Wednesday 27 August 2014

Yarn Along

My Mum has had a very busy week knitting for the children in preparation for the colder weather.  Already the temperatures are dropping and it is beginning to feel like Autumn instead of the balmy days of Summer.  Hats and gloves are the order of the day in bright colours.

I have completed a crochet scarf to go with a blue set which is quite striking and compliments Wilburs new coat perfectly.
I have been reading two craft Books this week for ideas for stocking fillers and for Christmas Fairs.  The first one was a gift from my daughter Mollie Makes Christmas.
It has one or two patterns that I quite like:

The other book I have been reading is another Christmas book, a Cath Kidston book, Make Your Own Christmas Decorations, this time a gift from my husband.  It include everything that you need to sew 12 festive felt ornaments.

Both books ideal for ideas, always a good starting point.
What is on your needles?  Once again I am joining with Ginny over at Small Things for the yarn along.
See you soon.


  1. Your mom has been busy! Love all the bright colors- I bet your kiddos will love to be warm and snuggly in them. Great book- must check this out for some inspiration!

  2. Your Mum has been very busy and it looks as though you are going to be as well!! xx

  3. Love all those colors your mum has been using - so fun looking.
    Those books look very interesting, are you going to make the little crochet reindeer?

    1. I thought I would give it a try. I am also going to make the Cath Kidston ornaments.

  4. love the hat sets your mom is making! EEK I need to start thinking of gifts.....

  5. All those gorgeous, warm projects :) I actually am looking forward to winter again. Hopefully it is winter and not something similar to the very poor summer we have had!
    Love the Christmas projects - the reindeer is sweet.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of mittens :) It's getting colder here too but I'm quite glad about that because I can dig my nice jumpers out and spend more time knitting! That book looks great!

  7. Your Mum makes knitting look ever so easy,I must practice a bit more. How lovely for you to have someone to show you and enjoy making things for her great grandchildren, that is truly wonderful.
    Love your crochet scarf and books.

  8. Love that little array of bright mittens! And I must look out my copy of MM Christmas again, I think I'd quite like to make a little reindeer - isn't he cute.

  9. Loved seeing all the brightly colored hats and mittens. I actually pulled a few knitting projects out to start on when it gets a little cooler here. My grandmother made me felt ornaments years and years ago. I still have them and love them. I will see if my library has the Cath Kidson book.

  10. Bonsoir! Beautiful crochet scarf!
    Lucie x

  11. Your mum's hats and mittens and your scarf are beautifully made! And the books look so tempting. I hope you enjoy making your reindeer and felt ornaments. I have some felt ornaments I bought to embroider several years ago and should get them out to see if I can get them done, but at the moment I am trying to finish crocheting a shawl I started ages ago :)

  12. Lovely mittens and the books look interesting.

  13. Lovely memories to treasure! It's sad summer has come to such an abrupt end but it's always nice to begin to contemplate Christmas makes when there's still lots of time to complete them and storing a summer harvest has it's own special "feel-good" factor, I think. Your pear and walnut chutney sounds a particularly lovely combination. E x

  14. Lovely hats and gloves ! Your mom is talented too ! Like mother like daughter...
    Your scarf is beautiful too !
    Have a great day...preparing Christmas !

  15. Such beautiful, happy colors those hats and gloves are!!! The weather has been so mild this summer here in New York. Although, it's been close to 90 degrees the last couple of days. Yuck!! We're starting to see hints of fall in the stores but no Christmas yet, thankfully. Halloween is my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season and it's been predicted that it's going to be a very cold and snowy winter. Not quite ready for that yet!!! : ) Have a beautiful day!!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  16. Oh what fun projects! The reindeer look so cute and that pillow is just lovely!

    Also, the hats and mittens you made are simply wonderful :) Hugs to you!

  17. Super fun post, pictures and projects.

    Hugs Diane

  18. Great knits!!! And the colours are cool... the weather is changing here too. The mittens are so simple, so beautiful

  19. Hi! Wow, you both have been very busy!! Lovely hats and mittens plus your scarf, they all look cozy!
    I guess it is a good idea to start preparing for Xmas gifts, better sooner than later!
    I started on a scarf this week!
    Happy crafting!
    Ingrid xx

  20. What colorful mittens, hats and scarf. A lot of crafting going on there. That book looks great, but the beaded booties would worry me as a possible choking hazard for little one. My daughter choked on the tiniest piece of plastic when she was an infant and believe me it was very scary. Thankfully I had just finished a CPR class and knew what to do.

  21. Hi mum. Nannys hats and mittens look lovely. They pink will match Lilys new coat too! I have made a similar reindeer from a you tube tutorial and it turned out great so give it a try. X