Saturday 28 March 2020

This and That Filling Our Days

Hurrah we have internet connection...lets hope I haven't spoken too soon!  Not really sure what the problem is other than over use I would imagine as schools have closed and everyone is working from home the computer has become everyone's best friend.  Technology is such a blessing in times of hardship keeping many people in touch with each other.

  I am truly grateful for all the key workers that are maintaining our shops, production, packing, delivering, stacking shelves so many people involved in the chain.  I applaud you all.  I took the time this morning to really think about the people that are still working, transport in all its guises buses/trains along with all the deliveries.  The postal services again in so many different ways.  Care workers and of course our beloved NHS workers at all levels.  So many unsung heroes that are keeping our country going and helping those in need I will be forever grateful.

Soap seems to be short supply here on the Island so I have been making a couple of batches.  My way of giving back to the community that has been so good to us.  Bringing a smile in times of uncertainty.

Eggs are another way of giving back, lets hope our girls continue to lay every day.

Flowers are so uplifting and what a surprise when this gorgeous bunch arrived in the post from our daughter.  Making my day and lifting spirits.

There was also a little surprise left in the front lobby another bouquet from our dear friend and neighbour who is able to go to the stores.  She picked up a few bits for us, bread and fresh salad and these gorgeous blooms.

Mickey has been given a little trim, as it was difficult to keep up with his grooming.  He is not looking at his best but at least his fur is not tangled now.  We will give him another tidy up a little later but for now he is OK.

I was asked by our ministers wife to write some poetry for the church news.  A rather daunting task when I first thought about it as it wasn't something I have ever done before.  It is quite amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.  I will share some of it with you as time goes by.

Crafting is still a major way of filling my day.  Thank goodness for the stash of craft provisions making it possible.  Our youngest grandson has a pirate bedroom so I have made some storage bags for him.  My favourite is this large bag using fabric that has been in my stash for years and lined with the remains of an old red sheet.

A hessian patch stitched on so that it can be clearly labelled.

Skull and cross bones fabric used to line the drawstring bag and shopper.  He will love them.

I am knitting a bag on enormous needles using this pattern.

It won't take long to knit up at all.

We are filling our days and are surprisingly upbeat.  We are enjoying the sunshine even though it is still very cold.  Making the most of what is an unavoidable situation.  Hope all is well with you and that you are not too stressed by the situation we all find ourselves.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.

Thursday 26 March 2020

Problems Blogging

Thank you as always for your support and understanding with the lack of posts lately we have been having technical issues with connecting to the internet.  It has been so uplifting to know that I have been missed and thank you for your lovely emails and messages asking where I was.

All is well with us both, we are both keeping well and safe.  Gerard has a compromised immune system due to the medication he takes, so is particularly careful in this current climate.  At the moment there is no reported cases of Coronavirus yet on the Western Isles but as we all know this could change at any time.

We are keeping busy and enjoying many of our hobbies.  It has been good to explore the copious amount of craft materials that we have.  It has given us both a clearer idea of what is available and a list has been formed so that we can get on with a few things.

We are hoping that the weather will pick up a little so that we can make a start on so many of the jobs that need doing outside.  We are going to start setting up the seeds in readiness for onward planting in our garden room.  We stored all our outdoor plants out there over the winter and they have done so well.  We love the rewards homegrown herbs and vegetables fresh from the garden, worth all the hard work.

We had prepared for this lockdown with lots of books and jigsaws so we have plenty to occupy our minds.  Technology has become our new best friends and we have enjoyed daily contact with our daughters and grandchildren when the internet allows.  Food hasn't been an issue as we had recently filled the freezer and restocked the store cupboard.  If anything it has made us a little more frugal, making things last a little longer. 

We are blessed with wonderful neighbours who keep in touch by telephone.  The Church have whatsapp groups which are uplifting and last Sunday a service was done via a podcast which was such a joy. 

In a World that is changing so fast all we can do is the best we can.   Know my dear friends that you have all been in my thoughts and prayers.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.

Thursday 5 March 2020

Back To Crafting

My goodness how time has flown by this past week.  The bright sky and a glimpse of the sun has made me a little giddy, so we have been venturing out a little whilst we can.  It has been so nice to feel a little breeze against your face instead of a gale force wind.  The ground I must admit is still sodden and in places like a lake so not easy to get about, but what a difference to breathe in fresh air.  It is a real joy to return to the cosy cottage and sit in front of a blazing stove reading and finally getting a few craft projects done.  It has been awhile but I have my craft mojo back.

I have been working on a small needle felting project which will become the main feature within a tweed bag.  It was quite the job working the wool in readiness but a wonderful feeling once it was done.

I used a metal pastry cutter for the outline of the heart, it was a real confidence booster enabling me to enjoy the process rather than worry about the shape.

What fun slowly building up the layers until finally it as sturdy enough to be attached to some black felt.

All ready to become part of a Harris Tweed bag.  What a story the bag will have, certainly made with love but also made with the wool from the sheep I see daily.

A wooden clock is all ready to have the clock movements added.  Painted and then decoupaged with some beautiful paper that the photo does not really do justice.

The sewing machine is back out of hibernation and trousers have been altered, they have been on the list for quite some time.  A tablecloth has been cut in half to make two cloths and a table runner has also been made and crossed off the never ending list.

Finally, I have made some little pouches for the grand children to pop some little eggs in for Easter.

Each with a little message using stamps.  It was fun sorting through my collection of ribbons to match to the chosen fabrics.

Now back to this list...

It is Communion weekend so there is lots of social gatherings planned as well as additional Church services.  It is a weekend that I cherish in so many ways not just spiritually, as everyone comes together.  There is an informal fellowship, testimony and singing with a meal after the service Friday evening.  Saturday a soup and sandwich lunch is served after the service.  I am once again making quiche for the Friday event and the broth for Saturday.  I must check the store cupboard to see what I have available for some cakes/biscuits for the tin as it is always nice to welcome neighbours back to our home.  I will be around to visit and catch up with you all soon.

See you soon.