Monday 7 April 2014

Vintage Pattern - Edgings

 A 1943 Laces and Edgings pattern book is a delight to browse and is quite humorous  in part, as well as been a wonderful pattern.  It states color is the cure....there is no need to let your household linens look "war begone" from lack of lovely color.    You don't have to ration your originality.  Now more than ever, you should use your native artistry to brighten the horizons on the Home Front.....

I have decorated a lot of towels using a variety of fabrics but I have never had a crochet edge so I am going to give it a try.
The pattern was bought for 25c from a thrift shop in Winter Park Florida when I was on my holiday.

Another amazing pattern for Edgings bought for 25c at the Winter Park thrift shop.  Again another pattern that is a delight to browse through, so many choices!

I have some little visitors this week that I really want to enjoy so not a project for this week as I need to concentrate on the pattern.  They are both written using USA terms so I need to convert them before I start to save the confusion.
I was thrilled with my finds to add to my collection but it is even better when I actually use the pattern.  I often wonder how many other people have used it before me, if only patterns could that really would make a brilliant blog post.



  1. Really nice to see what was made back then. They must had very good eyes to see those tiny pattern...and patience too !
    Have a nice week !

  2. Such intricate details using the fine thread. I find it interesting to see what people crocheted then and what people crochet now. How times have changed.

  3. Great finds! I love books like that. I have many. There are so many pretty crochet edgings. I love making them too. They're quick and so much fun to crochet.

  4. What great finds - I just love all those pretty lace edgings at the moment too and I'm adding lace to hems on just about everything I make at the moment! Would love to try crocheting edges for towels too. Looking forward to seeing your makes. Hope you're enjoying your week. Xx

  5. What beautiful laces, I hope that you have fun making them. xx

  6. Love these old books. I scoop them up every time I can.