Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend

A wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, catching up with family, good food and even a craft fair, add a grandchild and we had the perfect weekend.

Posting little people down the hole where the stairs should go, concentrating so hard and doing it time and time again.  Looking for approval, laughing and doing it again and again and again....

Shouting stop and go and chasing each other around the garden amidst squeals of laughter.

Throwing a bone for Big Ted to keep fetching back and laughing with Grandad each time he did.  Precious times and precious memories to store up until the next time...
Some precious moments spent with my Mum at the craft fair and then retelling Dad all the snippets of the day, precious memories to treasure.
Making chutneys ready for the winter, storing all the summer harvest.

Pickled red cabbage, apple and tomato chutney, pear and walnut chutney, pickled beetroot, sweet piccalilli and cucumber and green tomato relish.
Anyone else storing their summer harvest?
See you soon.


  1. My sister does a lot of canning. she has a huge garden on her property. I usually plant a small garden but I didn't this summer...missed my tomatoes but it was not a good summer for veggies this year. Our weather was a little wacky! :) When ever I see canning jars i think of my grandmother... she canned lots! :)

  2. Looks like a lovely and also very productive weekend!
    Marianne x

  3. Aw you have had a lovely weekend and productive, well done on your chutneys and relishes.

  4. How very fun! My kind of weekend. How old is that little guy? What a cutie.

    1. This is Wilbur the youngest Grandson who is 20 months old, 2 in December.

  5. Loving the Poodle, we used to have two next door to me when I was growing up, Simon and Lucky funny how I can't remember my neighbours names though lol.

    We have someone near us who bought a Poodle for their Nan for company but it turned out to be a giant Poodle, we did laugh.

    Trying to cut down on Jam making because the jam trying is a diet buster ;)

  6. what a busy filled weekend! I loved seeing all the preserves and summer put away in jars for the colder months that are approaching soon.

  7. So far I have watched my daughters make some jam with our blackberries from around the front pond :-) But I am enjoying viewing their productivity and yours and your happy weekend!

  8. Way too cute!!! You have lots of lovely pickles there stored away for later in the year too! xx

  9. such a cute little grandchild! Your chutneys look delicious. I haven't canned since my children were all home, but it sure was nice to have all that food put up!

  10. Bonjour! What a wonderful weekend! Your granchild is so cute!
    I like to read your blog. I have a little secret : sometime I need "translator" but I think I'm better than I was. Can I said that?
    Merci de mettre du soleil dans ma vie avec votre très beau blog!

  11. It looks like you had such a nice weekend. I've been using as many of our apples as possible while I have them.