Saturday 30 July 2016

My Wonderful Week

My sincere thanks for all your wonderful comments they were so uplifting to read.  The Christening was a wonderful day that brought our family together for  a beautiful celebration in such a stunning setting.  It was such a shame that my parents were unable to travel but we did send back photos straightaway so that they felt like they were included.  I feel blessed that they were able to enjoy their Great Grandchildren this week, we kept popping in and out so they could enjoy some of their antics.  They love to run riot in Big Grandad's garden and hide behind the shed the three dogs running wild with them.  We have such a good week of fun and laughter, the children certainly kept me busy.  It seems really quiet now that they have all gone but Lucy and the girls are heading here again on Tuesday so for now I am getting on top of the laundry and some cleaning.  I had a stroll out this morning around the car boot sale at Stickney and picked up some additions for the kitchen.

A pie dish which is always useful for 20p and a quiche dish for 20p also.
I had hoped to get some outdoor toys for the children but there was nothing available, I suppose everyone is looking for them.  
Some of the highlights of the week were everyday events but ones that were so special because two sisters were together sharing motherhood, it was joy to see the cousins enjoying each others company.
I just couldn't get enough of these two, they are growing up so quickly.  That dining table has seen all three of my daughters grow up around it, I bet it could tell a few stories.
We did some baking on it...

Oops!  Granny forgot the aprons.
That poor table also saw a lot of paint and glue this week too...

As you see we did most of our projects in the morning before getting dressed and then headed down to the beach.  We were certainly blessed with the weather, it was such a glorious week of sunshine.  We even braved the water and ate sandwiches in the park.  A glorious week that will bring back some treasured memories for many days to come.
See you soon.

Sunday 24 July 2016

Weekend - Christening

We have had the most beautiful weekend, with lots of lovely memories to treasure for a long time to come.  It was amazing to see all six Grandchildren together, the first time actually.  Moments to cherish.  Victoria and Michael were overwhelmed by your wishes and prayers for Hector on his special day and send their sincere thanks.  They were happy for me to share some of the photos with you.

He wore the family christening gown that our daughters had worn, it really meant a lot.  It was a beautiful service and a beautiful church.  The one they had got married in and attend so a full church.
Such a beautiful little family.  Considering how many children were at the service it really was amazing how good they were, I was one proud Granny.
Of course I had to have a photo of my three girls together.
Even Hector was smiling for the camera.  Honey fell asleep when it was her time to be photographed, so we didn't disturb her choosing to wheel her pushchair into the photo.  The joy of seeing those children together made my heart skip.  They were so good wanting to please their Granny, despite not really wanting to have their photos taken. 
Look at Bertie talking to his cousin, it makes your heart melt.  Wilbur's suit didn't last long, the rest of it came off as soon as we left church.
It was a beautiful service, both uplifting and thought provoking.
We went to a lovely old English pub garden afterwards for a barbeque, it was lovely to spend some time with them all.  Victoria and Mike were fantastic hosts so it really was a wonderful gathering.  The flowers and d├ęcor were beautiful.

As was the stunning cake and yes it really did taste as good as it looked.
Just because, here they all are filling Granny's heart with pride and a love that never falters, they have brought so much joy into our lives.
 I have to say that Hector was a delight, he took everything in his stride and was a joy to behold.  Smiling at everyone and enjoying all the attention.
The final photo is so sweet, brotherly love.  Wilbur was happy to let Hector have such a special day and was the very proud big brother.
A beautiful weekend filled with love and laughter, what could be better?  Once again thank you for your prayers and best wishes.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
See you soon.

Friday 22 July 2016

Five On Friday

Friday has flown around this week as I prepare for the onslaught of visitors for the Summer.  As we live near the sea it is the perfect venue for a Summer break and we love to have visitors so the next six weeks our house will be filled to the rafters.  A random pick this week of five things that I have captured on the camera as I once again join in the weekly fun with Amy.


Beautiful red skies at night, giving us those amazing hot and hazy Summer days ( alright, mini heatwave).

A beautiful sight most evenings this week we have sat out on the patio and watched these amazing skies.

These were taken early evening from the dining room in the midst of a storm.
This warm weather has certainly brought visitors to the garden in search of water.  I have been constantly topping off the bird bath this week, even the dog drinks from it.

Visitors to the garden are usually most welcome but we have had invaders... cabbage patch is no more. 
A couple of quick sewing jobs this week has enabled me to keep cool.  I have recycled some old lightweight jeans that I never wear into shorts.  Perfect for playing with the children in the garden next week.  I have no doubt shorts will be a far more sensible attire than summer dresses.

Finally all the colour is out of my hair, that really did take some time to grow out.  I am now back to my natural self.  It has been quite the journey.  I now intend to grow it back down into a short bob, which is a style that seem to suit me.  Hopefully that will not take too long now I don't have the colour to keep cutting out, as I am not liking the style at the moment.

I will catch up with everyone's five later in the day as I am out for most of the day today.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I have my youngest daughter and her little family visiting tomorrow and then we are all travelling down to Norwich for Hectors Christening on Sunday.
See you soon.

Monday 18 July 2016

The Sweet Taste Of Summer

The weather at the moment is glorious, perfect for sitting in the garden with an iced tea chatting watching the world go by.  We have had a quiet weekend marvelling and taking full advantage of the sun just sitting in the garden.  We did go for a stroll around the garden centre and had a meal there, although it didn't really save me cooking as I needed to make soup for my Dad.  I made a rather luxurious leek and mushroom one which was very tasty.

  I also used up the last of the parsnips from the freezer and made a parsnip and sweet potato soup, adding peppers, celery and onion to give it an extra burst of flavour.

Not forgetting the nutmeg a must with parsnips.
We really have been rewarded on a daily basis for the fruits of our labour in the garden.  We are harvesting and revelling in the taste of summer.
Lettuce, onions and strawberries.  The onions are a delight and add flavour to most of our meals at the moment.
Broad beans and peas are been harvested and are a real delight.  A few peas added to our salads are a sweet surprise.
My little plot of containers are producing well and are a great reward, the beautiful sweet taste of summer.  What could be better.
See you soon.

Friday 15 July 2016

Five on Friday - House Building

As is the custom for Friday, I am joining Amy over at Love Made My Home for the weekly get together.  Gerard and I are big on lists, we have a list for a list but at the moment we are concentrating on our Winter activities list.  We do a lot of jigsaws/crosswords little wood projects and of course sewing/crochet I am sure you have the picture.  This year we want to make a dolls house, furniture and decorate it.  We bought a house some time ago (years) with a view to refurbishing it but the children loved it and play with it every time they visit.

We don't want to take away the pleasure from them so our plan is to add to the estate.    This week I am sharing five books that we are using to plan our winter adventure together.

We have already started to pick up small patterned fabrics and some mini tools essential for the task.  We are quite keen for it to be played with so it needs to be sturdy, some of the projects are made from paper which really aren't suitable.
We have plans to go to a miniature fair next month to get some more ideas and pick up a few bits I am sure.
In the meantime back to reality the house needs a good wipe down from sticky fingers from the last visitor.  We have no real plans just pottering this weekend, maybe a meal out tomorrow.  Have you got a favourite restaurant?
See you soon.

Thursday 14 July 2016

The Perfect Afternoon

Gerard and I popped down to Norwich yesterday to spend some quality time with out daughter Victoria and her little family.  It was lovely to see them, Wilbur was very keen to show us the local park and to show me what a big boy he was on the climbing frame.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and Wilbur even managed a short time in the paddling pool.

They are certainly blessed with a beautiful park with lots of equipment to suit all ages and paddling pool for those hot lazy summer days.  There is even formal gardens, wildflower areas and a beautiful lake.  Wilbur was very keen to show me the rickety bridge that apparently isn't rickety but a good bridge none the less.
We fed the ducks with the obligatory bread and were surrounded by several different species,  a sight to behold.

Wilbur was thrilled that the Swans had babies... was lovely to sit and watch them.  Typical British weather it had to spoil itself and rain so it was a bit of a dash to get back to the house.  Luckily it didn't last long and it soon dried up.  We were able to enjoy the garden and a beautiful afternoon tea.  I can assure you it was a tasty treat she certainly knows how to please us.
Wilbur thinks his Grandad is magic, me I think he is a trickster but it makes me smile the way he performs his little tricks for them.  Hector is growing so quickly and reaches out to grabs things, he is pretty good at pulling at your glasses and hair.
He is a treasure.  The perfect afternoon...
See you soon.