean.

Some of the short film screenings, lectures, workshops and environmental promotions are free so no one is excluded.  I think that is quite amazing.

Thank you for all your comments and concern.   The storm whilst damaging was not as bad as anticipated so we enjoyed our time in our little cottage together, making some very tentative plans for future travel.  The mainland didn't fair as well so my heart goes out to all those affected.

See you soon.

Wednesday 19 September 2018

The Calm Before The Storm

Met Office forecasters have put Scotland on an Amber warning as Storm Ali roars over.  So far whilst the it is wild it isn't as bad as anticipated here on the Isle of Lewis.  It was very much the calm before the storm yesterday as blue skies and very little wind allowed us plenty of time to prepare.  The small planters have been brought inside and any equipment put away, something that was needed to be done as part of our seasonal jobs anyway.  I left a chicken stew in the slow cooker overnight in case there were any power cuts today.  I could just warm it through either on the stove or on a little gas stove we have.  We have torches, candles and the radio all ready to go with plenty of batteries.  We have brought plenty of extra logs inside so that we don't have to brave the elements.

The freight ferry  cancelled both this mornings and this evenings service, whilst the passenger ferry departing this evening from Ullapool is liable to disruption or cancellation due to adverse weather conditions.  I am always interested to see how this affects the supermarkets.  I am thankful that we had done so much early preparation and our food cupboard and freezers are full.

28 of the 28 routes of Caledonian MacBrayn have updates most with disrupted or cancelled services, hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

See you soon.

Monday 17 September 2018


We had another quiet weekend, catching up with family via Skype and telephone, chatting and making plans I often question how we would get on these days without the wonder of technology.  Our neighbour and friend popped in for a visit, she lights up the room with her beautiful smile.  We spent some time singing and dancing and doing a little crafting.

I finally pinned out the coasters that I had crocheted and gave them a good soaking.

After blocking them I tied each set with a little ribbon.

All ready for the gift drawer, when I need a little something.  I also added a few cards, as the stock was getting low.  I hate to run out of cards, its just a little notelet letting someone know we were thinking of them but so useful for any occasion.

Very simple and quick to make but so effective at times.  How was your weekend?  A very warm welcome to another follower, I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

We needed a few pictures of sheep to lift our spirits and make us smile.

See you soon.