Thursday 17 July 2014

Mixed Blessings

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on the yarn along and a big welcome to my new followers I hope you enjoy my crafty adventures.  I am still working on the wedding, so today made the shoe bags for the flowers girls.  They will go on the hanger already made to keep each little girls things, such as shoes, tights and hair comb together.  The basic bag is finished I need to think about embellishing them later, perhaps a crochet flower...

I am still working on the Christmas throw and have made some great progress on hand quilting, slow but steady!

Still a way to go but the overall effect is quite pleasing.  My daughters have already added to the Christmas list, tree ornaments, a throw and embellishing towels with fabric.  However I am not taking commissioned orders this year due to the wedding.  People were collecting things from my house right up until the week of Christmas last year which was just too much pressure.  We have already started to make plans for Christmas, not the one big family gathering this year but several smaller events, which is certainly different.  Have you got plans in place yet?
See you soon.


  1. I am always surprised by all your beautiful projects. You are so productive!
    Lucie x

  2. What fun you're having making all these lovely wedding-y things!
    Eeek, is Christmas really only 5 months away... no plans here as yet, but I guess I'd better start planning my makes at least ;-)

  3. I love your Christmas throw and the little hangers! That is a great idea!.

    Amy Jo

  4. You're so thoughtful to make such useful wedding attire accessories - the shoe bags will be a great way to make sure the shoes are with the dress. Smart!

  5. The bags and hangers are so special and will be so appreciated. I love the scarf you are making with the ribbon yarn, it is not easy to knit or crochet with ribbon, I think you are doing a beautiful job.

  6. I have really enjoyed seeing all the handmade things you're producing for the wedding. It's going to make the event all the more special for everyone.

  7. Wow, you are so organised for the wedding and thinking about Christmas already!! I will be trying to give that a miss for a bit longer yet, but with all that you have going on I understand why you need to be thinking ahead. xx

  8. I see that you are a very organised and talented woman !
    Have a great weekend !

  9. We try to stay home for Christmas and not travel and that ends up being delightful. However we see our families who are far during the fall on weekend trips and tuck in a Christmas present while there.

  10. The little bags are a lovely idea to keep everything together for the wedding, and they'll be very useful afterwards, as well as being a sweet reminder of the big day. Your Christmas throw is coming along very nicely too and aren't you the organised one - we haven't even talked of Christmas yet so no plans, but I am making a few little odds and bods towards gifts. xoJoy

  11. Those little bags are beautiful. Also loving the christmassy quilt. I cant believe you are on with that sort of stuff already but I do know time flies by so quickly and you have a lot happening later in the year so understand the need to do so.Definitely no plans in our house yet, everything always gets a bit complicated !