Friday 4 October 2019

Blogging Update

The saga continues I am still unable to load photos and now I am struggling with my laptop, it is very slow and sluggish.  To this end I have decided that a blogging break is in order until a resolution is found.  I am keeping busy doing a little painting and decorating but will share all this with you once I am up and running again. 

I do thank you for your emails and your concern.  Both Gerard and I are well, it is a computer issue that is keeping me away.  I will keep you updated.  Take care.

See you soon.

Friday 27 September 2019

Tale of Woe

Since my computer had a recent update of Windows I have been unable to access any of my photos or upload photos onto my blog.  I am so frustrated with the whole ordeal.  Patience I suppose is a virtue so I will not give up yet and persevere with it to try and share the photos of our Disneyland Paris experience and of the beautiful Villages Nature Paris - Center Parcs which is where we stayed.  This is becoming a saga and indeed a tale of woe.  I rely on my computer to keep in touch with family and friends who love to see the photos that I take of our surroundings so it certainly is a disappointment.

I also have photos to share of an amazing exhibitions at the An Lanntair, it is a real treat and shows the work Of Tom Hickman.  We also had lunch at the Castle and took a stroll through the grounds, such a beautiful sight as we enjoyed the leaves dropping and the changing colours showing all its seasonal splendour.  The different hues with a backdrop of the harbour is magnificent.

I have kept myself busy making new pelmets for the kitchen windows and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  Adding chilli oil and pickled red cabbage to the store cupboard.  I have also used the slow cooker to cook up red cabbage with apples in red wine for the freezer, a delicious treat for the cooler months.  I have had the tedious task of altering several pairs of trousers that have been languishing in my wardrobe for quite awhile.  Trousers are always way to long even a petite or short fitting as I am only 4' 11" tall.

Hopefully I will have some photos to share on my next post.

See you soon.

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Dover Castle

It was sad leaving Bertie and Honey behind as all too soon it was time to leave and move onto another adventure.  This time with Victoria and her little family.  We were heading for Disneyland Paris using the Euro tunnel from Ashford in Kent.  We drove down from Norwich and stayed overnight, giving us plenty of time to enjoy Dover Castle and its surroundings.

The drive up to it was magnificent as was the white cliffs of Dover which we took time to view.  There was so much more than we had anticipated and not enough time to do it all. 

There was a train that took you around the grounds and from one exhibition to another, made it so much easier for Gerard to get around.  There were actors within the castle and the courtyard bringing life as it as in medieval times to life.

A highlight for Gerard was the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment and Queens Regiment Museum.  He loved talking to Wilbur and Hector about his time in the Army and looking at the exhibits together.

There are many displays videos and recordings which took us up to the Regiment's most recent operations in support of the UN and NATO in Iraq and Afghanistan

Another highlight was a stroll around the Church St Mary-in-Castro which for centuries was the Garrison Church for the Dover and then later Dover/Shorncliffe Garrisons with military padres leading services.  The church remained active with daily services right through the battle of Britain which was fought overhead.

Although now part of the Diocese of Canterbury the military ethos remains with regular services attended by veterans groups and as repository of many memorials from units and individuals who served in the area.  It is legally an "Extra-Parochial Place" as the church pre-dates the parish system and the castle was variously a Royal or Military place.

Although a beautiful day there was a lot of wind which made it fun for rolling down some of the banks and flying a kite.

Finally, the views were spectacular you could see for miles around.

As always I thank you for your visit and for your uplifting comments.

See you soon.

Monday 23 September 2019

Another Day, Another Day Out

The weather held and we managed to pull all the rhubarb and more herbs which are now hanging in the kitchen to dry.  The rhubarb has been cooked ready for pie or crumble fillings and in the freezer.  Rhubarb and date chutney has also been made ready for the winter months.  Not a chutney that I have made before but worth a try.  I also cooked some beetroot and chopped it down along with some shallots and pickled them. 

One cupboard is already full, we are now using a cupboard in the utility room.  I made a batch of mincemeat too as we enjoy mince pies all year round.  Still need to top up the oils and make some jam but tomorrow is another day.

Whilst away we spent a lovely day exploring Ampthill park which has three Trails to walk a short trail, heritage trail and a long trail.  It is on the site of one of King Henry VIII's favourite castles sadly it is buried underneath the ground but you can still enjoy the views from the top of the ridge.

We also had a wonderful day out to Herring Green Activity Farm and Bird of Prey Centre.  Bertie and Honey love a farm and both like their Grandad love a tractor.  It is certainly something we will need to start looking around for.  They are both so good with animals and never tire of looking and petting them.

The highlight of the day was a falcon display which we all enjoyed.  I had mixed feelings about some of these magnificent birds held captive but there as no doubt about it they were well looked after.

Bertie read all the signs to Honey and told her what each of the birds were and where they had come from.  The highlight of his day was to actually put the glove on and hold one.  The staff are wonderful, so kind and patient with the children answering all their questions.

Another job Bertie is considering for when he is a big boy.

We also took time for ourselves and enjoyed a stroll around one of the Antique Centres.  Sadly the park was been refurbished but the children still enjoyed the old water mill and we had lunch out for a treat there.

There is no doubt about it we crammed a lot into the time we had with our beloved Grandchildren, cherishing every moment we spent with them.  I hope you enjoyed this whistle stop tour of our time away.

As always I do thank you for your visit and for your comments.

See you soon.