Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Rainy Saturday

We got up this morning with every intention of going out somewhere despite the weather forecast.  The 1940s event at Woodhall Spa was a possibility,  as was a mooch around some of the antique shops at Horncastle.    We are still looking for chests of drawers for our bedroom.   I found out about the 1940s event from Julee Gray at paid in chickens.  In the end we had a stroll to our village car boot sale at the village hall.  We then got on with some general cleaning jobs and then I had a couple of pleasant hours blitzing my craft room.  It now looks presentable again.

I also managed to tick a couple of items off the TO DO LIST...

Christmas throw for Lily and Daisy.

Towels for Wilbur.  Not a bad start.
I then embellished the shoe trees in preparation for my beautiful daughters wedding shoes.  I was rather impressed at the end result and indeed in how easy and quickly they were to do.  The idea came from the book Romantic Keepsakes by Lucinda Ganderton, a book that I have used before on other projects and has some beautiful photos by Debbie Patterson.  The book is a feast for your eyes.


I am delighted with the end result, I am sure my daughter will be too.  Another addition to the wedding, a tiny detail but one that will make it a perfect day.  It also turned out not to be a rainy Saturday after all.

See you soon.


  1. What lovely makes!! Your daughter will have the most beautiful handcrafted wedding. xx

  2. Everything is so beautiful and such a feast to the eye...:)
    Have a good weekend!! XO

  3. Thanks so much for visiting One Saylor's Log, and leaving a comment. I am glad you enjoyed exploring my blog. Your comment allowed me to discover your blog, and I have had great fun exploring your blog! I am following your blog now and am putting your blog in my blogroll so that I can try to visit you again :) You may be relatively new to blogging but I think you have learned some of the finer points that I have not yet, and I have been blogging for three years. So cheers for you! I hope you and yours are having a lovely weekend :) xx

  4. I love how you tend to what is often termed as 'the minor details', but which are in fact the finer points that make such a difference in life. Your daughter must be thrilled with all the love and care you are putting into preparations for her wedding :) xoJoy

  5. The 1940's event sounds like it would have been fun. I love the shoe keepsakes... You really do everything, Your daughter is lucky to have your help.

    Amy Jo

  6. Having a coffee and catching up with you, what a productive week you have had. The shoe trees are beautiful, how lovely.
    Love your Christmas makes, very cute, great idea with the towels.
    I have never seen that ribbon wool before, looks fabulous-can't wait to see it finished.
    Thanks for sharing your books and insights into history.

  7. You have been busy, your makes are beautiful. What a beautiful keepsake the shoe trees will be for your daughter.
    Marianne x

  8. First time I see something like that !!! It's a really beautiful idea and useful gift !!!
    Have a shinny Sunday !

  9. Omg!!!! Christmas in July!! You are one organized lady!! Everything came out beautifully. We love Disney in our house!! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy

  10. You've been busy! Good for you getting some Christmas crafting done already, that's a very good idea.

  11. What a productive weekend! I love the towels... I'm going to have to file that idea away for my girls for Christmas.

  12. Wow you are so organized and ahead of the game ... I also like to start Christmas in July... Makes it fun and the expectation for Christmas so exciting. Love, love the shoe keepsake... Your daughter is very lucky to have such a talented mama.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm now one of your newest followers :)