Tuesday, 16 July 2019

A Summer Adventure

The weather yesterday and today has been amazing, giving us a real feel of Summer.  I am hoping it will last as this week is the HebCelt festival within the Castle grounds and with many other events arranged around the town.  We went into town this morning and already there is a party atmosphere.  Bunting is hung and the shop windows are decorated for the event.  I did try to get some photos but failed miserably getting only reflections.  But I think you can get the gist...

Tents are been put up around the castle grounds adding to the carnival atmosphere.

There was a craft market in the town hall which was inspirational, there are a lot of talented people around on this Island.

It was a delight to take a stroll along the harbour and admire the boats/yachts moored there.  We were laughing about which one we would have when we won the lottery.  (The laugh I suppose is that we never buy a lottery ticket).

The pork was just as good cold as it was warm yesterday.  This time a salad and potato salad, along with pickled eggs.  It was wonderful to enjoy the double yolk.

The sun setting over the croft last night was a beautiful sight, it was a joy to walk down the garden and appreciate the stunning view.

Another adventure in the making...

See you soon.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Summer Arrives

What a beautiful day here on my Island paradise, the sun is shining brightly and the temperatures have risen.  What more could I ask for...there are a lot of flies around but thankfully as we have a slight breeze the midges are NOT out and for that I am thankful.  I have been to my aerobics class, cut the lawn at the back and hung out the washing.  I have delivered some eggs to my neighbour and stayed for a yarn or two and now it is my intention to go upstairs and sort out the chaos I created over the weekend.

To cut a very long story short I made a start on culling my stash of craft materials or at the very least storing it better.  There were times when I wished that I had never started but there was also a lot of joy as I remembered some previous projects.  There was fabric from when each of the grandchildren were born, flowers from weddings and christenings the list goes on.  It was like opening the boxes of Christmas decor and remembering the places and people around each piece.  I remember now why this particular cull didn't take place prior to our move.  So once again it is staying. 

The drawers and cupboard are now complete, they have been waxed and are now ready to be moved from the barn upstairs.  But this means the train diorama  must come down so we need help to get it all into position.  I am thankful we have good neighbours.

I did find some unfinished projects that need work and those will now take priority.  Honeys blanket has slowed down considerably of late.

A second shawl has been started and never finished.

The same for a knitted cowl, a second was started and never finished.

A baby blanket and baby bootees were a surprise, I don't remember who I started them for...who knows!

I prepared the meat for dinner this evening early this morning it is all ready to be popped into the oven with some vegetables.  Pork fillet wrapped in bacon stuffed with apricot and ginger stuffing, a firm favourite of ours using the Hairy Bikers recipe.

It will work well cold tomorrow with salad.

Well onwards and upwards I have sat for a short break so will get on with the front lawn and do some weeding.  The weeds are prolific in the pots and tyres, all this rain helps their growth.  I will catch up with you later, I am back outside to enjoy the Summer which took its time to arrive.  Almost forgot there's chocolate cake with strawberries if you want to join  me for afternoon tea.

See you soon.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Take A Walk On The Westside

The sun didn't last long but at least the temperatures have remained so although not hot, we do not need the heating on.  Time has flown by this week, once again we could be heard wondering how we ever had time to go to work.  Our hobbies and jaunts out fill our days and we enjoy each others company immensely.  Today we had a drive out to the Westside of the Island and enjoyed a stroll around Arnol, where there is a blackhouse and Nature Reserve.

It looked a little overcast, there was a lot of low lying cloud but thankfully it stayed dry so we were able to enjoy our little tour.

The roof is a real delight to see, weighted down against the strong winds coming from the sea.

The blackhouse in ruins was a joy to see as it clearly showed how it had been built.  The layers and layers of rocks still in place so that each room could be visualised.

At the end of the one track road there was another hidden delight.  The RSPB nature reserve which we wanted to look at but it was a longer walk than anticipated so we had a short stroll and decided to return another day.

The meadow was a stunning sight, lush and awash with a multitude of wildflowers.

There were a multitude of species of birds that were just too quick for the camera, but it was a pleasure to see them darting from stem to stem.

The drystone walling is always a beautiful sight, we were left wondering how long it had been there and the families that had built it.  If only walls could talk...

See you soon.

Monday, 8 July 2019


We finally saw a little sun which made a huge difference to our mood.  Everything seems a little easier and better when the sun is shining.  The temperatures are still lower than average for this time of year but seeing the sun has certainly lifted our spirits,  We took advantage and got some of our outside jobs done.  I intend to cut the grass on my return from my aerobics class later today.  I rewarded all our hard work on Saturday with a chicken biryani for our supper.  A date night...

Chicken cooked with spring onions and chives from the garden and added to a vegetable rice, served with a vegetable curry also made from scratch and Bombay potatoes with naan bread and papadom.  A tasty treat and an enjoyable few hours drawing up the plans for the vegetable beds.

We finished off with some tasty melon slices to cool us down , there was a little too much heat in the potatoes and we made a silly mistake drinking water.

Scones were made for afternoon tea yesterday, nothing else needed as we had a substantial traditional Sunday lunch roast pork with all the trimmings.

Finally a quiche all ready for lunch today with some salad.  Using up some red pepper and tomatoes that were coming to the end and an onion and a touch of mustard to give it a lift.

Grated cheese and 4 eggs and in no time at all a tasty meal ready.

A simple but hearty meal, using fresh eggs straight from the chicken.  Our girls bring us so much joy, they are a delight to watch.  Their antics are amusing and we are often found looking out of the kitchen window as they perform for us.  Each one having their own personality and traits.  They are a real blessing to us and they reward us with larger than average eggs.

We have six in total but it is an impossibility trying to get a photo of them altogether.  It is amazing how much Mickey, our dog loves to play with them.  Not once has he been tempted to chase them around or bark at them.  All the sheep next door have been sheared, it was a joy to stand and watch the efficiency and professionalism as they were cut.

Surrounded by beauty and by life, always something to look at and admire I truly do feel blessed.  How did you spend your weekend?

I found the Christmas moves on the moves 24 channel.  The rings that I used for the mini Christmas wreaths were in fact curtain rings and are about 2" diameter, hope that helps.

See you soon.