Tuesday 28 August 2018

Little Princes Visit Granny's Island

My visitors have arrived and we have enjoyed every second of their visit so far.  We have had so much fun catching up with each other, the sound of laughter constantly ringing in our ears is a joy.  Our eldest daughter and her little family arrived Saturday evening after a slight delay on the ferry.  We are cramming in as much as can while they are here.  Eoropie Park is always on the agenda for our Grandchildren they love the park built into the dunes.

There was a new addition to the park which made us smile.  The park is so much fun and brings the child out in us all, even for the most reluctant adult.

Grandad loved the trampoline before going onto the zip line, one of Granny's favourites.

We had so much fun on the skateboards, sitting on them initially...

Fun on the beach is a must with so many beautiful beaches to choose from.  A stroll along the coastal path was invigorating, scanning the seas for wildlife.  Enjoying watching the gulls and seas birds as they swooped down to the water.

The beach was the perfect playground as we were the only ones on it, hunting for shells and exploring the rocks and pools.

The weather has not been the best but as long as we are all together and enjoying ourselves it doesn't matter.  The excitement continues.

See you soon.

Saturday 25 August 2018

Bless This Happy Home

Tell everybody I'm on my way..

I am so excited as I am typing this blog post, my visitors are on the ferry.  Not long to wait now.  I have spent the day baking, making the beds up and getting everything ready warm and welcoming for them.  There is a quiche, potato salad, fillet of pork with apricot and ginger stuffing covered in bacon,  roast chicken, fruit cake, ginger cake and mixed seed bread all ready.  Mickey has had a wash and brush up and is casually waiting in his new bed.

Flowers always make a home feel welcoming so we do have a few.

My little stool has had a makeover.  I use it in the kitchen as I am only 4' 11" so the wall cupboards are always a challenge.  Yellow chalk paint was used and then I used some of my favourite stamps to complete the look.  A lovely makeover.

Yesterday was a day for deliveries.  The flooring was delivered, it will be such a thrill to get rid of the old blue lino that is down right now.  All the material needed for one of the outbuildings was also delivered and finally the winter logs.  We are blessed living in such a lovely community village, friends and neighbours came around today to help store it away.

Another little project was  finished for the outer vestibule, using some of the cladding left over.

There was a delay on the road today as some of the sheep went for a wander.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. 

See you soon.

Tuesday 21 August 2018

An Lanntair

As part of our routine when we have a trip into the metropolis which is Stornoway we always have a little look at the exhibition in Ann Lanntair.  I am always so impressed by how much there is available which includes art, music, films and the theatre.  I have been browsing the adult classes too which I would like to get involved with eventually.  There was an 8 week textile screen printing for beginners course that caught my eye but sadly I have missed the start date.  Another time!

The exhibition this time was by a selection of established artists and recent graduates who took part in the mentoring scheme at An Lanntair over the previous two years.  It was a scheme that paired applicants with experts who gave them guidance and support over their chosen projects.  It was an interesting exhibition but not always to my taste.  I find some of the more diverse projects difficult to understand.

This was a display cabinet filled with Gaelic Bibles, sorry about my reflection which I didn't really understand.

A vintage washing machine filled with glass bottles...not sure!

Whilst not to my taste I did understand the concept a little better.

I did enjoy the stroll around and it was certainly an exhibition that was thought provoking so well worth the visit.

The local crofters are all quite busy at the moment getting ready for the forthcoming lamb sales.  I am led to believe that it is quite the event.

Watching me, watching you.

They saw the camera and soon showed what they thought of that.

We have had some more little visitors to the cottage, causing havoc with the plants.

Finally for those asking about a blackhouse I will give you the tour around one next week when my daughter and her little family visit.

A very warm welcome to new followers I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  

See you soon.

Monday 20 August 2018

A Windy Saturday

Saturday, the sun was shining and the rain had stopped.  However the wind was blowing a gale, we were not going to let a little wind stop us on our intrepid adventure.  Armed with our anoraks, a warm drink and a buttered teacake off we went on our exploration.  We travelled south on the main road and just before Borve House Hotel we came across a single track road leading down to the shoreline.  What a sight...

...we stopped by what appeared  to be an old blackhouse to take some photos of the sea thrashing along the abundance of rocks.  Mother nature had started to reclaim the land and the blackhouse was starting to disappear into the landscape.  The grassland covering the mounds of rock, only the old chimney clearly defined.

As we continued along the single track road we could hear the sound of the sea but the view had now become distorted.

The view of the sea hidden by a great mound of rock.   We were unsure if this was indeed a handmade barrier,  a sea wall built as part of the defence against the sea or a natural phenomenon.  Out of the car we clambered, through the gate and over the stream of water...

 I then with nerves of steel climbed very carefully up the rocks.  I know a very silly thing to do with hindsight and not something that I will be repeating.

What a sight...

...I bet you are glad I climbed up those rocks now.  I have to admit the raging sound of the sea thundering in my ears and the spray as it hit the rocks was exhilarating but probably not one of my wisest decisions.  I never tire of the beauty that surrounds me and feel blessed that we live in such a beautiful place.

Elaine we did have strupak when my neighbours visited and for those that don't know it is a snack of whatever is available, sandwiches or homebaking.  A planned ten minute visit on the Hebrides always ends up becoming a couple of hours.

We are going to attempt  to install the flooring ourselves with the help of a neighbour.

Many crofts on the Island grow their own veg and are very successful with root veg, carrots, parsnips turnip, swede and such.  Unless there is a natural shelter, the winds here can be quite damaging so fruit trees and bushes are not the norm.  Hope that helps Cherie.

As always I do thank you for your visits and sweet comments.

See you soon.