Monday, 7 July 2014

Productive Day

I have had quite the day, spending the morning on household chores and then an afternoon in the craft room enjoying a stack of new fabrics.  Its always nice to enjoy the thrill of craft materials, reminiscing in the pleasure of buying it.  Be it the thrill of a bargain price, the quality of the goods or the place where it was bought, or the people it was brought from.  A wonderful afternoon making a few things in preparation for two fairs I am attending in August, the last of the summer fairs before the Christmas Fairs kick in.

Cotton lined fleece baby blankets, bibs, bandanas and burps cloths all ready and waiting for the Mamas Mercantile tag to be pinned on.  All in all a very productive day.
See you soon.
PS  The guilty trio.....


  1. That's a productive day indeed! Love the colours and the things that you make.... Enjoyed browsing through your lovely blog. Thanks for visiting me and following. I'll be back for a visit and follow you as soon as I have access to my computer. Somehow my phone does not give me the option to...

    Hugs from India!

  2. Wow, you made loads!!! I hope that the fair goes well especially before what will no doubt be a very busy run down for you to Christmas! xx

  3. You have been a busy sewing bee!! I hope all goes well at the fair :)

  4. Wonderful fabrics and goodies, you certainly are a very busy lady - all the best with the upcoming fair. Your poodles look like they are good companions and I bet they're a lot of fun too, xoJoy

  5. Busy, busy...but not all of you ;)

  6. I'm glad you came to visit my blog and now it is my turn.
    You seems to have ideas with baby things...
    Sure I'm coming back to see it again..
    Miss. Xx

  7. They do look guilty, what have they been up to?
    Hugs to you,

  8. Those do look like guilty mugs to me, haha. Your sewing work is really nice!

  9. The baby bib and cloths are all so lovely and neat. You must feel a sense of satisfaction seeing all those neat piles of goods ready for your fairs.
    Gill xx

  10. What a very lovely baby bib as well as the cloths. These things that you made inspired me a lot especially the bibs. I wish I could make some of these bibs, too. And before I forgot, the guilty trio are so cute!