Wednesday 30 April 2014

Yarn Along

This week I have finished another cushion to go alongside and compliment one I had made earlier finished with Cath Kidston buttons.  This time it was finished with crochet flowers and buttons.  It certainly makes for a very comfortable sit and contemplate chair.

I have also been busy with baby headbands which are such a quick make and a great way of using oddments.  I love how effective a few stitches can make something look, suddenly a pansy right before your eyes.

I have started a baby blanket in preparation for an Autumn baby as a gift.  A project that I can pick up and down in between other projects.  I have just started to read Kerosene by Chris Wooding recommended and loaned to me by a friend.  Not my usual style of reading but I will give it a go.

I am joining up with
Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has on their needles or hooks.  Have a great week.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

An Evening Stroll Around Our Garden

The garden is starting to revive itself after its ordeal under water for so long.  The lawn is a little patchy where the dogs keep digging holes but nothing that can't be put right with a few seeds at the end of the season.  My husband has been busy making some boxes out of oddments of wood left over from other projects. It gives another dimension to the garden, raising the bed to create more interest. The one shown above is for the broad beans ready for potting on.  Fingers crossed that all will be well, as there is a frost forecast for the end of the week with temperatures apparently plummeting.

Happy gardening...

Monday 28 April 2014

Wedding Update

I had a stall at my local village hall yesterday.  It was nice to catch up with people I hadn't seen in a while.  The foot fall was once again quite slow, but I did reasonably well in the end certainly a lot better than some who didn't even cover costs.  I did manage to secure quite the list of commission work.  I was also approached to display my work in a new Arts and Crafts Centre which was quite the compliment.  It is always nice to have your work admired and appreciated by fellow crafters.

My new edition of Simply Crochet arrived on Saturday but I didn't get chance to read it until last night.  I was fascinated when I reached page 76 and read the article Crocheted by Heart, a crochet wedding.

It was interesting to read someone else's  take on crochet as a personal touch.  I am not sure that I agree that craft elements of a wedding save money.  I am still spending a minimum of an hour a day on the crochet elements and it is still going very well.  The wedding invitations have gone out and already a lot of people have replied.  The band has now been booked, the suits are still outstanding and some of the minor details such as shoes.  On the whole it is going very well.  The happy couple go to the venue next month for a tasting to decide on the food.  Time is just flying  by so it will be here before we know it.

The vintage suitcases are to be used for the seating plan and the cards, I managed to find some vintage fabric with tiny flowers on the same colours as the yarn so it is looking good.  I am in the process of making the bags for the bridesmaids.  I also managed to get vintage hankies to pop in them, so I am pleased with that.  The perfect gifts to be given to them at a Victorian afternoon tea.

I am dreaming of the perfect day for my beautiful daughter and working hard to give her the day of her dreams.  What are your plans for the day?

Saturday 26 April 2014

Thursday 24 April 2014

Vintage Pattern

This week I thought I would share 2 patterns that were once ordered out of a magazine or newspaper and then posted out as ordered.  A simple concept, ahead of its time when you think of how so much is ordered on line and out of magazines etc these days.  They are still in their original envelopes, complete with pattern and instructions.  I picked them up at a snip of $1 each from a lady selling at the Vintage Garden Show At Renningers Antique Centre Mount Dora last year. 

First up is a bathing suit and sundress, perfect pattern for preparation for the summer.

The bathing costume wouldn't be suitable for wearing these days but I think the sundress would fit in quite nicely.  The pattern is well used which does make me wonder who made it and where they went in it...if only patterns could talk.
Next up is a Marian Martin pattern for a dressing gown and pyjamas, sent out from New York to Florida.

I may or may not have put this pattern on one side in preparation for some little gifts in December.  I love the romance and the history combined in old patterns, a thought provoking few moments of its life before entering the world of Mamas Mercantile to be stored and cherished forever.
The thrill is in the hunt so happy hunting.