Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mamas Mercantile

Hi there, come on in and a warm welcome to everyone including my new followers.  I thought I would show you Mamas Mercantile, the craft room.  It is a very light sunny room that once started life as a garage and laundry room.  It has been many things, a play room, a music room complete with piano and a bedroom.  Now my daughters are all grown up and have families of there own, its me time, so Mamas Mercantile was born and has evolved over a few years to accommodate the ever growing collections and interests.

The end of the room showing the ever growing craft book selection and vintage sewing bits and bobs.
My record player that I just love putting my old LPs on.  It is sitting quite happily on a pine trunk which is full of yarn.  A great hiding place for the ever growing stash.
On the trunk also sits a vintage crate holding some wonderful vintage craft magazines that are a real pleasure to browse.
It wouldn't be a craft room without a fabric stash.
The pockets of the apron are filled with brochures and maps of places that I have visited, waiting to be put into my journal/scrapbook.  At the moment there isn't enough hours in the day.   My husband and I both took early retirement and often wonder how we had time to go to work, we easily fill our days.
The work table and vintage tea trolley which I also use for afternoon teas when we have visitors.  The tea trolley was a gift from my son in law on a trip to Horncastle, he loves those afternoon teas!
The bobbins that I brought back from the Isle of Harris, I just love that they are part of the process for making tweed.
A glimpse of the button collection, sorted into colours.  A collection of old and new that sit nicely together and compliment each other.

Next up the sideboard, that houses vintage bobbins, vintage shoe trees and a shoemakers set.
Vintage wooden bear, flower press embroidery hoop sit alongside jute thread and twine.
Last but not least the vintage suitcases and the delightful spinning wheel which I am in the process of learning to use.  Hope you have enjoyed your little tour around my work space.  For some I am sure you will think it cluttered but I know where every single thing in that room is.  To me it is treasure to be handled and loved not to be shoved in a cupboard as part of a collection.  Hope you will visit again.
See you soon.


  1. Wow, so many treasures! What a fascinating and inspiring room! You have lots of craft books and I love all the quirky vintage finds you have there, the suitcases are wonderful. Love the tweed bobbins too.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely room! Mine is very cluttered too even though every now and then I blitz it, I find I keep adding stuff and it piles up around me, but unlike you I can't always find things, so frustrating!
    Gill xx

  2. So many lovely things!! I bet that you enjoy spending time in your craft room! xx

  3. what a pretty area to create in! the lighting is perfect and I see wall to wall inspiration!

  4. What a lovely, inspiring place! Your spinning wheel is a beauty :) xx

  5. That looks like a very busy space in your home. I like the old suitcases. My craft room doubles as the guest room and I've just had to put everything away for a guest arriving tomorrow.

  6. Wow, what a wonderful creative space .I love the vintage suitcases and the spinning wheel. I know what you mean when you say there aren't enough hours in the day. I find time just whizzes by and I never seem to make as much as I would like. So much to do and so little time.

  7. What a sweet and cozy place for creating! I can tell you spend many hours there creating beautiful items :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!

  8. Your room is lovely. I look forward to having my own someday. Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. What a great place to create ! Love a lt vintage issues ! I got some too and I love browsing them sometimes... often.... ! they're inspiring !
    Have some nice moments in your workspace !

  10. I love it-a lot!, quite a bit jealous I have to say. How lovely to create a space full of lovely craft treasures, we know who to call for that missing button, pattern, idea. Enjoy your happy place.

  11. No wonder you are so cretive, you have a beautiful space to play in.

  12. Your creative space is wonderful, and I so relate to how you and your husband feel about your early retirement! It would be great fun to live closer and create together, but at least we can enjoy sharing through our blogs!

  13. How wonderful your craft room is and how inspiring to enter and take stock of all your wonderful equipment - thank you so much for inviting us in! xoJoy

  14. Thank you for the tour of your craft room. Mine is currently a small nook in my basement that I share with the freezer. I have plans to move to the larger part of the basement now that we are empty nesters but I haven't gotten that far. It is so nice to have everything organized and at arms reach. I too love listening to music when I craft. So relaxing.

  15. I love the old record player, thanks for posting some pics. I tried commenting the other day but blogger was playing silly beggars again. Sorry for the delay x

  16. Thanks for showing us around. It's lovely! I especially love the vintage suitcases and record player. X

  17. I love it! I think a work space should be usable and yours looks like it is. And I love those curtains.

    Amy Jo