Friday, 24 May 2019

A Trip To Town/Drying Mint

 This week there has been a change in the weather, the temperatures have been dropping.  We are now back to wearing a coat for working outside.  Rain on occasion has stopped work all together, so progress is slow.  We are in no rush, taking our time and enjoying the process.

We took a break yesterday from work and enjoyed the drive into town (Stornoway) to order some wood in readiness for making a new fence and some to replace a beam that is rotten in the outbuilding.  It will be delivered next Thursday.  We made an error not ordering what is needed to make the raised beds, but a phone call will soon rectify that.  We did however make the most of our day in town so it wasn't all chores.

There was a small cruise ship berthed near the ferry terminal, a Island hopping excursion so town was busy with tourists.

We decided to go for lunch at Ann Lanntair so that we could enjoy watching the ferry berth whilst eating lunch.  It was an unusual sight for us as we have never seen this before.  The cruise ships generally berth further out and transport passengers on tenders.

These are the views from the window and it wasn't long before the ferry started its approach and berthed alongside.

 We enjoyed lunch and then made our way downstairs to have a browse around the latest exhibition.

 A palimpsest - most often used in reference to mediaeval manuscripts - is something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.  The exhibition features art work by 24 leading artists from across Scotland that reference this concept.

 It is an exhibition that did make me think but one that I did enjoy once I had got my head around the concept.

 We do feel blessed that there is always so much going on when you consider that we live on a small Island.  I was so impressed by these beautiful tweed bags with work sheets included so that families could enjoy the exhibition together.

Thankfully the rain did stop and we were able to have a browse around the shops and go to the supermarket for a food shop without getting wet.

I have cut some of the mint that is prolific around the tyre at the moment and tied it together in bunches with some natural twine.  I will leave it to hang for about 6 weeks until it is dry and then using forefinger and thumb rub it to break it down.

 Here is some that I have dried out from last years crop.

Mint can aid indigestion and gas so is perfect to add to tea.  It is also useful for making chutney/relish and added to stews/casseroles.  I like mint on fresh fruit too.  Hope that helps for those that asked why I dried mint.

Your comments and questions are always a joy and I do try to get back to answer them as soon as I can.

We are planning a quiet weekend which hopefully will include a little crafting.  Have you anything planned?

See you soon.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

New Doors

What a couple of very busy days I have had, but I am happy with the outcome.  The two doors on the side porch have now been replaced.  The difference is noticeable already, no more draughts hurray!
The local firm we chose have done an amazing job, we are very pleased with their work.

Mickey likes to sit and admire the view...bless him!  The old doors have been left by the fence already to be carried down to the outbuilding.  We are hopeful they may replace some of the old doors down here, but if not they will be recycled.  No wood is ever wasted here.

The ironware will certainly be re-purposed.

The tyres that we are using to grow a few herbs and some salad are doing well.  The mint a little too well, it is rampant and spreading around the tyre too.  I intend to cut some of it tomorrow and dry it ready for the cooler months.

The chives have recovered from their winter sleep and are making a great comeback.  The flowers are starting to emerge and are a joy to see.

The spring onions and the lettuce are the only things this year that we have done from seed.    We are hopeful that now the garden room is progressing so well we will be able to plant some winter vegetables.

The lawn has once again been cut, such a time consuming task but worth all the effort when it is complete.  We have added a few solar lights to the vegetable area too.  We are in the process of painting the garden furniture  so that we can sit out and enjoy the beautiful views once again.   

We are in no hurry, taking our time.  Enjoying the process of each little job as we make our cottage and garden into the perfect retreat and home.

As always I thank for your visit and your uplifting comments.

See you soon.

Saturday, 18 May 2019


Last Saturday I joined many other women from all over the Island to take part in a Christian conference, FLOURISH.

What a fun day we had.  A wonderful speaker from Edinburgh, some delightful singing of praise.  Time for discussion and fellowship with a wonderful lunch.  The talk broken down into three sections was on Exodus.

Where is God?

Who is the Lord?

God is the Rescuer?

There was also several stalls to browse, each giving an address on their work.  It was an encouraging, uplifting and inspirational day spent with women that I barely knew.  Yet I came away having spoken to so many and felt their hand of friendship.

Once home I began my journey of exploring Exodus and throughout the past week have doodled in my Bible so that I can enjoy his word once again.

Whilst creative I am not an artist and admire the skill of many who journal in their bibles.  However I do enjoy the process.

I also came away with a lovely gift bag mine held a beautiful pansy, a soap and a bookmark.  A lovely reminder of a very lovely day.

Thank you for your visit to my blog and your uplifting comments.  A warm welcome to a new follower, I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.

Friday, 17 May 2019

My Week

What a busy few days we have had.  We can certainly fill our days so easily.  The weather has been so beautiful that we have been working outside, one sheet of corrugated rust at a time.  We have been working together, moving three sheets of corrugated tin painting the wood underneath to give it some longevity and then replacing a couple of sheets with corrugated polycarbonate.  It will be worth all the hard work once we have our indoor garden established.

A few sheets a day and we are happy.  We are blessed that we have a little helper...not sure if Mickey is a help or a hindrance but he is quite happy basking in the sun guarding the rusty sheets.

I have been working in the kitchen replacing some of the pickles we are so fond of.  Today, red cabbage and beetroot.  I like to spice my own vinegar using Coriander, Mustard, Allspice, Peppercorns, Cloves, Chilli and Ginger.  Not sure if that is cost effective but it works for us.  I always bring malt and white vinegar back from the Lidl when we visit the mainland.

Once boiled for a few moments, I leave to cool overnight and then strain it back into the original bottles and relabel.

I like to give them a fancy fabric topper, they look so nice lined up in the cupboard and also make a nice hostess gift.

In the evenings I am still working here and there on a craft project.  At the moment I am working on a crochet shawl  and enjoying the soothing rhythm of the pattern.

It is a pattern that I found in old copy of Mollie Makes, I am so glad that I kept it.

We have had a trip to Stornoway for a food shop but it always nice to have a stroll around the small town and take in the views around the port/harbour.  The boats are always a joy to sit and watch both the ones for pleasure and the working boats.  There is an area that is designated for the necessary equipment needed on the fishing boats, that I find quite fascinating.  So many stories to tell if only it could talk.

The shadows in the water enhancing some of the already spectacular views.

A real delight to have a stroll and enjoy the calmness of the sea which we know can change in a heartbeat and cause havoc to the brave sailors/fisherman who battle the elements for us.

A very warm welcome to new followers I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  I do thank you for your visit here and your uplifting comments.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

See you soon.

Sorry forgot to add that the sand was been dug out of the harbour at the Port of Ness as there was a build up.  Apparently, this is done every 3/4 years to enable boats to be able to get in.  The sand is dug up and put the other side of the wall.