Wednesday 28 May 2014

Yarn Along

I had my Simply Crochet magazine delivered this week, a subscription gift from my daughter.  We call it the gift that keeps on giving, as you get a gift every month.  I sat down with a cup of tea and immersed myself in the beautiful images.  I fell in love the moment I saw it, the dreamy lilac baby blanket.  I didn't have the right wool so I had to improvise and adjust the pattern to meet my needs, so far so good.


A joy to hook.  What are you creating?  Once again joining the yarn along with Ginny at small things.

Monday 26 May 2014

A Walk Around The Garden

A Spring Bank Holiday Monday walk around our ever changing garden, its fascinating to watch the new growth.  From a tiny seed to a feast fit for a King.

Broad beans now showing its beautiful purple flowers.
Lollo rosso cut and come again lettuce in all its glory.

Strawberries, flowering and starting to fruit.
Parsley, which we just cut as we need.
Peas, slowly climbing in preparation for their pods.
Purple sprouting broccoli in its early stages.
Cabbage, well established and now covered with netting to stop the pigeons from having a feast.
Runner beans, early days but well set.


Fruit bushes as a trial for container gardening.

A glimpse at our cottage garden where we like to sit.
Hope you enjoyed your visit around the garden.  My apologies for the lack of tea and cake.
See you soon.


Sunday 25 May 2014

Bank Holiday Find

We have just had a stroll around our local car boot sale, it was a nice stroll and cleared the cobwebs away.  I am glad I had an old pair of shoes on the mud made it hard going.

The only thing I picked up was an old St Michaels tin, a mere snip at 20p.  An impulse buy but a tin is always useful for storage in my craft room.

Hope you found more treasure than me.
See you soon.

Friday 23 May 2014

Vintage Pattern

I thought I would showcase one of my favourite books from my childhood, bearing in mind how old I am, it must be vintage, ha! ha!  The book in question is a Good Housekeeping Show Me  How To Sew for children printed in 1947.

I have some wonderful memories sitting with my Mum learning how to sew, she still has some of the little things that I made her as gifts for Christmas and birthdays.  I used this book with my own three daughters and intend to use it for the Grandchildren.  There is a wonderful pattern for a Norwegian bonnet that I can remember making for a badge at Brownies.

It shows you all the stitches for embroidery and cross stitch and actually asks What would you like to make first?

Apparently I loved making pin cushions and funnily enough I am still drawn to pin cushions now, there is nothing nicer than a novelty pin cushion.

For the first time in this series of vintage patterns I don't wonder about its history or who had it before me...I know.  My elder sister had it for a short while but was never really interested in sewing so it was passed to me and cherished.  Here it will stay safe and secure ready for the next generation of little hands ready to stitch.

Hope you all have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend.

See you soon.

Thursday 22 May 2014

Scrapbook Fun

I am new to scrapbooking, but I can see that it can become addictive.  I have had a pleasurable couple of hours doing two more pages of the grandchildren.

A simple page of Bertie decorating the Easter tree.  Just look at the concentration on his little face, such an important job.  A job well done, bless him.

Wilbur and Bertie enjoying a ride on the Magic Roundabout.  Once again its the concentration on Wilbur's little face as he tries to insert the coin that makes me smile.  Well done Wilbur!
Its such a wonderful way to record events that you want to remember and bring out and re-live time and time again.  I don't know why it took me so long.
I do need to start getting some scrapbook supplies now that I know I want to include that in my list of hobbies.  I think this could become an addiction...
In fact only last week at a local car boot sale I did happen across some rather delightful bits and pieces that may be useful.

They were a real bargain at 4 packets for £1, it seemed rude not to pick some up and add them to my scrapbook box.
See you soon.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Yarn Along

I have had quite a busy week, with family visiting at the weekend and crafting in preparation for the next craft fair.  I actually didn't think I had done a lot of crochet, until I checked back on last weeks photo.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful suggestions of places to visit and stay when I go to Florida.  We have had a slight hiccup with my parents passports, they don' have 6 months left on them.  Consequently they have been sent off for renewal and we are just waiting it out, waiting for them to come back.  Once they are back we can then go forward and book the holiday.
I have actually done more crochet than I had thought...

A few more rows, some form of border and then it will be finished.  All ready for the new arrival. 
I have been browsing Cath Kidston craft books for some inspiration, looking for some ideas for little gifts for my daughters when they visit.

I have also gone back to reading Kerosene by Chris Wooding, a book I started a few weeks ago but was so busy didn't really get into it.  It is a raw, emotional read and deserves more time than I have at the moment.
I am once again joining in with
 Ginny over at Small Things.  What are you creating?  Looking forward to seeing what is on your needles/hooks...
See you soon.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Stock Repleneshment

After a very successful fair at Tattersall Lakes I have had to replenish stock in rather a big way.  I spent yesterday making notice boards to replace the 14 sold at the fair.

I have also made another rag wreath, this time using a wide selection of Cath Kidston fabric and Cath Kidston buttons.  I actually really like it, it would look good in my craft room so I won't be disappointed if it doesn't sell.

A wooden tray is now complete and ready to sell, using Cath Kidston stamps.

Finally some wooden hearts are all painted, stamped and ready to go.

Another busy day planned for tomorrow and I should be ready for the fair at the weekend.
See you soon.