Sunday 28 September 2014

Sunday Afternoon Tea

We still have a Sunday roast, today it was roast chicken and all the trimmings, roast potatoes, roast parsnip, green beans and broad beans, broccoli, carrots, celery and gravy.  The green beans and broad beans were a particular delight having come out of the freezer originally from our garden a wonderful taste of the summer so recently gone by.

We have had quite a lazy day pottering in and around the garden enjoying the warmth of the day and playing with the dogs.  Truly enjoying and appreciating each others company.  We started to discuss our collection of Royal Albert china and how sad it was that after 30 years of collecting it was hardly ever used.  Family have bought us pieces as gifts over the years until we finally had everything including, glasses, cutlery even casserole dishes and vases.  A beautiful pattern Country Roses that we both still love.

So today was the day we decided to use it more and appreciate its beauty and the love that each piece represented, as each piece was given to us as gifts over the years.  We do much the same with our Christmas decorations remembering each piece and what they represent as we decorate for the season.  So it was afternoon tea in all its glory.
The sandwiches were salmon and mayonnaise, beef and wholegrain mustard garnished with cucumber, celery and the last of the home grown tomatoes.

The cake was a carrot cake with a cream cheese topping and walnut pieces.  Of course there were scones it wouldn't be afternoon tea without them, we didn't have the jam and cream that would have been too indulgent.

Crisps and chedders just because...

Served up on a stand that was bought to display cup cakes at our eldest daughters wedding bringing back more lovely memories.
Do you have a collection of china stuck in a cupboard or is it out and used everyday?
See you soon.


  1. I'm whole heartedly in favour of using precious treasures as often as possible - and that tea looks wonderful!

  2. Beautiful! I started to use my fine china regularly earlier in the year. So sad to see it not being used. I like to think of all the special moments it represents too.

  3. It looks like a beautiful set of china and a lovely tea.

  4. Your afternoon tea looks just perfect, what a lovely treat and on pretty china-too nice not to be used or seen.

  5. Oh, I'm so glad to see you using that beautiful Old Country Roses set. Such a classic, gorgeous pattern. It definitely needs to get out of the cupboard on a regular basis :)! Your tea looks delicious!

  6. Yes - we are guilty. We have an entire collection of Royal Doulton - Carnation, which has never been used! We started collecting it over 25 years ago when we got engaged.
    Your tea looked delicious! :)

  7. Good on you, I use my nicer bits often. My parents have cabinets full of crystal, china & silver which has never been used. A waste I always thought.

  8. You should definitely use your good china from time to time!!!! We only have wedgewood china and use it every day. Not because we are posh (we are definitely not posh!!!) but because it is all we have, it is what we got for our wedding and was requested and then added to by us with the intention of using it every day. Many years on and it still looks great and we still love it and it has been used 100s and 100s of times now! I love your cake/tea stand and table runner too by the way!! xx

  9. Hi! I saw the photo and thought to myself, I know that pattern! (I absolutely adore it!) You are lucky to have a full set, so go on and use it, it will make your afternoon a special occasion! :)
    I brought a lot of Portmeirion china of all sorts with me here to Belgium, and it reminds me of England every day (plus I used to work for the company!)
    Have a good week!
    Ingrid xx

  10. Looks beautiful and yummy !!!!
    Have a great week !

  11. I love your tea set! It looks so pretty set out on the table. I have quite a few bits and pieces of tea things, but have had to put many into a box in our storage space due to the fact we didn't have room for the China cabinet in our cottage. Seeing you using yours makes me a little wistful.

  12. Everything looks so yummy! I don't really have a tea set. We got some modern type dishes when we got married but that was about it. I wish I had my grandmothers set. It looked very similar to yours.

  13. It all looks so lovely. Your tea set is really pretty in those colors. It looks very delicate and fine. I have two sets of china, an everyday stoneware set and a good bone china set, which stays in the hutch and has only been used a few times. I didn't really want the good china, knowing I wouldn't use it much, but my mother insisted that brides should receive china, so people gave me place settings as gifts. I'm glad I have it and I do like it, so I should try to use it more often.

  14. I love drink tea. It seems good to spend an afternoon with you and eat in this beautiful dishes...
    Have a nice week

  15. Your china looks amazing, (I too have this set and use it daily). There is nothing more lovely than drinking tea from a china cup. It makes your tea so much more special, and with lots and lots of memories. Definately a tea set to be used.


  16. I do have china and it's in the cupboard and I rarely use it! Must change that right? I love how you make meals an event.

  17. Oh, unfortunately I don't have such a beautiful china as you have! This is absolutely adorable! Looks so good on your table. Took one of your sandwiches - hope you don't mind!
    Have a happy autumn
    and all my best from Austria

  18. Oh it looks and sounds so good! I love your dish setting.

    Amy Jo

  19. Everything looks so yummy, what a nice afternoon. I love your china set, so pretty.
    Marianne x

  20. your room looks so cosy and traditional ,I love it xxx

  21. I love your china, especially with the matching mats. I also enjoyed the peek at your dining room! Very homey and pretty.
    When my kids were home, I saved the good china, but a few years ago I decided to use it and enjoy it. I have lots of different patterns that I love, all mix and match with whatever mood I'm in. :-)