Saturday, 5 July 2014

Garden Review

Since arriving back from holiday apart from a trip  to buy a new washing machine and a trip to the hospital for my husbands treatment, we have spent our time in the garden.  My husband has just started a new treatment for stills disease running along side rheumatoid arthritis which involves quite a lengthy infusion, we are hoping that this will make him feel more comfortable, but time will tell.  I digress, the garden was in quite a state, the lawn was at least 9" high so was quite the task to cut and the weeds had taken over.  It really was hard work getting it back into shape.

The cabbage has been wonderful, I think it will become gifts for friends and neighbours there is such an abundance.  Does cabbage freeze?
The beetroot continues to grow well but very slowly, worth it in the end when we have pickled beetroot for over the winter months.
Sprouting purple broccoli is a delight, maybe we should plant more for another year but successional so we have it for longer.
The cauliflower is coming along nicely.
We had our first crop of broad beans yesterday in a salad, I can not tell you how satisfying it is to eat something you have grown.
The lettuce is sheer pleasure but another year we would like rocket in the same bed.
We were hoping for strawberry jam, but alas we have 2 greedy, naughty poodles who eat them as soon as they ripen, nothing stops them.  Or it could be that I have a greedy husband who blames the dogs!!!!!!

The garden is bursting with colour at the moment, so despite a lot of weeds is looking quite nice.  I am hoping for some nice weather next week so that I can treat the shed and the fences.
The front garden is not looking as good it is a definite work in progress, having a holiday really does have knock on effects to the garden.  Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Beautiful garden !!! There is nothing like eating something fresh from our garden !!! Your flowers are lovely !!!
    Have a great weekend !

  2. I hope that things go well for your husband and that the treatment offers him some improvement. Your garden looks wonderful, so many lovely flowers and all of your veggies look as if they are doing really well! You can freeze cooked red cabbage, but I have never tried any other sort. The red cabbage freezes really well, so it has to be worth a try! Hope that you have a great weekend. xx

  3. You have a beautiful garden! Have a lovely weekend!
    Lucie x

  4. It's all looking very nice. I hope your husband's condition improves with the new treatment.

  5. Everything looks to be in full bloom and so beautiful!! Have a wonderful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  6. What stunningly beautiful pictures, I'm off for a nosey round your blog and thanks for popping over to mine. I hope to see you again soon x

  7. Your garden is looking so wonderful, I hope the new treatment helps your husband.

  8. It all looks pretty wonderful to me. (and lots of lovely tasty goodies to eat I notice too!).

  9. Such a pleasure to take nourishment from your own garden and everything is looking so good and healthy. Your flowers add lovely colour, they are gorgeous, and imagine sweet little poodles eating strawberries - maybe you have another culprit such as the one you suggest :) I do hope your husband finds benefit from his treatment soon. xoJoy