Saturday 9 May 2020

VE Day Tea

What a difference a day makes.  The weather changed dramatically over night.  We woke to drizzly rain and a drop in temperature.  Nice weather for a little stitching either quilting or crochet or maybe a little of both.

Yesterday, VE day was such fun.  We had a amazing time getting ready for afternoon tea with the family via zoom and then a family quiz.  This week Harry Potter and Disney princess's.  Their little faces as they interact with each other is a joy.  I am so proud of each and every one of them. 

The bunting came out...the children had made theirs using a union jack template and were waving a flag to greet us.

I made a Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries and cream alongside sausage rolls.

As the oven was on I also dried out some orange slices in readiness for topping soap or gifts.  I was originally going to make marmalade with it but didn't have enough sugar.

Ham sandwiches with a little home made pickle were our sandwich of choice.  It was fun talking to the children about some of the shortages of the war and how lucky we are today.

A little mint added to the strawberry, made it smell divine.  I must admit it was a little extravagant but tasted delicious.

We shared some of our experiences of Army life with them and showed our medals.  It was a great few hours spent together, I must admit I do feel blessed to be able to have done that.  The wonders of technology once again.  The crochet sheep I use with the teapot and is a wonderful addition to our afternoon tea table.  It was a gift from a blogger friend and such a great reminder of another aspect of technology, we have never met and yet have formed a wonderful friendship.

The poem that I have added to my journal is this:


A joyous word,
A word laden with loss.
A word for brave men coming home,
A word for brave men who don't.

Victory, is a mood, a promise,
Victory is mothers grieving lost children.
Victory is sacrifice we will never forget.

Celebrate victory, celebrate them.
Celebrate us, and the victories to come.

The Tesco delivery was a huge success and for that I am very thankful.  There were a couple of substitutes, mainly fish but all was good.  I would have preferred to have had the delivery a little earlier but in the grand scheme of things I am so very thankful that I had a delivery slot.  It arrived at 10pm.  I have already booked my next slot and put in another order and  I do feel blessed.  I do need to plan ahead of times a little more but in the grand scheme of things it is going well.

Hope all is well with you.  Did you join in any of your local VE day celebrations?

Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.


  1. Lovely time filled posting. I really like the crochet sheep potholder how cute is that? Any goodies left to snack on? Cold here also 34 degrees.

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate VE Day, the food looks amazing. It's still sunny and hot here today but it's all set to change tomorrow.

  3. What lovely tradition this is, in your Country... VE Day Tea!

    So glad the food order came well stocked.

    Here we had snow last night, and cold though sunny today. Weird weather...

    I was able to put in a food order yesterday, and have it be ready today! Hopefully, it is getting easier to do this, in my area.

    But our son could not get us, a particular kind of canned Broth. Such funny happenings. But he did get a toilet paper.

    I had our pantry, well stocked, before this COVID-19 broke. But by now, we need to restock our supply.

    "We become what we think about most of the time,
    and that’s the strangest secret."

    ~ Earl Nightingale

  4. I haven't heard about this tradition before, but I love that! The cake looks so good and delicious, all the food made me feel hungry! Stay safe and healthy everyone ☺

  5. I enjoyed this so much. Your tea table looks lovely and I'm so glad you and Gerard were able to spend time with your sweet family. I'm so thankful for the internet right now in these difficult times.
    Blessings and love,

  6. Oh your tea table looks amazing! I love your dinner set too very glam. I am glad you enjoyed yourself and got to share it. Take care. x

  7. I just love your table settings! I don't think you could get better in a posh teashop. The poem is lovely, so poignant. How wonderful to be able to interact with your grandchildren and share such a special day with them. I think us post-war kids ( even though I'm 55 ) do tend to take things for granted, even more so the younger generation. I studied history of both the World Wars so I know how important it is to remember the sacrifices. Stay safe. Best, Jane x

  8. That sounds like a thoroughly lovely day. That 'Old Country Roses' tea set is gorgeous.

  9. What a lovely way to celebrate. Lily and I enjoyed a bike ride to see the decorated houses in the next village. X

  10. Wow, 10:00 p.m.! I'd have to set my alarm. It sounds like they are working very long hours. How fun to Zoom with your family. Your food looks delicious.

  11. Your celebration looks wonderfully delicious. Technology allows us to at least virtually celebrate with family. So glad you received your delivery despite the late hour.

  12. Glad your delivery was a success. It does take some pre-planning but it is worth it. Your tea table looks lovely, so glad you were able to spend time with family. Technology can be a wonderful thing!

  13. There were no local celebrations; although, I watched the observation from Washington, D.C.

    Your Zoom tea looks amazing. What a fun way to share with your family. Did you say the Tesco delivery was at 10 p.m.? That is crazy!

  14. Your VE Day tea is lovely, Loraine. I don't know what we'd do without technology to stay in touch with our family. I'm so glad you got your delivery of food. I love how my British friends remember the sacrifice of those who came before.

  15. What a lovely way to celebrate. Your table is set so beautifully and the cake looks amazing!

  16. Your table is just beautiful! Prettiest table I've seen. You make everything so special. Glad you got to visit with you sweet family. My daughter called earlier and asked, mom, is it okay if we do a drive by tomorrow. We won't come in. Just want to see you on Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  17. You have the same china as my sister!! I really don't have a china set. I did get some very plain Noritake china from my Mom. Suits me perfectly as I like plain things.

    Your Victoria sponge looks very tasty.

    God bless.

  18. What a lovely tea - I have always meant to try a Victoria Sponge (but I believe a different flour is uses) - is it cake flour?
    I got to enjoy "tea time" today with 6 friends via Webex (similar to Zoom) and I actually got it to work! I had made egg salad with dill and chicken salad with curry & chutney for my sandwiches and baked a poppyseed cake as soon as I got up this morning. It was a lot of fun to actually see people!

  19. I'd like a piece of that cake tonight! Phil

  20. That is a nice way to celebrate VE day. I had to figure out what it meant at first. Veterans day in UK. Nice! Thank you and Gerard for your service!! I'm glad you like the crocheted sheep pot holder. I think I need to get one for me. I'm sure Tina would make me another one. She's making quite a few masks. She just keeps cranking them out!!!
    Megan has a rations recipe booklet from WWII. She thought about it when we are going thru this time of uncertainty. We are getting more things in at stores now. I still don't go out alot. Glad it is warm outdoors. Did some things with my potted plants this afternoon that needed trimmed and watered. 85 degrees today, Fri and Sunday. Oh my! Have a blessed weekend. It's Mother's day in the USA! So Happy Mother's day to you, my friend! x------x

  21. What fun! It all looks delicious. I bet the children were thrilled. 10pm is rather late for a delivery but I suppose if that's all you can get, it's just one of those things.

  22. A lovely way to celebrate ! A yummy too ;)
    Have a nice week.

  23. You really celebrated very nicely ! We have motherday today, but my son lives in Amsterdam and is not allowed to come due to the lockdown !

  24. We live next door to a dairy farm and nearest neighbours haven't moved in yet. We're all spread out about 1/4 distant from one another so no celebrations here on the farmsteads. I think everyone just kept on as normal and both friend Nikki and I forgot it was a Bank Holiday completely!

    You had a lovely spread and it sounds like the latest quiz was a great success with the grandchildren. I now have a yearning for fresh strawberries and sausage rolls!

    Glad to hear your Tesco delivery slot is sorted now, but shame it is so late (many nights I would be in bed before then!)

  25. What a lovely celebration you had, Lorraine, and how special to have been able to share via the wonders of technology. I will admit to getting a bit hungry when looking at the food and lovely table setting. Glad the delivery worked out well for you, although that does seem like such a late time slot, but these days nothing is unusual.

  26. Looks like you celebrated in style! So happy you can still spend time with your family even if it is online. Stay well and safe.

  27. What a wonderful celebration and reflective words. We stood in the field at the farm and listened to the bells ring at the church before our 2 minute silence. Jo x

  28. That is wonderful that you got to see all your family and grandchildren on Zoom. I haven't tried it yet, but need to get it downloaded and set up. I'm glad you're safe and getting the things you need via delivery. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  29. Nice food and tea for the celebration. Fun and happy for everyone taking part in the celebration. Lovely poem.

  30. What a super day you all had even though you couldn't be together physically you were able to see each other and into each others homes and smile and laugh together. I the way your poem reflects all aspects of what VE day meant to people:)

  31. What a great way to remember VE Day. Your tea with family via Zoom sounds like great fun. I telephoned my parents that day to ask if they remembered anything of VE Day; my mother would have been 8 and my father 11. They shared their memories of great joy and cheering in the streets.
    Glad you were able to have your groceries delivered --- but at 10pm! They must be working very long hours to keep up.
    Technology can be wonderful!

  32. Isn't Zoom wonderful, I'm glad you had such a lovely time with your family, it sounded a whole lot of fun :-) Your table looks lovely and your food looks delicious, particularly the cake. You sound very upbeat Lorraine, which is good. Stay that way, and stay safe.

  33. Your VE Day sounds perfect under the present circumstances.
    I agree technology can be so wonderful and at the moment I am so grateful for it.

    Have a good week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  34. I wish i could have a slice of your cake! It looks delicious!! The sun is finally out today :)

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  36. Such a lovely way to celebrate this special day. Your afternoon tea looks wonderful, your family must have been ogling that Victoria sponge through their zoom.

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