Friday 11 April 2014

Birthday Memories

Wednesday was my Birthday, I was 56 years old.  I am thankful for the wonderful 56 years.  I have been a daughter for all of them and am thankful that both my parents are still around to enjoy my birthday with me.  I have been a wife for 33 years and despite some ups and downs I am thankful for a wonderful marriage.  I have been a mum for almost 30  years and am thankful for the wonderful relationship that I have with all 3 of my beautiful daughters.  I have been a granny for 3 years, I am truly blessed with 4 grandchildren that I am besotted with.

These are some of the highlights of my day:

Add fish and chips, ice-cream with a flake in and afternoon tea a wonderful birthday with lots of memories to treasure.  Add a double dose, my other 2 daughters are visiting next week.             


  1. You had the Perfect Day ! Hope many will come...
    Big hug !

  2. What sweet children! Happy Birthday! It looks like a wonderful day.

    Amy Jo

  3. Ahh happy birthday! You have caught me up agewise now. This was a lovely post giving thanks for what is really important in life.Have a great week!

  4. Happy birthday mama. Great photos! x

  5. Happy Birthday, glad that you had such a wonderful time, with more to come no doubt when you see your other daughters! xx

    Looks as if you had a perfect day!

  7. Happy belated Birthday, and wishing you a wonderful year ahead! It looks as if you had a lovely time.
    Helen xxx

  8. Happy belated birthday to you!!! How blessed you are to have both of your parents here!!! Your photos are wonderful and it looks like you had such a lovely day!! xoxoxo

    ~ Wendy