Monday, 12 April 2021

Strange Weather

 The weather has been strange to say the least, more snow on Sunday.  We awoke to this...

It did snow several times during the day but thankfully didn't stay around for long.  The stove was lit and it was nice to sit together  and chat about holidays that we have been on and places we would like to see.  Its nice to hold on to a few dreams.

The sewing machine has been out and I have made a few bags for the Church doorstep blessings project.  I used the same pattern but made sure each bag was different fabric, doubling up on the fabric for the handles to give them extra strength.  The perfect shopper for when just a few bits are needed.

I also try to use up some of the scraps of fabric that I save, so once again tissue holders were made.

It is nice to have a few projects on the go and keep myself busy.  I have decided that I am going to start gathering some fabric together over the next few months so that I can make a quilt (using the English paper piecing method) over the Winter months.

The seeds have finally been sown and are on almost every window ledge throughout our cosy cottage.  A little later than usual but that may be a good thing with this strange weather that we are having.  Time will tell.

As always I thank you for your visit and for your uplifting comments, I also thank you for visiting my daughters blog I have left the link again in case you missed it on my last post.  She is hoping that travel restrictions will be lifted soon so that the family can get together and plan some more holidays and adventures.  I am hoping for some better weather so that we can get out and about and explore our little Island once again.  I must add I am looking forward to getting my hair cut.  What are you looking forward to?

See you soon.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Haiku - Japanese Poetry

 The snow disappeared as quickly as it came, several times.  More is forecast for over the weekend but it isn't likely to last long thankfully.  Nothing stops Mother Nature so even this terrible cold snap and the intermittent snow has not stopped the unfurling of the rhubarb and the growth of the mint starting back on its journey.  Daffodils are also starting to show their beautiful trumpets.  It has been a slow start but Spring is beginning  to make an appearance, teasing us with a promise of so much to come.  I have finally made a start on some seeds.  I love this time of year when our little cottage is filled with seed trays on every window surface, giving us hope of some tasty salads for the Summer and dried herbs and sauces for the Winter.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, such a wonderful day where I was spoilt.  We did manage to go to town and had lunch at the Crown Hotel, it was such a treat to be able to eat out and enjoy food that I had not had to cook.  We had a family gathering via the computer and once again I am so thankful for this amazing technology.  I was also blessed with lots of cards and gifts and was thoroughly spoilt.  I just love the handmade cards the Grandchildren make and the progress they have made each year with there drawing and writing skills.

Gerard and I have had so much with Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry consisting of 3 short lines that do not rhyme using 5/7/5 syllables, 17 syllables in total.  When we first started this little adventure together we had remembered it wrong and was writing the poem using 5/7/5 words not syllables.  I had started to record some of them and had fun with watercolours.  

An artist I am not but I have enjoyed the process.  These are some of the poems written wrongly using the word format not syllables but I decided to keep them as they are part of the journey.  The fun is in the journey taken and not necessarily the end result.  It has been an unusual adventure, playing with words but one that I have enjoyed and will continue.

My daughter has just started a blog recording some of her travels, it does make for a good read.  Here is the link should you want to visit let her know I sent you.  She calls herself Tor but she will always be Victoria to us.  Its a nice way to record some of the amazing days out they have with those gorgeous boys and is an honest review regarding finances too.

Hope all is well with you and that you are safe, well and enjoying life.  There are times when this pandemic and the restrictions imposed have been tedious to say the least but the separation from family has been so hard to bear.  I yearn to be able to plan a trip to catch up with them all and whilst I am so thankful for technology and the joys its brings its not quite the same as seeing them in person.  The sad death of Prince Philip and the wonderful tributes made to him highlighted how short our lives are.  Such a special man that will not get  the state funeral that he so richly deserves.  We need to remember to make every minute count and enjoy what we have making as many memories as we can along the way.

See you soon.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Catching Up

 Oh my word I hadn't realised that it had been so long since my last post.  Nothing wrong, just life taking over.  I have been keeping myself busy, mainly in the craft room. Winding yarn...

Having fun making pom poms...

Folding and cutting strips of fabric...

Browsing and enjoying craft books/magazines/patterns...

Enjoying the moment and filling my days.

The cottage has had a good Spring clean inside, we are awaiting some better weather before work begins outside.

Easter came and went which we celebrated with good food and the amazing joy of technology enabling us to meet up with family and listen to the Church services.

The weather has been strange to say the least bringing plenty of snow and frigid temperatures.  

We are so thankful for the stove as a heat source, it is a joy to sit in front of a blazing fire watching the flames flicker.  

Hope all is well with you.  I have some parcels to address and take to the post office and a few deliveries to make and then I am hopeful that I can sit down to catch up with you all.  As always I am thankful for your visit to my blog and your uplifting comments.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Spring Is In The Air

 Spring is in the air!  Along with sun, snow sleet and hail there was rain, we seem to have all the seasons all together in one day yesterday.  The hailstorm was quite the spectacle bouncing off the road and crashing against the windows but within seconds the sun was once again shining down.  The weather conditions change so quickly and dramatically here.  Even the cloud formations are beautiful and change so quickly.  It is an everchanging environment filled with beauty if you open your eyes.

The first lamb was born during the night to our neighbour, another wonderous sight and miracle.

I will get a better photo later when I walk down to feed the chickens.  In other good news there has been an announcement made that with effect from 1800hrs yesterday the restrictions on the Western Isles will change and we will be moved to tier three regulations.  This means that cafes/restaurants, hairdressers/barbers, shops can now reopen.  I will be making appointments for both Gerard's and I hair, we are in dire need of a good cut.  It will be nice to treat ourselves to a good coffee when we go to town.  Little steps but the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to emerge.

A few Easter/Spring decorations have begun to appear which has also lifted the spirits.  Let me give you a glimpse of a few additions to our little cottage.

I do need to plan the menu for over Easter so that I can ensure we have all the ingredients.  The family usually gather at Easter as we also celebrate my birthday and our youngest daughters birthday.  That is not going to happen but I am sure we will make some plans to have a virtual party or cake event using technology for which I am so thankful.

Do you decorate for Easter?

Hope all is well with you.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.

Monday, 22 March 2021

This And That

 If I were to be honest, I must admit that I am totally fed up with this pandemic and all the restrictions that this brings.  I am not getting any younger and I feel that this virus is taking valuable time away from me.  Our plan for retirement was to enjoy this beautiful Island that we now live on and travel.  Not only to visit family but we also have a bucket list.  We have lived quite a frugal life over the years and saved in earnest for our plans for our retirement.  That said I have come to love this amazing Island and its people so I am not as disappointed as I could have been not been able to travel.  We are making the most of what we have and hopefully as we go through another season the weather will start to pick up.

I have been working on my bedroom for sometime, sorting out the cupboards and drawers.  Eight very large black bags later...enough said.  It is my intention to give it a mini makeover, maybe a lick of paint and either a crochet throw or a patchwork quilt.  The jury is still out.

The freezer was given a good sort out and I was quite proud that nothing needed throwing out.  The store cupboard was given a good clean and everything duly rotated I can honestly report that nothing has been wasted.  There is a couple of tins with short dates that will be used this week and a lot of dried fruit again with short dates.  So this afternoon I made a very rich fruit cake using a favourite Christmas cake recipe.  I must admit I have been quite pleased with how it has all worked out.  As a general rule I usually run the store cupboard down during the summer months.  I use as much produce from the garden to make pickles and preserves and then do a very large shop for the Winter.  We are living in such uncertain times that I have decided to retain the store cupboard so I have made a list for when we go over to town.  Keeping shopping and mixing with others to a minimum.

Church reopens on Sunday but we have decided that we will listen to the service via the internet until we have had our 2nd vaccine.  It was a difficult decision as human contact is what we all crave the most.  I am attending a bible journaling conference via the internet which is an inspiration.  I am hopeful that by the end of the weeks sessions I will have enough confidence to use water colours in my bible.

No baking this week...more effort is needed to get rid of the pounds that I have put on.  I am blaming the pandemic but lets be honest it is my greed and not making the right choices.  A fellow blogger reported on making and eating doughnuts earlier today, all I can say to that is yummy!!!!  I could just eat one with a nice cup of tea...  In all seriousness, once I get back out to the garden and walking I will soon get into shape once more.

Hope all is well with you and that you are keeping busy and safe.  Take care.

See you soon.

Friday, 19 March 2021

Finished Tasks And New Starts

 The wanderer has returned once more.  We have had quite the ordeal the past few weeks with technology.  It started with a storm that had a terrible effect on all our connections phone and computer.  I was due a new phone so it was duly ordered and I made my life easy (or so I thought) getting the same make that had a clone facility.  The idea was to transfer all the data simply without having to do everything manually.  Yes, you guessed right it all went wrong...

It has taken awhile with some back up help from our son in law but we are up and running once more.  My apologies to all those who sent St Patricks cards that have been returned as they weren't opened quickly enough.  My Gmail account was the last thing to be retrieved.

The same storm saw many of the ferries disrupted with cancellations and delays for a few days due to the extreme weather.  Flights still went so Gerard was able to get out to the hospital for his MRI scan.  He was at the local hospital yesterday for tests and is now waiting for the date for a biopsy which we are hoping will be local.  He thanks you all for the well wishes and prayers it means a lot to us both.

I have been able to visit some of you intermittently but unable to leave comments but now that I am up and running again I will get around to visit over the next few days.

Work on the dolls house continues albeit slowly, Gerard has completed the electrics and is now working on the floors.  I have made a start on sorting out the papers and paint colours.  We are having fun and that is all that matters.

I have had lots of crochet squares languishing in a basket for quite awhile, waiting to be stitched together and a border added.  The baby is due next month so I thought it was about time that it was finished.  Tah Dah.......

Bibs and teething rings added and the gift is now ready for the new arrival.

I have also finished the scarves that I started awhile ago.  The fabric was  a rayon crinkle fabric in shades of white and ivory.  I used fabric paint to colour dip them and I must admit had a lot of fun with mixing colours and creating some amazing washes.  I have been doing some research on a more natural approach using plants and seaweed from the land.  I have made a start on processing a fleece so intend to use a more natural approach with the wool.

 I will leave you all with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to thank you for your patience and understanding.   Hopefully they will make you smile as they did me.  Hope all is well with you as we start the pathway out of lockdown once again.  My heart breaks for all those who have lost friends and loved ones to this terrible pandemic.   Take care and stay safe.

 See you soon.

Monday, 8 March 2021


What a fun weekend I have playing around with dye.  I ordered some cheap scarves and then experimented with different colours and dyed four different batches, 20 scarves in all.  They will be perfect for the doorstep blessings project.  Whilst, I had the opportunity to experiment with colour and enjoy the process.

This batch are a lot darker than they appear in the photos.

 It was quite a lengthy process as the scarves needed to dry between each colour addition.  I was thankful for the wind which shortened the time needed to be hung on the line.

The hens once again are laying so we have an abundance of eggs on a daily basis.  I did use several with this weekends baking making egg custards, mince pies and a carrot cake.  All very delicious and most definitely moreish.

The egg custard was topped with a little grated nutmeg, which was very tasty.  I added raisins and walnuts to the carrot cake which made it quite decadent and a real treat for Sunday tea.

We managed a short walk this morning and was able to drop some eggs to neighbours, it was nice to catch up with them from the end of the drive.  All of our Grandchildren returned to school this morning, all seemed to go well without a hitch which was a big relief for our daughters.  There wasn't any dramas to report on their return so all is well.  

Hope all is well with you and yours.  I thank you for your visit to my humble blog and for your comments.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.