Monday 4 May 2020


Thankfully, we had a very large store cupboard but this is becoming increasingly depleted day by day.  We had done a very large shop prior to lockdown.  We are blessed with a village store that delivers so we have been able to do a top up shop on a weekly basis.  Realistically, it is not affordable for us to replenish the store cupboard  there but we needed to do something.  Our daughter had sat up each night trying to get us a delivery slot at Tesco's to no avail so finally we phoned the help number on our high risk letter.  What a wonderful service, we now have a delivery slot for Thursday and have already put the order in.  Time will tell if we get it all.  There were some restrictions only 3 of the same item and a limit of 80 items per shop.  I must admit it was a great relief to us both.  That was Friday...

Saturday was spent baking and getting a few more animals ready to share with the Sunday school children.  Another poem was added to the journal which I will share at a later date.

Sunday, a traditional roast and listening to the Church services.  Life is very slow paced but it continues and we are blessed.  We have only had 6 cases on the Island with none of them hospitalised and no deaths due to Covid 19.

We finally managed a walk over the croft now that it is all dry it is easier to walk.  We knew there was nobody about you can see for miles but such a joy to get some fresh air and exercise a little.  It was nice to spend a couple of hours looking through past photos.  This time last year a little trip and walk by the lighthouse at the Butt of Lewis.

Hope you enjoyed reminiscing along with me? 

How was your weekend?  We are certainly living in strange times.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.


  1. Such beautiful scenery!
    So glad you were able to get a delivery slot for your groceries.

  2. Glad you were able to get a delivery slot. We can't get one for love or money LOL Luckily we have the Co-op just down the road and it's no more expensive than the supermarkets. Take care and keep well. Best, Jane x

  3. Beautiful! We are starting to get some of our restrictions lifted. Wisconsin has Safer at Home until 6/1, however every week something is "reopened"

  4. Fantastic views and great news about your shopping slot.

  5. what beautiful scenery, glad you've managed to get a delivery slot. x

  6. beautiful views and thank you!! I love how blue the water and the skies! nice weather.

  7. So glad that you were able to arrange some provisions. It is certainly true that no matter how deep the pantry is, it eventually dwindles. The scenes there are beautifully rugged. With such low numbers, hopefully, things will be opening up again fir you soon.

  8. fir you? what kind of an accent is that?! 🀦🏻‍♀️

  9. The help service seems to be working well for all those I know who are using it. I'm glad you managed to get a delivery slot, I hope you manage to get the items you need. How lovely to have that scenery on your doorstep, that must certainly lift your spirits.

  10. Wonderful photos and a great relief to get that shopping slot, it'll be like Christmas when the shopping arrives!

  11. Good morning Lorraine. I'm so glad you were able to get out and take a walk on the croft. It looks as though it was a beautiful day and the ocean even looks calm.
    I'm glad you were able to get a shopping spot. I put my pick up order from last Wednesday away yesterday. I always let it sit for at least 3 days before putting it in the house.
    I have certainly had to get a lot more organized about my cooking over the last few months. No last minute changes to the menu.

  12. We too, had a "Prep Pantry", before all this came. And also, our Dear Daughter in law, keeps both of us (her home and ours) topped off, along the way. So we don't run out. So glad you were able to find a way, to replenish your supplies.

    I know you really appreciate how your daughter was trying to get this for you.

    Such lovely memories, in photos!!!!

    Have a good Monday!


  13. So glad that you got a priority delivery slot. No matter how well stocked up there's usually some items that need replacing more often. We're grateful our daughter shops before she goes to work. Her shopping slot at the supermarket is 6am. She drops off our supply and then I clean the items with antiseptic and put them in quarantine. That takes time. With a milk delivery as well we're managing. We are up early but retire for the night early. That's our routine. Have a good week.

  14. So pleased you were able to get a delivery slot.

    Your photographs are so beautiful, it is so lovely to get out and about.

    Have a good week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  15. I'm glad that you were finally able to get a delivery slot. We have had to wait three days for a delivery so that's not bad at all. I prefer to do my own shopping but so far I've been pleased with the choices the shoppers have made and I am really happy not to have to go out in the stores!

  16. I could sit there for hours and look at the rocks falling into the sea ! It's so romantic !
    That's nice that your daughter could help you with Tesco's deliveries. I just saw a film playing in Shetland and people had to take the ferry all the time, but also such a beautiful landscape !!

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  18. So glad you were able to get a slot!
    We are getting a bit back to normal here as far as groceries.
    Still no flour or yeast.
    The photos you shared are simply stunning!
    I could look at them all day!
    Stay safe and cozy, my friend.

  19. Wow, that is just gorgeous! Glad to hear that you are getting groceries delivered from Tesco. That must be a relief.

  20. So beautiful!! What a fantastic walk and gorgeous scenery to feast your eyes.

    Glad you got a slot for delivery.

    God bless.

  21. I do hope your order is fulfilled to deepen your pantry. I think that's one of the troubling parts of this crisis. Your memory photos are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them!

  22. The rugged landscape is so amazing. Good news that you were able to get a delivery slot. I'm glad it all is working out and you can get what you need without leaving home. Take care.

  23. Keeping the pantry stocked is good practice these days. I'm glad you were able to get a delivery time. Beautiful scenery that I hope you'll soon be able to enjoy again.

  24. What a wonderful walk - I am envious as we are missing sea air and deserted beaches. Ah well, in the fullness of time perhaps.

    You were fortunate after you phoned the number on your Govt. letter. I did that and got on the list for a Rescue Box of food! I was meant to have a priority delivery from Tesco, but no . . . Then Aldi got in touch and we will go with them (hoping it is a lot cheaper as we normally shop mostly in Lidl, with a couple of bits from Tesco we can't get elsewhere.) Having to source flour from on-line mills though (the ones I use for bread flour when buying from the Health Food Shop). Now hoping to get an order slot today for Culinary flours (kicking myself for not adding them to my last order).

  25. Before the MCO started, my pantry and fridge's freezer were packed full. I still have enough to last me for some time.Now that MCO is more relaxed, getting our supply is much easier and more convenient.

  26. Hello my friend, I'm glad to hear you will get the order you need. We've ordered home deliveries 3 times and Dayle also goes occasionally with a mask on and disinfectant for his hands. I certainly did enjoy your ocean photos! Take care and be safe! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  27. Sometimes it's good to look through old photo's it really does put a smile on your face and the memories often feel so close. Take care. x

  28. Nice photos you have shown today, Lorraine. Yes, everyone's supplies are running done lately. Glad you are able to get things delivered as we have been going to the stores about every 2 weeks. It certainly is very different seeing all the masks in stores and also a bit unnerving at times.

  29. What amazing views!!! Such a wonderful place you live in, Lorraine!! We wore our masks, and went for some groceries this weekend. When you wait until you need a lot of items, it really adds up. We are limited to two of the same item, here. Meat is hard to find much of. We are still restricted until the end of May...but that could be extended if our governor gets her way. Still waiting to plant my annuals...too cold at night. Have a nice week, dear. xo

  30. Beautiful place you live! We may get frost here in Va. Saturday and I have planted a few tomatoes and peppers, oh well, I guess I will cover them up.

  31. Wow, so beautiful abd very peaceful place.

  32. Your photos are amazing and inspiring. Phil, MN

  33. I love your spectacularly rugged coastline. Very rousing to the spirit.

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