Monday 21 April 2014

Craft Fair

The first craft fair of the season was interesting, despite excellent advertising for the event the foot fall was definitely lacking.  On a more positive note I was able to spend time and experiment with  setting up. I was also able to catch up with friends that I hadn't seen all winter so that was good.  I have had a lovely weekend with my family but I will do a full post tomorrow. 

Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter weekend.


  1. Your stall looks good, hope the rest of the season is lots better.

  2. Your stall does look good. I had a similar experience recently. I think footfall is very difficult to predict: people want to be outside in their gardens at the moment. As you say, it is good to have a chance to experiment with setting up and switching things around and it's always nice to spend time with like-minded makers and collectors at fairs.

  3. The set up really did look wonderful - so many different things to see x

  4. It's a bit disappointing when you have gone to all the effort of making stock for your stall, getting up early and travelling, setting it all up and then its a quiet affair. I have had one like that and it all feels a bit of a let down, but the next will be busier for you hopefully!