Friday 29 June 2018

Play Barn Antics

It was wonderful to catch up with our daughter and her little family on my trip away.  We certainly made the most of our short time together having lots of adventures to recall and plan for the future.  The play barn is always a must go to, a great place for imaginative and energetic play.  I enjoy getting involved in their games and they still love running around with Granny.  Long may that last.

Little Pig, Little Pig...I will blow your house down.

Off to work to earn some money for a holiday to Granny's Island.

Making sure the tank is full, its a long trip.

A hard days work on the building site.

Before a good long break for lunch.  We then went onto have a stroll around the farm, making decisions about what would be nice to have.  The rabbits were a real hit.

There was a couple of escapees which enabled us to get up close to the goats.  I loved the idea of goats milk and cheese.  Wilbur was not keen on the smell...

The horses were a joy and were added to the list of maybes.

We did fall in love with the pig, he was so ugly he really needed some love.

A wonderful day out makings lots of lovely memories to treasure.  I have had a great couple of hours recalling some of the boys antics and sharing the fun with Grandad, they are indeed a joy to us both.

As always I thank you for your visit and your encouraging comments.  Prior to going away I was blessed with a parcel from  I had long admired her beautiful knitted wash/dishcloths so it was a real delight and great surprise to receive two in the post.  Each time they are used warms my heart.  

A big thank you Betsy, they are beautiful.

The weather forecast is looking good for the weekend, so I am hopeful  that some outside jobs will get done.  Have you any plans?

See you soon.

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Home Sweet Home

I flew back to my little Island paradise yesterday to much cooler temperatures from the mainland.  I brought the sun back with me as today we have woken to a bright sunny day.  My parents are doing well and it was a joy to spend some quality time with them.  It was  at times a working holiday as I managed to get a lot of jobs done that they are now unable to do.   It was a delight to visit some of our old haunts and reminisce.  The wind turbines seemed to have doubled since our move...

...but it was still wonderful to have a stroll along the promenade and enjoy an ice cream with the Grandchildren.

Mum and Dad loved having the children around and playing with some of their games.  Their certainly was a lot of chatter and laughter, one of the best sounds in the world.  It made my heart sing to see them and join in with their antics.

I did manage to have a stroll around a car boot with Victoria and the boys and although I didn't buy very much it was good fun.  The thrill of the find, I often smile at the TV programme Antique Roadshow when something is worth a fortune that has been found at a car boot sale or charity shop.  One mans rubbish is another mans treasure!  Gerard is doing well and managed perfectly well whilst I was away.   Neighbours popped in on him now and again and he went to friends for his Sunday lunches.  The results of the heart monitor are back and as suspected there is an irregularity, he is awaiting a decision from his consultant in Glasgow, another change in medication or to have a pacemaker fitted.  Time will tell.

I am a little tired from my trip and have a lot of errands to run over the next few days.   However,  I will catch up with you all soon and share some more of my trip away.

See you soon.

Tuesday 12 June 2018

How Does Your Garden Grow

Once again I am going to have to take a blogging break.  This time I am travelling down to England later today to visit my parents.  We were due to visit them in March but our plans had to change after Gerard's heart attack.  Their health has sadly deteriorated over the last few months and Dad had a fall late last week.  Whilst there doesn't appear to be any serious injury it has unsettled me.  I am flying over to Edinburgh and then on to Norwich where I will be met by our daughter Victoria, it will be nice to have some quality time with her too.  Gerard will remain here as he is still in rehab and has hospital appointments pending.  I have been busy batch cooking lots of meals for the freezer so he won't have the bother of cooking for one.

I have taken lots of photos of the garden so that I have them for our records, along with some notes has to how they fair in this windy area.  We are quite open to the elements here, not far from the sea so wind can be quite damaging.

We have just put up a little picket fence around a small patio area which is quite sheltered.  Our intention is to move some of the pots of herbs there.

The front garden area is protected by a stone wall so the plants there are doing quite well.  Let me take you on a little tour.

I am quite pleased with the start we have made and will work on one little area at a time, enjoying the process.

I must admit to feeling a little unsettled, excited to see my parents but nervous about leaving Gerard.  Time will tell how everything will work out.  I will be back soon.

See you soon.

Sunday 10 June 2018

Crochet Projects

Not sure what is happening with Blogger at the moment but after a recent update all the comments on my previous post disappeared.  Floating around in cyberspace,,, The comments that used to go into my e-mail account again no longer appear.

I have a few small projects that I have been working on recently but have been abandoned for one reason or another.  Yesterday, the rug was finished.  It is made using the trimmings of Harris Tweed off the loom, a by product using the largest hook that I had, mega crochet.  It did make my hands ache so only a couple of rows could be done at a time.

It grows very quickly so in a couple of hours I was ready to change colour and crochet a border.

It was a fun make and definitely something I would make again despite the aching fingers.

The body of the shawl I started is now ready for a border so I spent sometime sorting out my yarn stash and consequently picking out the colours for the border.

A start has also been made on a small throw for Honeys chair, a plain square which will be finished with an elaborate border.

I am missing the chatter of my little guests but have some wonderful memories to sustain me until the next visit.  The cake making, tea parties and games...

Mickey is just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that the weather was good to you.  It has been glorious here so we  managed to get some outdoor projects done, I will share them with you on another post.  As always I thank you for your support, comments and emails.

See you soon.