Tuesday 16 April 2019


Sorry I haven't been around but as you know we have had visitors.  What a wonderful time we have had sharing some of the beauty of this magical Island with them.  We were blessed with good weather too, although a little cool at times.  It didn't stop us enjoying the beaches and parks.

Sadly my dear Dad is seriously ill and was rushed to hospital yesterday.  So this morning I am on the first flight off the Island to see him.  I am flying to Edinburgh and then getting a train down.  Gerard is not able to travel so our eldest daughter is on the first flight out of Luton to keep him company until I get back.  I will catch up with you when I can.

See you soon.

Friday 5 April 2019

Gifts Made With Love

I have been on a mission this past few days to prepare everything ready for my visitors next week.  We like to have familiar toys out ready for them.  We have also added a few new Charity shop finds to the collection.  Gerard has been working on the railway diorama and giving the points a good clean.  We must start putting a cloth over it, it was amazing how dusty it had become and took an age to clean.  Baby is looking a little scruffy so if I have time a new outfit may need to be made.  I have already made a couple of meals ahead of time and popped them in the freezer.  The weather forecast is looking brighter so I am one happy Mama/Granny.

In the meantime I have added another Harris Tweed bag to the collection, a messenger bag.

I originally made it using tape for the handle as directed by the pattern.  Sadly on completion I didn't like the overall look.  The tape made it look cheap, which spoilt it.  Very quickly it was taken off and a new handle added using the same Harris Tweed and cotton fabric as the rest of the bag.  So much better.

I have also completed another bag for the gift cupboard, using some suede effect fabric left over from another fabric.  It has been in my stash for a long time and several times came close to been thrown away.  Finally I have found a use for it.  It has been brightened up with some beautiful red cotton lining.

The pocket used from the scraps of suede as there wasn't enough left from the lining fabric.

They will be perfect as gift bags with a few treasures added.  Gifts made with love.

Do you like to make your own gifts?

I have a busy day planned making beds up and cleaning windows while we have a break in the weather.  I am hoping to get some washing out on the line.  Nothing beats the smell of line dried washing.  I would also like to get some basil infused oil made and some pickling vinegar made for red cabbage and beetroot.  We also have seeds that need sowing.  The list goes on and on...but I do enjoy been busy!

Thank you for your visit and your uplifting comments.

See you soon.

Wednesday 3 April 2019

A Little Sun

I promised you some photos from our lovely walk out on Sunday so here they are as promised.  We did take the car and drove south for a few minutes and then took a right in an effort to find the back of our little cottage.  We were rewarded with some stunning views and earmarked this one for our visitors next week.

The sun was shining and although cold blew the cobwebs away.  It was a joy to take a stroll and find a little shelter from the wind.

We sat awhile and just watched the waves rolling and crashing into the rocks.  I never cease to enjoy the pounding of the sea and the beauty of the land that meets it.  The ever changing seascape and landscape making each photo taken unique.  No two pictures the same.

Sadly despite a little sun it was still cold so we didn't linger for too long and were thankful no other vehicles wanted access... see for yourselves!

On our drive home we were rewarded with a view of the first lambs that we have seen this season.  What a joy.

Sadly, the temperatures have once more plummeted and we are back to howling winds and rain.  The ferries are cancelled today too.  I do hope that the weather improves soon, our first set of visitors arrive on Monday.  They are due to fly to Inverness and then travel over to the Island via the Ferry.

As always I thank you for your visit to this blog and hope you enjoy some of my little adventures through life.

See you soon.

Monday 1 April 2019

Mothering Sunday

It was Mothering Sunday here in the UK yesterday, such a wonderful day of love for me.  Thank goodness for modern day technology enabling me to keep in touch with my three daughters and their little families.  In truth little surprises arrived in the front porch on Saturday.  A beautiful planter, a pot of tete a tete, a bouquet of tulips and hyacinth and a bunch of daffodils.  Along with cards and more gifts.  I was certainly a very spoilt Mama.

The beautiful spring flowers finally prompted me to get my act together and arrange the Spring/Easter decor.  It didn't take long but was worth the effort as it made both Gerard and I smile.  We always have a Easter tree and this year was no exception.

I am also a great fan of a wreath.  This one as made a few years ago but is still good enough to come out and hang of a small cupboard door.

The tea trolley service station is the perfect place for a Easter display.

Shame about the shadows but I am thankful for them it means that we have some sun.  It seems to have been a very long Winter this year and I feel in dire need of some sunlight.  We did actually have a drive out and sat in the sunshine for a while, taking in the beautiful views, but I will share that in another post.

Do you change your decor around for the Seasons?

A warm welcome to new followers, I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  I am looking out of the window and would you believe it, more RAIN!  Not conducive to the plans of getting my washing out to dry, but that is life here on the Outer Hebrides all the seasons in one day...lol!  Thank you for your visit and I hope the sun is shining down on you, wherever you are.

See you soon.