Thursday 31 July 2014

Vintage Times Magazine

This week instead of sharing a pattern I thought I would share a Vintage Times magazine, dated 10th December 1945 so just after the war.  It is not in very good condition but it is a thrilling read with lots of adverts to welcome the troops back and entice buying and some beautiful party dresses of that era.  That is actually why I brought the magazine I was going to mount and frame  some of the pictures of the dresses for my craft room but for some reason I have never got round to it.

As you can see dog eared and tatty, certainly a well used edition.

The party dresses for the Christmas season are just delightful, some really distinctive designs of that era, just beautiful.
There was also some very clever marketing, adverts aimed particularly at the services, men coming back from overseas, such as this one:

This is an advert for men's wear.  It states when the boys in blue and grey exchanged their uniforms for civvies, the choice, handmade shirts from Wilson Brothers were in great demand...
Bing Crosby himself  sponsored this advert for Personna precision blades.
This was a great advert, an explanation of canned food.  An every day occurrence for some in this day and age.
Finally this is an advert for Greyhound, after 4 year of been asked not to travel, this is the brightest Christmas in your lifetime troops returning home.  One of my favourite adverts.
There are lots more which now that I have looked at  again would make some great collages.  A great insight into the life and times of people the first Christmas after the war.  Time to rethink what I am going to do with it, I am open to suggestions.
See you soon.


  1. Oh this is awesome!

    MY advice? Leave intact. This is history at one's fingertips.

    Go to a reputable copier and COPY images to use but don't cut this up. It has a value much more than monetary. I would LOVE to own that.

    Thank you for sharing - never saw it before - great adverts, so important for that time frame.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh I love that! How neat! I have some old pattern books that sold for 10 and 15 cents too. This is such a nifty find. Thanks for showing, love it!

  3. I would love to own this as well you lucky thing you. I'm not a crafty sort but I love clothes, especially dresses and particularly vintage dresses. These pictures are to die for.

    When my DH was in the forces I would love to look in all the CS for ballgowns. They used to be so cheap and beautifully made, you don't see them so much now.

    Thanks for sharing, I've really enjoyed looking xx

  4. Thanks for sharing this....I want to wear every one of those gorgeous dresses! X

  5. I loooove old magazines so much. Thank you for sharing. I can only imagine a life where I'd own such pretty dresses!

  6. Wow what a lovely item to own..made me feel sad and happy, especially the 'I'll be home for Christmas'-tugs at the heart strings.
    The dresses are wonderful. Love the dog in 'welcome home Joe'..made me laugh.

  7. What a fascinating magazine to look at, and you are right those dresses are amazing.

  8. What a wonderful peep into the past this magazine is! I loved seeing the adverts and those beautiful dresses.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  9. I lean toward Michelle's idea of preserving it as is and just copying the photos you want to use for other purposes :)

  10. I love old advertisements. I have a few old magazines which I have left intact. I like the idea of copying them though.

    Amy Jo

  11. We just returned from a visit to Lake George, NY where we ate at a place called The Breakfast Nook. It was filled with nostalgic goodies such as old tv's, photos and all sorts of other memorabilia. You would love this place!!! Right up your alley!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  12. How wonderful this is - amazing and valuable in its own right; please don't mess with it :) xoJoy

  13. I love magazines like this! The dresses are beautiful aren't they. Perhaps one day you will get them framed up, but in the meantime you can just enjoy flicking through the magazine sometimes! xx