Saturday 20 September 2014

Car Boot Treasure

I had a lovely stroll around Stickney Car Boot sale this morning, which was quite a large one considering the overcast sky and the predicted rain forecast.  Luckily it didn't rain and we had a lovely stroll chatting to my Mum as we wandered.  We also bumped into my niece and her family and caught up with all the family news so that was quite nice.
I got really lucky with a big bag of apples for 50p that since arriving home has been made into 4 bags of apple sauce for the freezer.
I also bought carrots for 50p from a man who had surplus from his allotment so that was a good find and enough there to freeze some for stews as well.
I got a big bag of kindling for £2 perfect for the stove and I thought a really good price.
10 die cast vehicles for £1 was next on the list, perfect to top the car box up as the Grandchildren take a few home every time they visit.
We stumbled across a stall selling craft things that had once been sold in a craft shop that had stopped trading, a very busy stall as you can imagine.  I managed to secure some yarn and buttons, I know I didn't need either but (there is always a BUT) the price was too good to walk away from.  The yarn was 50p per ball.  Could you have walked away? 

I then paid 50p for 3 odd balls of grey Aran...bargain!

The buttons were Minnie Mouse wooden buttons that I fell in love with and perfect to use on a red cushion which is what I have in mind for the red wool.
Finally some Christmas paper chains, perfect for the Grandchildren to do if visiting near Christmas and at a bargain price of 10p.
All in all some wonderful bounty,  some wonderful company and a healthy stroll, what could be better?
See you soon.


  1. Fabulous! I love getting batches of things frozen to enjoy later. I don't really like shopping, though I always enjoyed it with her when my mum was alive.

  2. Envious yet again, this being skint and only buying groceries is killing me

  3. Nice purchases !!!!
    Have a great weekend !

  4. What fabulous bargains. I could do with you to take me shopping.

  5. That's what I like about car boots, you never know what you'll find.
    But what did you leave behind? there's always something that I wished I'd bought when I get home. lol

  6. OOhh good bargains! no booters for me as we're having windows fitted.......oh the joy (and the mess) x

  7. Hello, just catching up, I have been reading, just not commenting! Your finds from the carboot sale are all great, that yarn was an amazing buy wasn't it!!! xx

  8. You are amazing! Finding bargains make me so happy! Mama... I am economist...
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Of course you had to buy the yarn, at that price it would have been a crime to leave it.

  10. Well done on your carboot finds, resist wool at a bargain?-never! ha ha.
    Excess from an allotment is the best, no carbon footprint, cheap and tastes much better.

  11. wow! I think you struck lucky on this outing. The yarns are pretty and the buttons, oh how I love buttons!

  12. You got some great finds! I doubt I would have been able to walk away without the yarn either. :)