Monday 26 July 2021

Annual Charity Tractor Run

 Thankfully I have managed to finish the quilt all ready with the tepee to go to Honey for the garden.  I am sure as we prepare to leave on our adventures that the grandchildren will be getting ready for many crafting adventures together.  We have worked out our route and where we will stay, there is quite the list of people to visit.  We are all excited and are hopeful for some good weather.  With the help of a neighbour we have managed to replace the gate to the back garden, there is also a grid on it to stop the chickens wandering.  They have behaved themselves so far.  The enormous egg was indeed a double yolker and we have had several since.  They are certainly content.

Saturday saw the annual charity tractor run drive around Ness.  It was such fun to see them go by, the proceeds going to local families who are in need of a helping hand at the moment due to illness.  It was wonderful to sit out and watch them go by and chat with friends and neighbours.  It felt so good to sit in the sunshine and interact with others, it has been a long time coming.  I thought you might like to see some of the tractors and croft vehicles...

Some cards that I made that have appeared and I am unable to remove the picture.  Blogger is been selective with the photos and not doing it in the order that I select them.

Such a fun event and for such a deserving cause.

I won't be around for awhile as we are off on our adventures and for all you budding house breakers, we have got house sitters lol!!!

See you soon.

Monday 19 July 2021

Summer Crafting

 Good Morning, another week has flown by I am seriously wondering where the time goes?   The weather has not been anywhere near the same as the mainland with lower temperatures and some days rain, like today.  Saturday saw quite a lot of wind which has damaged quite a few plants.  Island living...I wouldn't change it.  

The chickens had a little adventure this week and escaped from the garden, they were found walking down the road.  Fences have since been repaired and they are back in a pen safe!  We are blessed with good size brown eggs daily but I thought I would share this particularly large egg from late last week.  I don't think I have ever seen one so large.

I have made time to craft this week as a friend from Church wanted me to make a brooch/corsage to match a dress.  I actually had fun making three so that she could choose which one she favoured.  Two crochet ones which were a very quick make and a Harris Tweed one.

The craft room has had a good sort out and some areas rearranged, making it easier to find and indeed get to materials needed for a project.  Storage is a lot better and much more effective.  During the clearout I did come across a project languishing in a basket which I have retrieved and am now working on.  It is a picnic throw that I started several years ago and for some reason never finished.  It is so bright and cheerful and perfect for a gift for my grand daughter who we have a tepee ready to take when we visit.  I am hoping to either sew her name into the tepee or paint her name on it using fabric paint.  I am hoping to start it later today, when I return from aerobics.

We intend to spend a few hours this afternoon working in the garden room, this area has been such an asset to us and enables us to grow a little food for ourselves.  The winds here are not conducive to growing some things outside.  We are enjoying strawberries, which for me are a beautiful taste of Summer.  I made a trifle yesterday out of about 6, such a luscious   Sunday treat.

As always I do thank you for your visit and your uplifting comments.  Cherie asked if I was a shawl person.  Yes I am, they are a comfort item for the climate we live.  Crafty in the med asked about the yarn used for the shawl. it was Paintbox Yarns simply DK.  Grandmadbeckyl asked about Debenhams, sadly the whole chain has closed the store will certainly be missed by me.  Mrs Tiggywinkle asked about Church, yes I am thankful that we are back in Church and are now allowed to sing but still have to wear masks and sit 2 metres apart.  Apparently from next week it is 1 metre apart.  Hope this helps.

I am also busy making lists as we intend to visit family and help with childcare during the Summer holidays.  We have had quite the issue booking ferries as they are all fully booked as so many people are having staycations and the Islands are a beautiful place to visit.  Tourism is indeed a great source of income for the Island so is certainly welcomed.  However, the added number of visitors is making it very difficult for Islanders to travel particularly with the reduced numbers allowed on board.  We are thankful that we have finally been able to get ferry bookings so we can now visit family.  I am also thankful for such good neighbours who will look after the cottage and chickens whilst we are away.

See you soon.

Monday 12 July 2021

Summer Pastimes

 I have been missing in action once again and for that I do apologise.  It is a busy time of year with the garden and cottage.  We have been trying to get as many outside jobs done as possible before the weather changes and we once again are confined inside.  We have also had a trip to the mainland for a few days to trade in our old car and pick up a new one.  We drove up to Inverness and enjoyed a wonderful city break staying at The Royal Highland next to the station.  It is a Victorian building, with quite the grand entrance.  The rooms are a little tired these days but the service was exceptional.  The breakfast was mediocre but the afternoon tea and evening meal were a delight.  We booked a package which also included a free cocktail, so that was quite the treat sat in the lounge prior to our dinner.  I managed to get most of the shopping that I needed which we both really enjoyed, it has been a long time since we did any real shopping.  I must admit it was quite sad to see so many empty shops and a real gap now that Debenhams has gone.

In other news, my nieces children are now recovered from Covid and are doing well.  Thankfully it did not spread through the family.  They have been vigilant with the hand washing and testing.  I thank you for all your well wishes, they were appreciated.

I continue to dry herbs in readiness for the Winter months.  I have done extra this year so that I can include some in my little hampers.  There is a lovely smell of mint in the kitchen which I am loving.

I am always amazed how much is needed to fill a small jar, copious amounts are required.  I am thankful for the very large plant which is spreading rapidly and needs to be curtailed.  We are still enjoying rhubarb and also have loads in the freezer.  Lettuce/spring onions/rocket have been amazing and are regulars on our plates.

I have finally finished a shawl that I have been working on.  The final row seemed to take an age but was worth the effort as it cools down some of the bright colours.

These lazy hazy days of Summer are just flying by and a joyful reminder of why we moved here.  Each view/ landscape/seascape etched into my mind so that I can enjoy them time and time again.  The moorland is alight with colour and so my adventures with dying wool will begin.  I am eager to try some of the traditional methods.  Time will tell, but I am hopeful.

I am also enjoying getting back into the swing of mixing with neighbours and friends.  It has been a delight to once again chat and enjoy each others company, after the long separation of Covid restrictions.

I am going to close for now as I must get ready for my aerobics class, another step in the recovery to normality.  I will catch up with you all on my return.

See you soon.