Tuesday 16 September 2014

Wedding Update

The projects for the wedding are coming along nicely, everything is nearing fruition.  The lists have been managed extremely well and the relationship between myself and my daughter is still wonderfully intact.  She is thrilled with all that her Dad and I have done and as we have started to put some of the projects together the better it looks.

All that is left on the list is:
   - assemble wreaths
   - embellish bags
   - wax wood
   - embellish vases
   -confetti cones

So today I started work on the vases.
Using vintage crochet lace, hessian and jute twine the top of a vase was embellished.
Where it will sit on a wood plinth that has been sanded but waiting to be waxed.
A quite striking centre piece for each table, matching the coasters and making a wonderful statement.

One down only another nine to go.  The list is getting shorter...
See you soon.


  1. The combination of the materials is interesting. I like it ! Courage for the 9 left ... have a nice day !

  2. It looks like a lovely idea, very natural.

  3. Beautiful! I love the rustic look of the wood. It works very well with the delicacy of glass and lace. Good luck with the other nine!

  4. Pretty progress, and I am glad that you and your daughter are still on good terms :-)

  5. I am happy your list is getting shorter :) love the vase!

  6. Wow what a beautiful centre piece that will make. What flowers are you planning on putting in there?
    I had a similar idea in mind but with candles in the jars.

    1. Roses, winter berries and plenty of green. The outside wreaths will hole candles.

  7. Oh it is coming along so nicely! What fun and the memories are priceless.

    Amy Jo