Tuesday 29 April 2014

An Evening Stroll Around Our Garden

The garden is starting to revive itself after its ordeal under water for so long.  The lawn is a little patchy where the dogs keep digging holes but nothing that can't be put right with a few seeds at the end of the season.  My husband has been busy making some boxes out of oddments of wood left over from other projects. It gives another dimension to the garden, raising the bed to create more interest. The one shown above is for the broad beans ready for potting on.  Fingers crossed that all will be well, as there is a frost forecast for the end of the week with temperatures apparently plummeting.

Happy gardening...


  1. A bit of everything...flowers , veggies, gnomes...for a beautiful garden ! Look a this site : http://www.scoop.it/t/flea-market-garden-style for inspiration !
    Have a nice day...gardening !

  2. aren't you lucky! We are still a bit lagging with the outdoor sprucing up, and we tend to wait until after Memorial day. Lovely photos!!

  3. Your garden looks lovely with lots growing and going on. Love the gnomes trying to climb out of the pots! xx

  4. Its looking good! I love going round the garden every couple of days because at this time of year there is always something new to see. I am going to have to be vigilant because I have noticed lots of snails and slugs about!

  5. I love that pillow, what cute flowers!