Monday 28 September 2015


I had little visitors over the weekend, so we spent quality time around the dining room table making and chatting and of course eating.  We had a wonderful time with the sequins, that we were all very careful with, picking out the beautiful array of colours and shapes.  Such a lot of fun for pennies.

The girls are so excitable at the moment we are only 29 days to our holiday to Walt Disney World, Florida.  They are beside themselves with excitement, it is such a joy to watch them and to be part of it all.  We have made dining reservations and have a planned itinerary with fast passes now been added so we don't have to queue as long for some of our favourite rides.  It is wonderful to watch our daughter relive some of her own memories of holidays as a child and pass on the magic to her own little family.
The girls loved their ponchos and were very willing models.

It was a beautiful sunny day Sunday although a little chilly, so pop on your jacket and have a stroll along the dyke with us.  I will let the pictures do the talking.

Hope you enjoyed our little stroll?  Take the weight off your feet and I will put the kettle on.  Of course there is cake, the walk has worked up an appetite. 

See you soon.

Thursday 24 September 2015

Five on Friday

The changing seasons from Summer to Autumn brings with it an abundance of fruit/vegetables.  A bountiful harvest years ago would ensure eating well through the hardship of winter.  Whilst   preserving food is not a necessity for most people these days, it is a wonderful addition to the winter store cupboard and a great delight for over the festive period.

My five on Friday this week, is my go to books at this time of year to make jams, chutneys and pickles.

Whilst a huge amount of recipes are available on the internet and written by celebrity chefs, I still like to peruse a book.  I love looking at the pictures and the list of ingredients and reading some of the notes I have made from previous years.
My first book is one of my favourites for jam and some of the more unusual recipes that I make nearer to Christmas for a seasonal taste.
There is a wonderful recipe for cranberry jelly and  rhubarb and ginger jelly perfect for spooning over a plain cake.
My second book is  great go to book for my favourite green tomato chutney, a must to use the last of the tomatoes that just won't ripen.
There is also a lovely section on herbs which I have been experimenting with a little this year as we had such a rich crop.
Number three is the Women's Institute book which I find inspiring as it uses a lot of store cupboard ingredients and a couple of no cook chutneys that I am going to give a try.
Four is  a book that I like to browse as it as traditional favourites alongside some of the more unusual.
The only drawback of this book is the lack of pictures, which I must admit I do enjoy looking at but instead there are some wonderful written methods for preserving and bottling.
Finally my last book is a A - Z book which I find useful, although it does lack pictures it has a wonderful guide for pectin content when jam making and a great end of season relish that uses up all the odds and ends from the garden, perfect for this time of year.
This was free with a gardening magazine and is one that I constantly flick though.  I think that may be because of its size and the ease of reference due to the A - Z configuration.
I am once again joining Amy over at love made my home for the Five on Friday fun, pop over and join in the fun. 
Have you got a go to book or do you use the internet?
See you soon.
Amy over at Love Made My Home

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Autumn Equinox and Christmas Preperation

Time is just flying by at the moment, Autumn seemed to arrive with such a flurry of change.  Now that Autumn is truly here the weather has turned for the better and we are enjoying a little warmth again and sunshine.  The garden is slowing down and we are preparing the ground for its Winter sleep.  However we are still enjoying the never ending supply of tomatoes, slightly smaller than in previous years but a beautiful sweet taste of Summer.

We had sown a late crop of mixed green leaves and radish which are now getting close to harvest, perfect for side dishes and sandwiches along with a warming soup.

Another late crop was carrots which are not quite ready but will be perfect for the stews and casseroles that both my husband and I adore.
Over the fence, the farmer has ploughed the field a sure sign that the Summer has ended and that Autumn has arrived.  The seagulls are having a wonderful time fluttering and flapping behind the machinery for an easy meal, preparing for the food shortages to come.

Nature at its finest, a wonderful way to pass an hour or two watching others work.
I am enjoying crochet at the moment and have completed several small presents in preparation for Christmas.  Ski bands/ear warmers are such a quick and easy make so are an ideal gift.

I have an outline plan of Christmas gifts and have completed several, another year that I won't be under pressure last minute finishing off gifts on Christmas eve.  Another batch ticked off...
Have you made a start with your Christmas makes?
See you soon.

Monday 21 September 2015

Car Boot Treasure

We had a very relaxing weekend doing very little, just taking our time to recover from the after effects of the flu virus and the tiredness that accompanies it.  We did attempt a stroll around the car boot sale at Stickney but we just didn't have the strength to do it all.  We still managed to bag a few bargains, so it was worth going.  We are getting to the stage where the weather will put an end to the weekend practise and we will be back to visiting the antique shops.

Vegetables were in abundance this week with a wide variety of locally grown produce at ridiculous prices.

A large cabbage 25p.
Broccoli head 25p.
Cauliflower 50p.
3kg sprouts 80p, I have put several bags of these into the freezer as we won't eat them in a week and it is such a shame to waste them.  Now is certainly the time to store away food at such bargain prices.  Tomatoes were also cheap and plentiful at the sale, for those wishing to preserve.
Books, as always were been sold at giveaway prices, no value placed on a book at all.
£1 bought us five ready for those Winter days when we want to sit in front of the stove and relax.
 Lily and Daisy are due to visit next weekend, with their parents of course and I always like to have a craft project ready for them so I was delighted when I came across a substantial bag of sequins for the bargain price of 20p.  At those prices I can afford to be generous with them, dolly peg butterflies are what I have planned.
Last but not least I came across a Royal Albert, Country Roses dish that I haven't got in my collection
I tentatively asked the price and was astounded when they asked for £1.  As you can imagine I very quickly handed over the £1 coin and brought it home.

I am thrilled with the new addition, a beautiful car boot treasure.  Did you manage to bag a bargain this weekend?  Thank you all for your comments and well wishes, we are certainly on the mend now.  I had forgotten how debilitating these virus's can be.  A very warm welcome to new followers, I certainly hope that you find something to enjoy whilst you join me in my simple adventures through life.
See you soon.