Friday 13 February 2015

Valentines and Scrapbooks

Happy Valentines Weekend to everyone...
This is a vintage card from my collection that I found in a shop in Horncastle, a beautiful little town further inland.  It makes me smile...That to me is what Valentines is all about, not the expensive gifts but a simple gesture letting someone know they are loved.  This year we are having a quiet meal in that we are cooking together, that is all that is needed.  My husband shows me he loves me everyday with his actions, he brings me flowers, chocolates or a magazine anyway... he will come in and say, "I saw this and thought of you".
I have finally made a start on the Christmas scrapbook, it was lovely looking back at the photos reminiscing about the wonderful things shared with our beautiful family. 

Bertie was such fun to have whilst his parents were on honeymoon, here he is having a great time decorating the tree.  I can remember having to redo parts of it when he went to bed, most of the baubles were at the bottom of the tree.
Here he is again with Granny decorating a biscuit at the Church Farm Museum.  I remember him and Grandad choosing the biggest cakes in the tearoom and giggling together.
He had such fun meeting Father Christmas by the range in the kitchen at the museum, it was certainly warm next to the roaring fire.
There was an amazing trip on the steam railway, once again to visit Santa.  This time with Wilbur in tow.  The two cousins had a wonderful time together as they both love trains.
They had both eaten through their snacks before they had left the station.
They were both very keen to impress Santa with beautiful manners and behaviour, assuring him they had both been good boys.
They loved looking through the window at all the train sets which were on sale.
Christmas eve was the Church nativity which Lily and Daisy loved been part of.
I had to include at least one photo of the Frozen princess's, it really was a major part of the Christmas celebrations this year.
I have made a start and hope to finish it off at the weekend.  I shall then put the remaining photos in albums.  I still have the girls birthday pages to catch up on too.  I wanted to get them finished because I know I will take such a lot of photos on holiday.   I still have some packing to do and some documents to download.  I have to sort out a little project to take with me for the long flight and a book would be prudent.  The list seems to be getting longer by the minute.
I really would like to thank everyone for their comments, they really are appreciated and always make me smile.  It is a lovely feeling to know that I am part of  a blogging community and so I will leave you with this quote by Mother Teresa.
   Let us always meet each other with a smile,
   for the smile is the beginning of love.
I hope you have a wonderful Valentines weekend.
See you soon.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Love Is In The Air...

A friend of the family is getting married in the summer and the wedding is to be a large affair in the park.  A  picnic in the park with everyone contributing to the gathering.  A beautiful hint of the past, where weddings were done much in the same way with everyone bringing a plate or providing something for the happy couple.  What a wonderful way to start married life, surrounded by the ones you love and debt free.

My contribution is the brides bouquet and a buttonhole for the groom and best man, a shabby chic design made with love and vintage treasure.

The bouquet holds all the elements, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...

The button holes match and look quite dashing on a dark suit.

They are packed into a brown satin box edged with gold and surrounded with masses of white tissue paper to give it a luxurious feel.

Finished off with a beautiful ribbon tied in a bow at the top.  Love is in the air and all ready for Valentines weekend.  We are celebrating with a quiet meal in for two, and then spending the weekend preparing for our trip.  We are driving down to our daughters to stay the night on Monday so we get to see her and Bertie of course before we fly to Florida from Gatwick.  Have you any plans for Valentines day?
See you soon.

Monday 9 February 2015

On The Mend

Wilbur is definitely on the mend he is back on top, running around and eating like he has never been fed.  He is a pleasure to watch after the worry of his hospitalisation.  It was wonderful to catch up with my daughter and her husband and to make plans for the holiday to Holland in the Spring.  The ferry boat has now been booked and extras for the cabin ordered, so another great thing to look forward to.  I am definitely been a little spoilt.

We managed a trip into the local town to visit the soft play and a little shopping.  The added bonus was my Mum was able to come with us.  She loves to watch her Great Grandchildren play.

One of Wilbur's favourite things to do is the soft play so it was wonderful to see him back on form and running around.  He particularly likes the ball pool.  I have one at home that I put in the garden for them but it is still a little wet and cold at the moment for it.
Where are you Wilbur?
He also had fun dressing up as a dinosaur with the outfit we had treated him to.
A wonderful weekend had by one and all with some wonderful company, some wonderful food and some wonderful memories in the making.  How was your weekend?
See you soon.


Friday 6 February 2015

Plans Are Afoot...

I seem to have got my mojo back and have been busy with several projects.  I have a spring in my step at the moment as I have another holiday booked in to plan and look forward to.  We are once again going to Florida, we managed to get a last minute deal so fly out a week Tuesday, exciting times.  The books are once again out so we can explore a different area, as well as the familiar so we can catch up with friends.
My parents are not feeling up to going so it will be nice to have a lovely holiday just with my husband and not have to consider other people.  My brother will check on them each day by phone and come over at the weekends.  One less thing for me to worry about.
Love is in the air as we approach Valentines day, so I have made some little hearts to hang on a door handle.
I have also been busy making some little gifts to take to friends, some covered pens which remind me of spring.  Useful too...

They soon multiplied as I thought they would be useful to have some in the cupboard for visitors.

I am still working on the picnic throw, slow and steady and enjoying the bright spring colours.  I have also got the crochet hook and yarn back out and have started on a blanket.

The main focus of this week has been to finally sort out my wardrobe once and for all.  This did mean trying everything on which was time consuming to say the least.  Since been ill and having surgery I have lost 2 stone, consequently most of my clothes are far too big.  Some winter jumpers that are not fitted don't look too bad but most of it really does.  I have managed to alter some skirts but they really do not look that good on me anymore.  Shopping is high on the agenda to get some clothes that fit, even my shoes are not fitting properly anymore.
The focus for today is to prepare for visitors, I have my grandson Wilbur and our eldest daughter and husband coming for the weekend. Wilbur is now fully recovered, many thanks for all your well wishes.  I have a stew simmering on the stove and intend to do some baking and put the bread maker on.  My family is the light of my life and I feel truly blessed to be a big part in their lives.

Finally I am working on a little project for a friend of the family who is getting married, I am making a bouquet using vintage buttons and doilies, alongside some vintage jewellery pieces.  It is looking quite effective so far, it is a slow process.

 Back to the kitchen, those cakes and scones are not going to bake themselves.  Have you any plans for the weekend?  Whatever you are doing I hope you have a wonderful time.

See you soon.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

A Weekend of Celebration

I have been away for a long weekend to Hartlepool, a family reunion to celebrate Amie's birthday who is 29 today, Lily's birthday who was 4 on 27th Jan, Daisy's birthday who will be 2 on 6th Feb.  Unfortunately Wilbur was hospitalized due to a bacterial throat infection so was unable to attend.  A very worrying time for us all but he is on the mend and appears so much better so I will catch up with  him next weekend.

As you can imagine the weekend was dominated with all things Frozen, I have never seen so much Frozen merchandise in one place, the girls seem to have it all.  They were great entertainers singing the songs together even Bertie joined in.
There was a mixture of adventures from soft play...

A fancy dress party...

To having some wonderful meals out, even choosing off the menu became a great adventure.

Some amazing moments captured and ready for scrapbooking, so that I can relive some of the precious moments that we have shared as a family.  I feel truly blessed that we get together so often and are able to spend quality time together.

How time flies, I can't believe that we are in to February already, where did January go?  I had such big plans with some new craft projects in mind but I am afraid I am sadly lacking in that area.  I don't know what I am doing with my time these days.  I need to go back to making a list it certainly seems to be more productive.  We have finally had a sprinkling of snow which made it quite difficult to drive along the windy country lanes on the way home last night.  There was not a sign of grit or salt to be seen once we had got off the major roads.  On a more positive note the snow has almost disappeared already but the temperatures are starting to plummet.  So the best place to be right now is Home Sweet Home with a roaring fire and a pan of stew on the stove.  Stay safe, warm and dry.
See you soon.