Thursday 31 March 2016

Five on Friday

It has been a wonderful week, filled with love and special moments.  It certainly is difficult this week to find just five moments I want to share.  I am joining Amy over at love made my home for the weekly get together.  Pop over and join the fun.

There was Easter of course, with lots to celebrate and we had little visitors.  It was wonderful to be able to share some very special moments and celebrate Hectors first Easter.

He loved his mickey Mouse bunny and I was thrilled just cuddling them.  It certainly was a relief to see Victoria looking so well.
Wilbur had Slinky Dog and of course there was chocolate and sweets, he might be a big brother but not too big to snuggle with Granny.
My second lot of visitors were of the feathered variety, a moment that made us smile.

It made quite the spectacle for a while, they soon made there way back to the water.
Third on my list, is a special moment shared with my sweet husband.  We were able to get out into the garden for short periods this week and he started to clean off the patio with the pressure washer.  He wrote in the dirt I LOVE YOU and then banged on the window so that I would go look.  We still have our moments.

Technology has been my new best friend this week,  so my fourth special moment I was able to see my two daughters meet each other since having their babies.  A special moment indeed, a few tears were shed.
Hector meet Honey.

...with big brothers Wilbur and Bertie cousins and best friends.

My final moment of the week is a little crafting it was wonderful to see Honey in a little headband that I had made for her.

I have been making a canvas for her using Cath Kidston fabric and felt.  I hope she loves it as much as I enjoyed making it for her.

For some reason the finished canvas picture is not here so I will share that with you on another post.  A warm welcome to new followers, I hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  A big thank you for all your lovely comments, they really are appreciated.
PS  Bertie although a little overwhelmed at first loves his new baby sister.
Does it get any better than that?
Take care and have a good week.
See you soon.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Beautiful Begininings

The weather is so unpredictable at the moment, torrential rain and wind one minute bright and sunny the next.  A little pottering as been done in the garden but no major jobs as yet, the list just keeps increasing.  Let me take you for a stroll around while it is dry, although the lawn is sodden so watch where you are walking.

Mother Nature as her finest, the rhubarb starting to unfurl from its Wintery sleep.
Mint starting to spread its bounty.
Lemon Thyme, flourishing and sending out a beautiful aroma already.
Lavender starting its regrowth, can you see the difference in colour?
Strawberries starting to come alive from a long Winters sleep.
There are pots and pots of daffodils dotted around all over to let us know Spring is in the air.

Pots and baskets rejuvenated to their former glory with a little sunshine and a feed here and there.
Seeds have been potted up and already starting to push their way through the soil. 

A start has been made, all the window sills in the house are filled with pots, some are now ready to be transferred to the plastic greenhouse to harden off but with all this wind I don't think it would last long.
When it rains I have plenty to keep me occupied.  I have made a start sorting out the vintage ribbons and enjoyed every minute of looking at them, remembering where they came from.  Each one with its own story.

A little lace has sneaked in, the beauty and the pleasure it gives thinking of new ways to reuse it.
I have made the final canvas now that Honey has arrived.
Honey has also been added to the wall of fame.

There is still plenty of scrapbook pages to catch up with and crochet and ...the list is endless.  What's keeping you busy?
See you soon.

Monday 28 March 2016

Easter Blessings

We had some wonderful visitors yesterday, to brighten up our day, our eldest daughter Victoria and her little family.  It was so lovely to see them and we felt blessed to be able to join in with the obligatory egg hunt.

Wilbur thoroughly enjoyed himself and was very generous with his finds and more than willing to share.  The Easter bunny was very generous this year.
Hector was introduced to his Great Nanny and Grandad, they were overjoyed to meet him and couldn't stop smiling.  It was a real pleasure to see him with them, they were thrilled to see the boys.

We got lucky with the weather, although very cold and windy perfect for the activity in mind there was no rain yesterday.  We went down to the local beach with the kite singing Let's go fly a kite, Up to the highest height, Let's go fly a kite...

With a little teamwork, we managed to get it up quite high and for prolonged periods, we certainly had some fun with it.  Amazing how the old fashioned games are the most fun.

It was a short but very welcome visit.  Lunch was a traditional roast with all the trimmings and we also had a very large afternoon tea, with copious amounts of sweet treats and tea.  A wonderful day with lots of lovely moments.  Moments to cherish, memories made to treasure.  I felt truly blessed.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. 

See you soon.

Saturday 26 March 2016

Car Boot Treasure/Easter

I am thrilled to say Amie and Honey are home from the hospital, both are doing well.  Honey has cast her spell over Bertie and he is smitten with his new sister and can't do enough to help.  How long that will last remains to be seen.

Dad had a fall earlier in the week, so we are back to having community nurses in every day.  Thankfully he doing much better too and as an appetite for my homemade soup, so that is one of my jobs for this afternoon.

I did have a stroll out for a walk with Mum this morning around the car boot sale at Stickney, a very large one when you consider the weather.  Although not raining it is overcast, cold and very windy.  I have been wanting a craft/hobby lamp for awhile but was put off by the price.  I was thrilled to find one this morning and managed to buy it for £6.  I was a little wary thinking it may not work but was delighted when I got it home and it worked perfectly.

It has an amazing magnifying glass and blue bulb to stop reflection, the perfect addition to my craft room.

There are arm extensions for more flexibility.  A bargain and for me a real car boot treasure.  They do say that one man's rubbish is another man's treasure.
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter.  It wouldn't be Easter without daffodils.

I will leave you with a beautiful vintage card that I love and catch up with you all later.

Take care.