Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The Joy Of A Car Boot Sale

What a warm welcome back you all gave us it was a wonderful feeling to know that we were missed.  Last week I  made a start visiting your blogs and trying to catch up but I think it will take awhile.  It certainly was a busy week trying to get back into a routine, unpacking washing and ironing the list goes on.  The hospital and doctors appointments seemed endless but all is well, once again thank you for your emails of concern.  Gerard has a new regime of medication which started last week and assessments as we need a little help with some extra equipment.  What a difference having some extra tools have made for his independence.  We were of course both very tired it was a long trip and a long time to be away but we wouldn't change one second of the joy we had.  We spent quality time with our three daughters and their little families so lots of adventures and outings.  We were also blessed to spend some time with my Mum and Dad who are still doing well, so that was wonderful creating some lovely memories to cherish.

As you all know I am a great fan of a car boot sale so it was a delight to be able to take a stroll around  one whilst away.  Yes I did pick up a few bargains so I was thrilled. 

8 x 100g balls for £4 perfect for a project I have in mind for the long Winter evenings.

These were 20p a ball which I thought might work for the edging of a shawl.

Scrapbooks which were priced up at £2 each but I got them all for £7.  I simply asked what her best price as if I took them all.  I also bought loads of bits and pieces for cardmaking and scrapbooking off the same stall so lots of bargains.

Some old crochet patterns were found for 10p each to add to my collection, I love to take them out and browse through them.  I do also use them now and again and get great joy from creating something from a bygone era.

It was also a joy to be able to tick things off my shopping list as we had little outings around the shops.  I have finally found the perfect fabric to be used for the lining of the tweed coats for Wilbur and Hector.

Wooden embellishments seemed to be featuring everywhere and are always useful.

Some header tape for the new valances I have in mind for the kitchen.  Along with some new pens for my bible journaling and a beautiful pair of glass knitting needles, which I fell in love with.

Notebooks were bought from Home Bargains so cheaply and are perfect covered and given as gifts.  I bought some Harry Potter fabric for the grandchildren so are perfect for their stockings.

I fell in love with the Christmas fabric of the trees on the trucks/cars, that was my only impulse buy but I am sure I will make something out of it.  I have done all of my Christmas shopping whilst away as there are so few shops here on the Island, a little early I know but reassuring to know that I am not under any pressure.  I still have a lot of gifts to make as hampers and a crafted gift always feature, along with handcrafted cards and tags.  We are once again going on our travels over the festive period so not long until we see our loved ones.

Isn't it strange how little things can bring so much joy.  I love a stroll around a car boot sale and the pleasure of finding treasure amongst someone else's rubbish.  How do you feel about a ca boot sale?

See you soon.

Monday, 9 September 2019

I Am Back And All Is Well

I am back both to blogging and to our beloved Island.  Yes, we have been away doing a tour of the family and enjoying quality time with them.  We even squeezed in a quick trip to Paris to Disneyland which was so much fun.  We have had so many adventures and enjoyed the beautiful weather so it was disappointing to return to a dramatic drop in temperature, wind and rain...normal then, lol!

I have so much to share and loads of photographs but blogger is playing silly beggars so I am unable to upload them at the moment.  We have returned to endless appointments and health checks so it may take me awhile to catch up with you.  I just wanted to let you know that all is well with us and to thank you for your emails and concern.  It was a nice feeling to be missed.

See you soon.

Monday, 5 August 2019


A quiet weekend, catching up with family with long telephone calls.  Catching up with each other as all our Grandchildren have now started the Summer holidays and enjoying the freedom and break from school.  Gerard and I did manage to get some outside jobs done with a little help from a neighbour.  The fence along the back is now in place, the garage doors have been replaced and two of the outbuilding doors have been replaced and painted.  The wood to make the raised beds has been delivered so our plans are finally starting to fall into place.  It has taken awhile, but all our hard work will soon come to fruition.  We feel good about the progress made.

We have had a little rain but the temperatures have held and we are finally enjoying some lovely weather.  I took some photos of the dark cloud formation over the croft, it was such a low lying formation and quite strange to watch.  It went as quickly as it came, moving on out to sea.

I have finished the shawl I was working on, already in the gift cupboard.  I have made a start on wash cloths using some remnants of cotton left over from other projects.  Always handy to be given with some homemade soap.

I have been experimenting with some different patterns, which is fun.  The ships helm wash cloth consists of  8 rounds and crochets up very quickly.  I thought it might go with an anchor soap mould I have for a little something to let someone know you are thinking of them.

I am going to take a blogging break for awhile and will be back with you soon.  But in the meantime I have a few shots of the beloved sheep so that you don't get withdrawal symptoms.

Take care and I will be back soon.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

A Stroll Around The Butt Of Lewis

Good morning, what a beautiful morning it is here on the Isle of Lewis.  The sun is shining and the skies are blue, full of promise for the day to come.  The only disappointment there is no breeze and anywhere else I would be delighted.  But for those that know the Islands and indeed Scotland that can only mean one thing MIDGES.  Yes, they are out in force, biting and attacking everyone and everything in their path.  There are a lot of insects about and both Gerard and I are covered in bites...who knows from what.  We really do need to do some research on these biting creatures.  Locals have told us Avon Skin so Soft deters them but I am yet to be convinced.

Anyway, back to this morning rub in some sunscreen and jump into the car for a short drive up to the Butt of Lewis and the lighthouse.  I have taken you up there many times but today we are going to take a walk in the other direction.  Instead of the front and right, come with me and we will take a stroll to the left. 

There are still some of the gulls nesting, so they certainly make a racket as you approach.  Screeching to one another and warning each other of approaching danger.  We did try to limit any upset and kept well away.  It is a little bit of a climb but it is a gradual slope, so just take your time.

There was a lot of foam around but we couldn't work out from where.  It certainly wasn't the usual foam that evolved from thrashing against the rocks and stacks in the ocean.  There were waves but they certainly were not thrashing as usual but gently lapping against the formations creating a calming, serene and unassuming atmosphere.

A little bit further, so you need some stout shoes but the beauty never ceases to amaze.  The rock formations are a delight and it does encourage you to think about the different layers and colours.  It also makes you wonder who has walked in the steps you are taking before you.

I hope you have worked up an appetite for lunch, boiled ham fresh from the slow cooker with boiled eggs and salad.   The kettle is on for tea...

See you soon.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Weekend Bliss

Mt goodness how time is flying by!  The days are already starting to shorten and each day it is getting a little earlier for darkness to descend.  In fairness we are still enjoying the balmy days of Summer and the bounty from growing crops and of course mutton or lamb from the freezer in preparation for the next slaughter and sale of lambs.  Already the sheep have been sheared and the fleeces sold.  I do think it is sad how much the crofters do get for the fleeces, when you consider all the hard work.  I am still working on my fleece and enjoying the process.

Sunday we enjoyed some roast lamb given to us by a neighbour, the generosity never ceases to amaze us.  A long slow roast with a garlic and rosemary marinade and it fell apart.  It really was tasty and enjoyed with some fresh mint and spring onion from our little garden.  We have grown three varieties of potatoes so these were also served whilst we gave each variety a taste test.  We enjoyed the process.

Cauliflower cheese, carrots and green beans served as side dishes making for a very tasty traditional Sunday lunch.

Desert was a fresh strawberry sherry trifle which did taste as delicious as it looked, a real treat for the week.

A sprinkling of chopped nuts adding to the texture and giving it a lift.  A strawberry cake made and shared with neighbours for afternoon tea.  It was so much fun to visit and catch up with our neighbours adventures who have been enjoying a tour of the art galleries around the Island.

Yes, I did enjoy a small slice but did work hard in my aerobics class to work it off.

Work continues outside in small bursts and then I come inside and work a few rows of my crochet project.  I am kept busy and for that I am thankful.

A quiet and reflective weekend enjoyed with friends.

See you soon.