Saturday 31 December 2016

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I feel blessed that I can say that I certainly did have a wonderful Christmas.  An amazing few days away spending quality time with family.  I have some beautiful memories to treasure.  Thankfully it was a very mild Christmas weather wise so we were able to get out and about even going to the Dinosaur Park on the hunt for the infamous Santa Claus.  It was quite the adventure.   Wilbur really did believe he had seen Santa when Grandad went for a stroll in the garden dressed in the Santa outfit.  Memories made for a special little boy that will stay with him.   It was lovely to see so many traditions still carried out with additional ones added, a real delight to be part of.

The temperatures have dropped significantly since our return and we have been shrouded in a sea of fog, making for some beautiful photographs from the warmth of the dining room.
The shed roof and pavements have been covered in a thick layer of frost, Jack frost has certainly been busy making the roads quite treacherous as there was an abundance of frozen puddles underneath. 

Still no sign of snow and none forecast for the foreseeable future and now that the holiday season is over I for one will be relieved if it stays that way.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful comments, e-mails, gifts and cards I feel blessed that you included me in your thoughts at this time of year.  I really do value the time you spend visiting my humble blog.   I haven't been around for a little while but will endeavour to catch up with you over the next few days.
Wishing you everything that you wish for yourselves for the coming year. 
See you soon.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Have A Wonderful Christmas

I am enjoying some quiet time to myself, relaxing and making time to catch up on some well earned rest.  It is not very often I take advantage of quiet times and make it all about me but it is needed.  I am feeling a little drained, not ill just a tad tired in need of some relaxation.  I am making the most of the calm and doing very little.  All those meals I prepared last month are now been brought out of the freezer and microwaved.  I am now reaping the rewards of all my hard work. 

I am enjoying a little crochet.  I am in the process of making a blanket for Honey for when she goes to Disneyland Paris next month.   It needs to have a Minnie Mouse with a big bow, I am almost there.
I am enjoying catching up with a little TV and some Christmas films, such a wonderful time of the year.
I have finally made time for a little reading, I do need to make more of an effort it is always the first thing to slide.
I am also having a little fun with a few games, a jigsaw and a crossword book.   A little snow would make it perfect, but sadly that is not going to happen according to the weather channel.  I am now going to the kitchen to make some decedent hot chocolate and open the shortbread tin.
Some vintage cards to finish.  I wishing that I could send you all a card but that would be impossible but I would like to thank you for visiting and your lovely comments.  Blogging is a wonderful way of learning, I have learnt so much from you all too many things to mention but it is really appreciated.
I am hoping that you all have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.
See you soon.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Postal Pleasure

The postman was later than normal on Saturday, I suppose Christmas mail is slowing him down a little.  He knocked the door and to my surprise there was a parcel addressed for me.  I  opened it and inside was the most beautifully packaged shawl, along with a postcard.

I was expecting a parcel but not quite as quickly as it arrived.  I had won a $50 voucher for in a giveaway from  I had never come across the website before so it was a real joy to browse what to spend the money on, I eventually narrowed it down and chose the beautiful shawl.   It is a real delight and will be worn over Christmas.   Novica is a wonderful site for home décor, jewellery and gifts from talented Artisans around the World, well worth a look.

The quality and the service has been a real pleasure.  A site that I would definitely use again.  Thank you so much Elizabeth for your generosity.
See you soon.

Monday 19 December 2016

Christmas Card Swap

I once again joined in the fun and took part in the Christmas card swap organized by Amy over at Love Made My Home.  I was lucky enough to get partnered with Sharon from  Sharon is originally from Ipswich in the UK and is now living in Michigan USA, we met through the link up of Five on Friday and have followed each other for awhile.

I was blessed to receive my card on Saturday, it certainly was a joy to behold, a truly beautiful card that was handmade and Sharon has the most beautiful handwriting adding to the delight.

I love that in the window there are tiny snowflakes that if shaken, fall.  A wonderful card.
I have had some lovely cards this year and as yet have not displayed them, I really must get organised a little better with that.  Although I do like to have them in a pile on the coffee table and so when I sit down I browse through them again.  I would love to hear how you display your cards, I could do with a little inspiration.
See you soon.

Friday 16 December 2016

Five on Friday

It has been a lovely week after a hectic weekend having so many visitors.  We have been taking time to reflect on Christmas's past, listened to some lovely seasonal music and watched some Christmas films.  We have played some games with differing results and relaxed with a jigsaw.   We did have some fun with Merry Christmas, without resorting to the computer how many languages can you say it in?  Now spelling them was a different story...

I am once again joining Amy over at Love Made My Home for the weekly get together.   This week I thought I would share some seasonal mugs, cups/saucers that have been gifted to me over the years.  They take pride of place on my dresser.  I love how each little piece of Christmas décor has a memory, even a smell can bring back a wonderful memory of a previous Christmas.

One  Joyeux Noel

These are a set of cups/saucers that are used throughout December for tea.  They were gifted to us by my Mother in Law many years ago when we were in Germany as an addition to my  Royal Albert Country Rose set.  These are the Christmas Rose and are a delight mixed in with the Country Rose pieces for afternoon tea.
Two  Glaedelig Jul

These are Royal Albert Old Country Roses, Seasons of Colour mugs.  These were gifted to me by my son in law Mike when he was courting our daughter Victoria.  He knew of my collection and was trying to impress (he did), we often tease him about it.  Another wonderful Christmas memory of his first time joining the family for the celebrations.
Three  Frohe Weihnacten

Four of these mugs were gifted to me by my dear Mum and Dad for our first Christmas once we were married.  They were a real joy as we had so little Christmas décor, we had only been married a month.  A few years ago whilst browsing in a charity shop I came across two more, they came home with me straightaway.  I also have a matching cake stand which was a gift for our second Christmas of marriage.  Then came the mince pie tray, a yule log tray and a condiments tray before the pattern was discontinued.
Four  Buon Natale

Harrods mugs from our daughter.  We had a tradition of meeting in London and going for afternoon tea whilst she was at university we always included a visit to Harrods to admire the Christmas display.  I have some wonderful memories of these days out.
Five  Schoni Wiehnaehte
Novelty mugs that we use for hot chocolates which there are many that again were a gift from our Grandchildren.
So many memories attached to all our Christmas décor.  It takes us hours to decorate for the season as we linger on each thing that is brought out of boxes.  There is the odd tear but on the whole such a wonderful experience.  Lots of wonderful memories to cherish.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Getting Closer

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my last couple of posts, they were a joy to read.  Having the family together meant a lot to me and brought me a lot of pleasure so it was lovely to be able to share that with you.  I also appreciate how difficult it can be when times are tough and thoughts of Christmas are dreaded.  We visited a couple of our elderly neighbours yesterday, taking some home baked goodies and preserves.  We hope we were able to lift their spirits a little, it is our intention to pop around again next week.  Technology is a wonderful thing our Grandson was a Shepherd in his first school Nativity and we were able to watch his performance, words cannot describe the feelings that overwhelmed me throughout he was amazing.  Lily and Daisy are in a dance show at the weekend to which we have been invited unfortunately Lucy has tonsillitis and Daisy has a chest infection.  Time will tell now if we are able to go as Gerard has a compromised immune system due to his medication so not wise to knowingly be around infections.  A little disappointing but health is a precious thing.

I still have a few gifts to wrap but apart from that I am enjoying the season.  Catching up with friends, listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films.  Now that I have a little time I intend to catch up with a little reading.  I have also been adding to the gifts, making hugs for the mugs filled with sachets of chocolate and chocolate stirrers.

All ready to be popped into a hamper I have ready for when we go to Victoria's.  I have also made some for our good friend who looks after the dog when we go away.
A Christmas Eve box has been made in readiness for Lily and Daisy, Lucy intends to pop a few bits in for after church.
I have managed to get the house back to some normality, it never ceases to amaze how quickly it can be achieved when you look at the mess.  The mountain of washing up was a bit of a chore but I am not a fan of paper/plastic products although I can understand how much easier it would have been.  I am the same about napkins preferring cloth to paper, although you do have the added job of  another washing load.  The table is now set for two for us to enjoy some quality time and meals together.

This time the napkin is folded into an elves boot with a spreader popped inside.  The napkin folding is a little fun and can easily be found using google.   So far we are enjoying the season and have a lot to be thankful for.  How are your plans going?
See you soon.

Monday 12 December 2016

Family Get Together

My family event was a huge success, we had lots of fun catching up with each other.  Your comments and emails on my preparations were greatly appreciated.  There were a few tears blinked back when I saw my brother as memories of my nephew flooded over me, it must have been so much worse for him.  All in all a good day, the children were a little fractious at times but enjoyed the party atmosphere.  There was of course a little crafting, you can not visit Granny's without a craft and of course Christmas needs a little glue and glitter so baubles were duly made.


Party games were played and a little sprucing up of Grandad achieved, he needed a sparkly bow...
I did have some fun with my daughters, it was just good to have family around, soak in the seasonal atmosphere and catch up with each other.

There were lots of kisses and cuddles...

...and of course the mountain of food to climb.  Which all went down extremely well.

Believe it or not topped off a couple of times with cheese, garlic potatoes and bread.  A feast fit for a King.

...or this hungry mob.
We came close to a disaster when we didn't have enough Gingerbread men to go around, but lollies and sweets came to the rescue as well as these two characters...
I now have the mammoth task of clearing up, this could take awhile but I will visit with you all as soon as I can.   I will have treasured memories of a get together for many years to come.   I still have lots to look forward to as this special time of year and really feel for the many who have no one to share special moments with.    Sadly Christmas is not always the happy family event that is portrayed so beautifully in magazines, cards and films for some so I do feel blessed that I do get so much from family gatherings.  We are far from perfect but somehow come together despite all our differences and for that I am always thankful.
See you soon.